Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
156 Chapter 156: Kept Woman or Goddess
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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156 Chapter 156: Kept Woman or Goddess

Yu Qi and other classmates went to the cafe to have lunch. There were a lot of students having their lunch there. When Yu Qi stepped into the cafe, a lot of students turned to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi as always ignored the look that been thrown to her. She was famous in her own way.

"She dared to show herself. Is she doesn't feel shame about what she doing?"

"I never thought she would do something like that."

"I think she rejected Senior Bai Shu Jin because he doesn't enough rich compared to that man."

"Such a gold digger."

"Lucky, she doesn't fancy Senior Bai Shu Jin."

"A kept woman."

Song Ha Ting frowned. From what they were talking about, it was about Yu Qi. Yu Qi was a kept woman? How does this rumor happen? Yu Qi's classmates suddenly frowned. Yu Qi, in fact, was a girl that looked cold outside but had a warm heart. She always helped them whenever they have trouble in the studies.

On the side, Yu Qi who the one been discussed by others looked indifferently like the rumor was someone else. She did not care about that. As long as those people did not disturb her, they could do whatever they wanted.

"Yu Qi, they are insulting you." One of her classmates, Mei Lilli, spoke to Yu Qi.

"Just ignore them." Yu Qi just smiled so easily.

"But..." Mei Lilli wanted to say something but Yu Qi blocked her words.

"You all know me, so it is enough." Yu Qi smiled beautifully to her classmates.

They were stunned when Yu Qi smiled at them. Yu Qi who type did not often smile when she smiled, it was stunningly beautiful. Even other students saw her smile were speechless.

"Let buy some food and eat at our faculty. If the cafe in our faculty is not in the renovation, I would not come here." A male classmate of Yu Qi said.

"Me too."

"Let's do what Ah Chong suggests. The space outside the lab is also relaxing."


Yu Qi chuckled when she heard about what had they suggesting. They should not do that. Trust her and ignored the rumor was more than enough to her.

Ding Na An and Song Ha Ting pulled Yu Qi along. Other students speechless when this happened. Their protective side made Yu Qi felt a little happy. Even her classmates not wavered with those rumors.


"How dare they insult our goddess?" One man among Yu Qi classmates said the sentence.

They were gathered at the place that they were talking about at the cafe just now. As suggested, they were having lunch there.

"Yeah. They don't know our goddess. On what basis, they can talk about Yu Qi like that? They don't even know her to the beginning."

"Goddess?" This was the first time Yu Qi heard about this.

"Yu Qi, it is your nickname." Song Ha Ting chuckled. "It was Man Zhou who gave that nickname for you."

"Yeah. It is Goddess of Herbs. Since you like and know about herbs."

Yu Qi laughed. 'Goddess of Herbs.' It had been a while since she laughed in front of other people that not really close to her.

"Back to the rumor, why that rumor existed? That person just wants to destroy Yu Qi."

"Our goddess is beautiful. So, a lot of people want to tarnish Yu Qi reputation. And Senior Bai Shu Jin also one of the reason. He had a lot of admirers. Maybe one of them spread the rumor." Mei Lilli told her suspiciousness.

"Maybe Senior Bai Shu Jin the one who spread the rumor because Yu Qi rejected his confession."

"If he wants to do that, it should be a long time ago."


"Guys, let just ignore those rumor." Yu Qi did not really care about the rumor. They could talk a lot of them. In high school, she was isolated, been used by others until Feng Yue came into the picture.

Now, people who came to know her did not waver and believed her. Even defended her from the rumor. She felt very happy and grateful for that.

"Thank you, everyone, for believing me." Yu Qi thanked her classmates.

"Ha...Our goddess thank us."

"Ha...She thanks us."

"I really happy."

Everyone laughed. Yu Qi was the goddess of the medical course. So, there were a lot of men admired Yu Qi. But, because she always looked very aloof and added on the rumor that she had a boyfriend, they preferred to admire her from far. Now, they had chances to ask her about the truth.

"Yu Qi, about the rumor that you have a boyfriend, is that true?" One of her classmates asked her.

"I do have a boyfriend." Yu Qi made straight lies.

The men that had expected that she would answer 'no' showed a disappointed look on their face.

Song Ha Ting and Ding Na An secretly laughed. They knew that Yu Qi was lying. It was her tactic to make the men who had interested in her gave up themselves.

Yu Qi just had a small smile on her lips. Well, it would be a lie if she said she did not have a boyfriend. Talking about boyfriend made her wondered about Long Hui. Yu Qi had no time to think about another man.

"Well, what is your boyfriend doing?"

"He is a soldier."



"Soldier is a dangerous job. You should think about that."

"Every job has its own risk. Like us. The doctor who operates the patients, the scientist that doing the experiment, even the builder has its own risk." Yu Qi replied to the people that said that sentence.

"Yeah, I agree with Yu Qi." Mei Lilli nodded herself. "Guys, I know you like Yu Qi but please don't plan to destroy her relationship with her boyfriend." Mei Lilli directly told the men.

The girls laughed while the men had an awkward look on their face. Well, they did hope something like that and they would have a chance to win Yu Qi.

"Sorry. I love him." Her heartbeat beating faster when she said the word. She imagined Long Hui as 'him'.


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