Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
165 Chapter 165: Kiss Her White Back
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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165 Chapter 165: Kiss Her White Back

Lotus fragrance. It was Long Hui scent. Because of that, her guard relaxed.

"Not struggle anymore?" A sexy voice sounded near at her ear.

Yu Qi's ear was instantly red. She moved to make Long Hui released her from his hugging.

"Mr. Long sure love to hug women." Yu Qi rolled her eyes.

"Only you." Long Hui remarked.

Yu Qi coughed.

"Alone?" Long Hui asked.

"No. I'm with Aoi." Yu Qi pointed to Aoi.

Long Hui turned to look to Aoi, looked back to Yu Qi and again to Aoi

"Woof." 'Master, he gave a look to me. So arrogant.' Aoi rolled his eyes to Long Hui.

Long Hui stunned. That behavior looked like his owner. Really the same. Maybe it was true that the pets often behave like their owner.

"What are you doing?" Yu Qi asked Long Hui.

"Meeting someone." Long Hui answered with a short answer.

"Then go." Yu Qi asked.

"Idiot. Why don't you think that someone is you?" Long Hui flickered her forehead.

"Ouch." Yu Qi held her forehead.

"Is that already hurt?" Long Hui pulled her hand and looked at the area.

It was slightly red. "Sorry." Then Long Hui did something that made Yu Qi blushed. He leaned closer to the forehead and blew some air to it. Moreover, he did a light kiss.

"Now, it should be okay." Long Hui smiled.

Yu Qi screamed inward. He really knew to make a woman fell to him. Yu Qi gave a look to Long Hui.

Long Hui ignored that look and pulled her hand in his palm. They were walking while their hand was joint together. The scene was so captured, the people turned to take a look at them.

"Where are we going?" Yu Qi asked.

"A date."

Yu Qi coughed. Long Hui knew Yu Qi was shy. However, she seemed began to open her heart to him. It was a good development.

Long Hui brought Yu Qi into a clothes shop. He really wanted to pick up some clothes for his beloved woman.

Yu Qi could see the eyes of the sale girls went up when Long Hui entered their shop. 'Sigh... This man doesn't do anything but still attract the girl.' She had to admit that Long Hui was a handsome man.

Long Hui put a serious thought while choosing the outfits for Yu Qi. He selected a long dress suitable for Yu Qi's height. He urgent Yu Qi to try the clothes. Yu Qi just surrendered to her fate took the dress and tried it.

Yu Qi managed to put the dress but she had difficulty zipping it because it was a back zip. She tried many times but still can not success.

Long Hui who waited for Yu Qi came out was very impatient. He thought Yu Qi had the problem of putting the dress on.

"Yu Qi, are you okay?" He was standing in front of the fitting room.

"Wait for a minute." Yu Qi said.

After waiting for a minute, Yu Qi still did not come out. Long Hui made the decision to enter the fitting room.

"What are you doing?" Yu Qi subconsciously screamed when she saw Long Hui opened the fitting room and entered it.

"I was right. You do have a problem on putting the dress." Long Hui looked at her white slender back.

Because of the rare chance, Long Hui stared at that back for a long time. He reached out Yu Qi's back. Because of the sudden touch, Yu Qi could not help to make a sound. Her back was been touch by Long Hui.

Long Hui realized her skin was very smooth and felt so good when he touched it. He made a further step. He leaned closer to her back and kissed it. It was a light kiss.

Yu Qi felt the kiss on her back automatically arched her body. She really did not know that her body was very sensitive.

"Brother Hui." Yu Qi called Long Hui. They could not continue this further.

The word 'Brother Hui' made Long Hui snapped out. He realized where were they. He quickly zipped the dress.

"Come out later." Long Hui got out of the fitting room.

Long Hui realized what he had done. He kissed her back. His beloved knew how to make him crazy about her.

The sale girls who paid close attention to the couple giggled by themselves. They saw the handsome man entered the fitting room. They keep thinking that the couple did something inside the fitting room. Because the handsome man came out from the fitting room looked very flustered.

After Yu Qi managed to calm down, she went out. Long Hui's eyes lifted up when he saw Yu Qi on the long dress. His beloved looked very stunning on the dress.

"You look beautiful." Long Hui praised Yu Qi.

"Thank you." Yu Qi replied with her blushing face.

Long Hui keep staring at Yu Qi. He did not feel enough looking at his beloved.

"I will be going to change." Yu Qi could not stand with Long Hui's staring.

Yu Qi got out from the fitting room. Long Hui automatically took the dress and gave to the sale girl.

"Wrap this dress together with the clothes that I keep up before." Long Hui said to the sale girl.

"Yes." The sale girl replied with a red face.

"What clothes?" Yu Qi could not help to ask him.

"I choose some for you." Long Hui smiled to Yu Qi.

"You don't have to buy them." Yu Qi wanted to reject.

"Let me pamper you, okay. You can wear those clothes on our next date." Long Hui told her.

Long Hui took Yu Qi's hand and went to the counter to pay for the clothes. After Long Hui done paid, Yu Qi wanted to bring the paper bag but another hand was faster than her.

"Let me hold it." Long Hui steady held the paper bag with his right hand meanwhile his left hand firmly held Yu Qi's hand.


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