Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
166 Chapter 166: I Like A Girl With More Curve
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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166 Chapter 166: I Like A Girl With More Curve

"I wish I had a boyfriend like that."

The sale girl started to gossip. They really fell in love with Long Hui's gentleman way.

"I saw the man entered the fitting room."

"Kya!!! They must done something inside the room."

"Yeah. The man got out with his flustered face. The girl must stop him from advance."

"The girl must save the world in her previous life to get a boyfriend like that."

If Yu Qi heard this sentence, she had to laugh. She would tell the girls that her hands and her legs been cut off and she was left in to die in the wilds.

The girls keep gossip until their manager came and dismissed them telling them to work instead of gossiping.

Long Hui dragged Yu Qi around. They had been centers of attention. The women giggled toward Long Hui while the men turned to take a look at Yu Qi.

Yu Qi told Long Hui that she wanted to take a break at the cafe nearby. Long Hui followed his beloved's order. They stopped at a cafe. They ordered some refreshment.

'Master.' Aoi called Yu Qi. 'I want to eat too.'

Yu Qi suddenly remembered about Aoi. Yu Qi looked at Aoi. He was making a sad face.

'Master, do you forget about me?' Aoi gave a questionable look to her.

Yu Qi coughed. Yeah, she forgot about him. 'Sorry. I will make up.'

'Then, give me food. I mean more food.' Aoi made a demand.

'Okay.' Yu Qi quickly called the waitress to order some food.

"You want to add more order?" Long Hui asked.

"Well, it is for him." Yu Qi pointed to Aoi.

Long Hui looked at Aoi. Aoi rolled his eyes. This man took his master's attention making his master forgot about him. How can he like this man?

Long Hui felt ridiculed. He indeed saw that his beloved's dog was rolling its eyes to him.

Yu Qi had a small laugh when she saw the small interaction between Long Hui and her dog.

The food arrived. Yu Qi asked for some plastic plate. Yu Qi took a portion into the plastic plate and gave to Aoi. Aoi immediately in a good mood when he saw food had been placed in front of him. Without waiting any further, Aoi started to eat.

Yu Qi and Long Hui also eating. Long Hui ordered some Kung Pao Chicken, Wontons and some dumplings.

"Miss Tang." A high pitch voice was calling her name.

Yu Qi frowned. Without taking a look at the owner of the voice, she already knew its owner. Long Hui noticed Yu Qi's change expression.

"What's a coincidence to meet you here." Yeah, standing in front of Yu Qi and Long Hui was Fung Meng Xuan. She was smiling sweetly. Her eyes traveled toward Long Hui.

However, Long Hui did not give any look at her. He just watched his beloved.

"What are you doing here?" Fung Meng Xuan asked in hope that Long Hui would answer her question.

"What's else? Can you see it?" Yu Qi crushed Fung Meng Xuan's hope.

"I'm also hungry. I will join you." Fung Meng Xuan sat without any embarrassed. She did not give any time for Yu Qi to reject her. She sat and ordered the food.

Yu Qi did not want to waste time to talk to Fung Meng Xuan. She continued eating.

"Eat this more." Long Hui took a piece of chicken with his chopsticks and feed her.

Because it was in front of her mouth, she ate it. Long Hui smiled when Yu Qi looked at him. Long hui then brought the chopsticks again to pick a piece of chicken and ate it. He deliberately licked the chopsticks while looking at Yu Qi.

Yu Qi suddenly blushed. It was an indirect kiss. Long Hui teased her by looking at her while smiling.

They totally forgot about Fung Meng Xuan that sitting in front of them. Fung Meng Xuan clutched her fist until she was feeling hurt.

"Miss Tang, Mr. Long, help yourself. I ordered some Ma Po Tofu. I think it is delicious." Fung Meng Xuan wanted to strike some conversation.

Long Hui did not even look at Fung Meng Xuan. He totally ignored Fung Meng Xuan. Yu Qi secretly smiled. Long Hui caught her smile.

"Miss Fung, you can eat what you order. We have our own food here." Yu Qi smiled.

Long Hui sometimes feed Yu Qi with food.

"You are so thin. Eat more."

"I like a girl with more curve."

The sentence made Yu Qi coughed. Long Hui gave the water to Yu Qi. Yu Qi took the water and drunk it. Then she gave a look at Long Hui and rolled her eyes.

Long Hui laughed. The angry look on his beloved's face was also cute. What's look could she give to him? He wanted to see more.


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