Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
162 Chapter 162: His Sister
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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162 Chapter 162: His Sister

After finished eating, they walked to the hall where the talk would be held. Three of them entered the hall. Aoi also went in. He promised he would behave. They found their classmates and sat together.

"There are a lot of students come to attend this talk. I bet they are not even the medical student themselves." Song Ha Ting commented when she saw many students already took the seat inside the hall.

"This talk has advertised in the main forum website. It had been confirmed that Doctor Tang Han Lee will be the one who gives the speech. With his look, even non-medical female students will come to hear his speech." So Pang Lim added the comment.

"Indeed. He is very handsome." Yu Qi praised her brother.

"What! Did we hear wrong? Our goddess praised a man's look. Yu Qi who did not give the face to Senior Bai Shu Jin was praising a man." So Pang Lim shocked so her voice was a little higher.

"So, a mature man like Doctor Tang Han Lee was her choice?"

"Hey, did Yu Qi said her boyfriend was a soldier?"

"I just say he is a good looking man." Yu Qi ended the bickering among her classmates.

The talk began with the host introducing Doctor Tang Han Lee. The host was praising Doctor Tang Han Lee. Oblivious to the audience, this host was also a fan of Doctor Tang Han Lee even though he was a man.

"Okay, without any further, let invite Doctor Tang Han Lee to give his speech.

Tang Han Lee took the microphone and began his talk about the eyes and vision care. The one who gave attention to his content of speech just students who came from the medical course. They took some notes about the things that Tang Han Lee delivered by his speech. While others did listen to his speech but focusing on other things.

Tang Han Lee did allow the students to ask something in between his speech and only answered the question that relevant.

Two hours, the talk finished. A lot of students went to shake the hand with Doctor Tang Han Lee. Yu Qi waited for her turn to meet her brother. The students already decreased. Yu Qi finally stepped to go to meet her brother.

" Yu Qi." Tang Han Lee called his sister's name when he saw Yu Qi.

The students that did not leave the hall turned to Doctor Tang Han Lee when they heard he called Yu Qi. This girl had the rumor about being a mistress. She did tell Senior Bai Shu Jin that she had a boyfriend. Is this Doctor Tang Han Lee was her boyfriend?

Her classmates were curious about their relationship. Yu Qi told them his boyfriend was a soldier. So Doctor Tang Han Lee might not her boyfriend. But it was possible Yu Qi was lying.

When Yu Qi in Tang Han Lee's range, Tang Han Lee did something that made the female students screamed. He hugged Yu Qi for a second.

"Big Brother Han Lee, do you want me to have enemies?" Yu Qi talked to Tang Han Lee after he released her from his hug.

"I just hug my little sister." Tang Han Lee innocently said that.

For the students who stand closer to the siblings could hear their conversation. Yu Qi was Doctor Tang Han Lee's little sister. Her classmates also stunned when Yu Qi addressed Doctor Tang Han Lee as 'Big Brother Han Lee'. Tang Han Lee, Tang Yu Qi. Why did they did not realized before this?

"Aoi looked bigger than last time." Tang Han Lee patted Aoi.

"Of course, he will be big. He eats food its amount the same as the adult dog." Yu Qi commented.

Aoi gave his master a look. 'Master, I'm growing. Of course, I need more food.'

"What are you doing tonight?" Tang Han Lee asked Yu Qi.


"Then let's go outside tonight. You can ask a few of your friend to join." Tang Han Lee asked Yu Qi to join him for dinner.


"See you, Little Sis." Tang Han Lee patted Yu Qi's head before he was leaving.


Yu Qj turned to her classmates. All eyes on her.

"What?" Yu Qi asked her classmates.

"Are you really his sister?" So Pang Lim wanted to confirm once more time.

"Well, more to adopt cousin. My grandfather, I mean his grandfather adopted me. So that why I said adopt cousin." Yu Qi answered without hiding her real status.

"But your interaction between him more like a real brother and sister." Yun Xiao said.

Yu Qi just smiling. She did feel grateful to Tang House because they treated her as her own family.

"I thought he was your boyfriend when he hugged you." So Pang Lim sounded excited. "Yu Qi, can I hug you?"


"You had been hugged by my idol. If I hugged you mean I hugged my idol." So Pang Lim giggled.

"Oh, ok."

The moment So Pang Lim heard 'ok' from Yu Qi's mouth, she quickly hugged Yu Qi. "I had hugged my idol." So Pang Lim excitedly hugged Yu Qi.

"Yun Xiao, don't be jealous." So Pang Lim said to Yun Xiao.

Yun Xiao was obviously showing the jealous look on his face.


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