Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
160 Chapter 160: Sinister Glare
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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160 Chapter 160: Sinister Glare

'Master, I felt some sinister glare toward you.' Bo Ya talked to Yu Qi through telepathy.

Yu Qi looked around. Not one glared at her like that. But Bo Ya said so. It must be true. The culprit was among this people.

It was true then that the girl in the video was not Fung Meng Xuan. Then who? Well, she had been hated by many girls since she first entered this university. If that girl wanted to destroy Yu Qi, she would attack Yu Qi again sooner or later. Yu Qi just had to wait for the girl to attack her.

The bad rumor about Yu Qi decreased. That was the effect of the videos. Yu Qi's life finally back to normal.


"We have a talk regarding the eye topic this weekend. I hope all of you can attend the talk. A well known ophthalmologist will come to share his knowledge with you." The professor told them about the forum.

The class ended after the professor made his announcement. They would have the next class after one hour break. They decided to go to the library inside the faculty.

This library was separated from the main library. The main library had the books from all the faculty including the medical course itself. But this library had all the book regarding medical. Even the old scrolls that its content regarding the medical stored in this library. Only the medical student could access this library.

"Yu Qi, you want to read the old scroll again right?" Song Ha Ting made the guess.

Yu Qi smiled. Without answering this question, they knew her answer. They knew Yu Qi really interested with the old method of medical. Yu Qi just wanted to read for fun. In addition, it would increase her knowledge.

"Professor Chu said well known ophthalmologist will come. It must be him right?" One of her classmates, Yun Xiao, was getting excited.

"Him? Who?" Song Ha Ting asked.

"Who? Of course, Tang Han Lee." Yun Xiao told the name.

Yu Qi coughed when she heard that name.

"He was a well known ophthalmologist. Currently working at his family hospital. First heir of Tang Hospital. And he is indeed handsome." Another girl, So Pang Lim, joined their conversation.

"Really? Made me wants to meet him face in the face." Song Ha Ting began to feel excited.

"Are you want to see him as for his look or his speech?" Ding Na An asked for confirmation.

"Both." The two girls answered excitedly.

Yun Xiao also added. "He is really handsome. Even I as guy acknowledged his looks."

Yu Qi once again coughed. 'Big Brother Han Lee's charm even worked to man. You have my respect.'

"Let clear our schedule for this weekend and go to the talk."


So the plan for the weekend was set.


"Yu Qi, I already arrange the transportation for goods to be delivered J City Market." Su Yu Hi told Yu Qi through a call.

Su Yu Hi addressed Yu Qi as Yu Qi because Yu Qi asked him to do so. Su Hi Yu did not mind about that and did as Yu Qi wanted. While Yu Qi addressed him as Brother Yu Hi.

"This strategy might show a loss in our profit but it is a long time investment." Yu Qi said.

"Yeah." Su Yu Hi also agreed with this strategy. He understood its process.

"You want my permission to invest in the investment that you think worth." Yu Qi said.

"Are you not worry that I will run with your money?" Su Yu Hi tested Yu Qi.

"I trust my judgment." Yu Qi said confidently.

Su Yu Hi was silent. Then he spoke. "I will find the investment that worth."

"Okay. I need to go now. We will talk again."

"Okay. Bye."

The call ended.

"Master, I want to walk." Aoi jumped on her lap.


"No aim. I just bored trapped in this room." Aoi begged his master with his cute look. He knew his master could not resist his cute look. She would definitely agree with him.

Yeah, Aoi was correct. Yu Qi did not resist the cuteness showed by Aoi. So she agreed with Aoi.

"Only for two hours. I have things to do this evening."

Aoi jumped down. "Okay, Master." His tail excitedly wavered right and left.

So, they went for a walk.

"Yu Qi." Someone was calling for her name.

Yu Qi turned back and saw Song Ha Ting was running toward her. Yu Qi already knew that caught Song Ha Ting's attention that made her running that way.

Aoi did not have time to move and he was hugged by that person. Yu Qi laughed when she heard Aoi's voice through telepathy.

'Master, help me. She will crush me like that.'

'Bear with it. She misses you.'

Song Ha Ting keeps hugging Aoi. She rewarded Aoi with a kiss. After a few moments, her grip to Aoi loosens up. Aoi took the opportunity to free himself.

"Aoi." Song Ha Ting shouted.

Ignoring Song Ha Ting, Aoi ran leaving his master. He did not care about that anymore. He just wanted to save himself from that girl, Song Ha Ting.


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