Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
155 Chapter 155: Give Statement To Police Station
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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155 Chapter 155: Give Statement To Police Station

Yu Qi and Ding Na An arrived at the police station. Both of the girls wore an expressionless on their face.

"Wait here first. I will inform someone about this case." The policemen who brought them to the police state signaled them to sit on the chair here.

Less than one minute, the policeman appeared again. This time he was with someone. Yu Qi looked to that person. She recognized this officer. It was Sir Li Jing Min that handles the case where Madam Sheng, her previous boss had been kidnapped by someone.

"Sir Li Jing Ming. Nice to meet you again, Miss Wang Yu Qu." Sir Li Jing Min greeted her.

"Sir, it is Tang Yu Qi now. I'm officially adopted by grandfather, Grandpa Tang." Yu Qi corrected him.

"Oh, I see. Sorry about that. Are you here to report about the attack from the man?" Sir Li Jing Min asked her.

"Yes." Yu Qi nodded.

"I see. That why they had been sent to the hospital." Sir Li Jing Min mumbled to himself. He silently prayed to the men.

Sir Li Jing Min knew this girl in front of him was different than other girls. This girl could kill a man easily.

"Yu Qi, do you know this officer?" Ding Na An said when she saw Yu Qi was getting familiar with the police officer in front of them.

"Yeah. We met before. He was the office that processes my case." Yu Qi explained to Ding Na An.

"What are you doing in this city?" Sir Li Jing Min wondered why Yu Qi was here in the A City.

"I'm further my study here. At Starlight University." Yu Qi answered him. " What's about you, Sir?"

"I have transferred here for the last two months. Order from the upper management. Okay, back to the case now." Sir Li Jing Min was back to the track.

Yu Qi explained the incident to Sir Li Jing Min. Sometimes Ding Na An also interrupting the conversation to add some more details on it. Sir Li Jing Min recorded all the conversation that they had right now.

"Thank you for the detail. I will interrogate the five men that attacked you. I will call you if I have some update about his case." Sir Li Jing Min ended the meeting.

Yu Qi and Ding Na An walked out of the police station. Now one problem occurred. How Yu Qi and Ding Na An wanted to go back to the university? Taxi is so expensive. Moreover, Yu Qi did to not like to use a taxi.

"Let me send to Starlight University. My house is on the way. I will drop you there." The man came from behind, inside the police station. The man was Sir Li Jing Min himself.

"Are you sure it's okay to send us?" Yu Qi asked.


"Okay, then. Thank you."


"Is that Yu Qi just getting out from the car?" Yi Ren Shiang pointed to one direction.

Fung Meng Xuan took a look at the direction. She could see Yu Qi and Ding Na An talked to the owner of the car. The owner of the car seemed to be a middle aged man.

"Don't you think that was her boyfriend?" Yi Ren Shiang excited to see Yu Qi's boyfriend. Excited when she got the news about Yu Qi's boyfriend.

"She rejected Senior Bai Shu Jin because of this middle age man? Yuck. I never thought her taste will be this bad. I bet she got a lot of money from this middle age man. This middle age man must already be married. She is a kept woman." Yi Ren Shiang already made a lot of assumption about Yu Qi

Well, for Fung Meng Xuan, it was even better if Yi Ren Shiang assumed like that. She did not bother to correct Yi Ren Shiang even though she did know Yu Qi's actual boyfriend. It was a benefit to her. If the rumor about Yu Qi was being a kept woman spread among the students, Yu Qi's image would totally be destroyed. And Long Hui would know about it.

"Let's go. Just ignore them." Fung Meng Xuan acted like a Saint.

"Yeah. Well, I will make sure everyone knows about this." Yi Ren Shiang smiled arrogantly while threw some look to Yu Qi's direction.

Meanwhile, Yu Qi and Ding Na An separated and went to their own rooms. After making sure she locked the door, she entered her space. Bo Ya and Aoi approached her.

"Master, I told you. Outside was dangerous. I saw the men attacking you. I want to go outside but I can't." Aoi was talking to Yu Qi in the sulking tone.

"Don't worry, my dear. I already take care of them. They already sent to the police station." Yu Qi said while patting Aoi's head.

"Master, I guess someone was plotting against you." Bo Ya told Yu Qi.

"Yeah. I know it. I can guess who is it. But there is no evidence saying that was that person." Yu Qi knew but like she said there was no evidence.

"Master, I only can look for your surrounding. If I noticed something strange, I will quickly tell you." Bo Ya looked at Yu Qi with determination.

"Thank you Bo Ya."


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