Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
163 Chapter 163: Future Sister In Law?
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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163 Chapter 163: Future Sister In Law?

Other students also heard that. Tang Han Lee was heir to Tang Family. Meaning Yu Qi also the same. Then why would Yu Qi be a mistress if she already rich? Meaning, someone wanted to destroy Yu Qi's reputation. And who was that person, they did not know. Only the one involved knew about that.

Yi Ren Shiang looked to Yu Qi. She was standing not far from Yu Qi and Tang Han Lee. She did catch something on their conversation. Yu Qi was Tang Han Lee's little sister.

'How can it be? She was his sister?' Yi Ren Shiang screamed in her mind. She liked Tang Han Lee. She betted that Yu Qi must tell something awful about her to Tang Han Lee. It might make Tang Han Lee disliked her.

"Meng Xuan, what should I do? I mean I like Doctor Tang Han Lee. I never thought that the girl was his sister." Yi Ren Shiang asked Fung Meng Xuan beside her.

Meanwhile, Fung Meng Xuan in her own thought. She did not remember the family that Yu Qi had even though she already met them. She actually forgot about them.

From what other students talking about, Tang Family most likely famous and rich family. She frowned. Meaning Yu Qi could use her backing family to support her relationship with Long Hui.

Maybe Long Hui was been forced by Yu Qi that used her backing family to make Long Hui submitted to Yu Qi as her boyfriend. She was more eager to make Long Hui her boyfriend.


Yu Qi bought four of her friend to go for dinner with her brother. It was So Pang Lim, Yun Xiao, Song Ha Ting, and Ding Na An. So Pang Lim and Yun Xiao particularly begged Yu Qi to go dinner with her brother. Tang Han Lee was basically an idol to them.

Feeling funny, she agreed to bring them. Song Ha Ting also wanted to follow her. While Ding Na An just followed her because Yu Qi asked her.

"How can I say no for the free dinner?" Ding Na An said.

Yu Qi knew her current situation. She needed to save money. Yu Qi wanted to help but she thought Ding Na An will reject and hurting Ding Na An's heart.

They arrived at the restaurant that her brother booked. They went inside and saw her brother. Someone was pestering her brother. Without wanting any further, she went to her brother.

"Hi." Yu Qi greeted her brother.

"Oh, you are here." Tang Han Lee turned to the woman that sat in front of him and said. "My accompanies already here. You can go now."

The woman frowned. She looked at Yu Qi up and down and silently got up.

Yu Qi and her friend took a seat.

"Your admirers?" Yu Qi asked.

"No. She doesn't even know me. She just thinks I'm good looking and wanted to ask for my number. How can I just give my number to someone just like that?" Tang Han Lee sighed. Then he looked at her friends.

"Let me introduce you. There is Yun Xiao, So Pang Lim, Song Ha Ting, and Ding Na An. They are my classmates." Yu Qi pointed to her friends one by one.

"It's an honor to see you, Doctor Tang. I had been already your paper times." Yun Xiao excitedly introduced himself to Tang Han Lee. Of course, he would be excited. He was meeting his idol.

"Nice to meet you, too." Tang Han Lee smiled.

"Me too, Doctor Tang. Your paper was very interesting to read." So Pang Lim took a turn to talk.

"Nice to meet you, Doctor Tang. You look so handsome." Song Ha Ting talked praising Tang Han Lee's look.

"Nice to meet you." Ding Na An looked at Tang Han Lee normally and turned away. She did not know any kind of interest like her friends.

Tang Han Lee looked at Ding Na An. She did not behave like her friend. Normally woman would look excitedly to him but this girl was different. She behaved as same as Yu Qi meeting him for the first time.

"Little Sis, do your friend already meet Long Hui?" Tang Han Lee asked Yu Qi but his eyes were on Ding Na An.

"No. Why?" Yu Qi was thinking why her brother suddenly mentioned about Long Hui.

Tang Han Lee smiled. Ding Na An. He was kind of interested in her.

"Nothing. Let's order. It's on me. Order as you like." Tang Han Lee said to them.

They ordered the food. Three of her friend except for Ding Na An liked to strike a conversation with Tang Han Lee. Ding Na An sometimes joined them laughing and that's all.

"Miss Ding, have you decide what is your major?" Tang Han Lee asked Ding Na An.

Ding Na An did not expect Tang Han Lee would ask her, so she was frozen for a moment. Then she gained the sense and answered him. "Gynecologist." Then she was silent.

Yu Qi noticed that Tang Hang Lee's eyes many time laid on Ding Na An. 'My brother seemed to like Ding Na An. It is happy news.' She did not want to tell her aunties yet. She just needed to wait. But from what she had been watching, her brother needed to work hard on getting Ding Na An.


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