Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
164 Chapter 164: Again. Lotus Fragrance
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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164 Chapter 164: Again. Lotus Fragrance

The dinner ended.

"When you will go back?" Yu Qi asked her brother.

Tang Han Lee answered, "Tomorrow morning."

"I see. Careful on road." Yu Qi advised.

"You too." Tang Han Lee patted his little sister's head.

"You have to work hard to win her then." Yu Qi turned and entered the car leaving those words that made Tang Han Lee thinking.

Tang Han Lee blinked several times. His little sister noticed that. Well, he just had to take advise from her then.

"Yu Qi, your brother is damn handsome." So Pang Lim said in the way back to the university. "I wish I have a brother like that."

Yu Qi was just smiled.


"Tang Yu Qi, are you really Doctor Tang Han Lee's sister?" Yi Ren Shiang came to say that to her during her breakfast.

"What?" Yu Qi looked up to Yi Ren Shiang.

"Miss Tang, Ren Shiang actually like your brother. How about you introduce her to your brother?" Fung Meng Xuan played the role of a good friend.

"My brother already someone that he liked. Don't waste your time." Yu Qi was been straight forward.

"Tang Yu Qi, I know you don't like me. You just can't block my path. We know that your brother is still single." Yi Ren Shiang retorted Yu Qi angrily.

"Do you know my brother better than me?" Yu Qi rolled her eyes to Yi Ren Shiang.

Yu Qi stood up. She already lost her appetite. Begin the day by looking at Fung Meng Xuan and Yi Ren Shiang was the worst luck. She walked away leaving Yi Ren Shiang who was in anger.

"Miss Tang." Now another one came to annoy Yu Qi.

She already in the bad mood turned to the person that greeted and said, "What?"

"I really like you. I hope you can give me a chance. Or we can start off as a friend." Well, this person was Bai Shu Jin.

"Hah, give you a chance so that you can kill me again. Never." Yu Qi really in a bad mood. She let her emotion out.

Bai Shu Jin stood there thinking about what Yu Qi just said. She mentioned about he was killing her. What was she talking about? When did he killing her? He did not even know her before.

Yu Qi entered her space. Aoi and Bo Ya looked at their master. They could sense their master's feeling like now. Their master walked straight away to Pagoda and went to the shooting ground.

Yu Qi took a gun and started shooting as she vented her anger in the shoot. After 15 minutes, she stopped. Her anger was already gone. She finally calmed down herself.

"Master." Aoi was calling her.

"Aoi." Seeing Aoi, she smiled.

"Master's anger finally gone," Aoi said dashing forward to Yu Qi.

"Sorry." She caught Aoi and hugged him. The bitches and bastard always came destroying her mood. She could not stop to be annoyed when talking to Fung Meng Xuan and Bai Shu Jin.

Yu Qi suddenly remembered about her plan to visit the J City Market. Yu Qi wanted to go alone but her two little cuties would not allow her. Bo Ya asked Aoi to follow Yu Qi. Even though Aoi did not like to go to the city but for the sake of Yu Qi's safety, Aoi wanted to follow Yu Qi.

So, Yu Qi set to go to the J City Market together with Aoi. Yu Qi walked into the market. Her first stop was Aunty Bai's shop.

"Hi, Aunty Bai." Yu Qi greeted Aunty Bai who currently arranged the vegetables in the display table.

"Oh, my. It's you." Aunty Bai recognized this girl in front of her. "Your vegetables sold very fast. I already signed the contract. We will be selling the vegetables here. It really likes you told me. The vegetable was last longer and delicious. Even I like it."

"I glad you like it." Yu Qi smiled.

Yu Qi talked for a while to Aunty Bai. After that, she went to the shops that received the goods. Overall was satisfied with the goods that they received.

Yu Qi walked aimlessly. Yu Qi saw the shop that sells fried chicken and looked at Aoi. Aoi also looking at that shop. Yu Qi released a small laugh.

She walked to the shop and bought some to herself and Aoi. Yu Qi gave to Aoi.

'Thank you, master.' Aoi ate happily. 'Master, we should buy for Bo Ya too.'


Yu Qi decided to go back. She secretly smiled. Someone followed her.

'Master.' Aoi told her.

'I know.' Yu Qi replied to Aoi.

The person suddenly approached her very quickly. Then she was embraced by that person. Her nose picked up the scent. Lotus fragrance. This scene reminded her that night when Yu Qi sneaked out from the house.


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