Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
169 Chapter 169: Yun Xiao“s Story
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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169 Chapter 169: Yun Xiao“s Story

As usual, after her morning jogging, Yu Qi prepared to go to her class. The moment she stepped out from the room, she became the center of attention. It seemed as if they were waiting for her to come out of the room.

"Miss Tang, good morning." Someone said the morning greeting to Yu Qi.

Just out the formality, Yu Qi replied to her. "Good morning."

"Miss Tang, let's go to class together."

Yu Qi turned to see and saw that she did not know this person. 'Class together? You are not even from the medical course.' Thought Yu Qi

"Why should I? You are not even from the medical course." Yu Qi rejected her.

"Yu Qi, you're going to be late" Ding Na An called Yu Qi.

Yu Qi saw that Ding Na An and some of her classmates were waiting at the entrance of the hostel.

"Excuse me." Yu Qi freed herself from the crowd and went to the group.

"Hey, Yu Qi. I saw your boyfriend yesterday. He is very handsome." So Pang Lim mentioned about yesterday's matter.

Yu Qi just smiled.

"No wonder you rejected Senior Bai Shu Jin." Song Ha Ting giggled.

"When I think about your boyfriend, I realize that Senior Bai Shu Jin is quite normal." So Pang Lim said. Then she looked left and right in panic. She was relieved when she saw no one around.

"What are you looking at?" Ding Na An asked when she saw So Pang Lim's weird behavior.

"Looking for Senior Bai Shu Jin's fan. Glad no one's here." So Pang Lim smiled in relief.

"Is he really that popular?" Ding Na An asked.

"He has a fan club. It can not be underestimated." So Pang Lim told them the information. "But what happened back there, Yu Qi?"

"I don't know. Someone asked me to walk together to class. But she was not from our class or even from the medical course ." Yu Qi sneered.

"Maybe she wanted to know more about your boyfriend by befriending you." Mei Lilli laughed about it.

"We will be late if we continue at this current speed." Ding Na An reminded her classmates.

With Ding Na An's reminder, they speeded up to arrive for the class. Luckily, it was five minutes before the class began, so they went and took their seats.

The class lecture was about two hours long but because the lecturer was very boring, some of the students felt sleepy. Some of them even secretly fell asleep. Yu Qi also felt very sleepy but she held back.

Unfortunately, there was someone who could not hold back anymore. That someone was Yun Xiao. He felt very sleepy and because of the sleepiness, his head went straight down to the table. BANG. Yun Xiao stood up and said something funny.

"Yeah, I will make sure the paper is ready by this evening, Dr. Tang." His voice could be heard around the lecture hall.

Everyone instantly laughed at Yun Xiao. Yun Xiao suddenly realized that he was in the lecture hall for his study.

"Mr. Yun, I hope you will be ready for our next quiz tomorrow." The lecturer said to the class. "Tomorrow, we will be having a quiz. I know it is only fifteen percent but do your best." The lecturer then ended the boring lecture.

"Yun Xiao, what did you dream about just now?" So Pang Lim approached Yun Xiao.

"I dream that I was working with Dr. Tang Han Lee as his assistant. So shame that it was just a dream." Yun Xiao sounded very regretful.

"You really like Dr. Tang Han Lee, don't you?" Song Ha Ting looked at Yun Xiao.

"Don't give me that look. I'm not a gay, okay." Yun Xiao shakes his head many times.

Everyone laughed when looking at Yun Xiao's reaction.

"I just admire him so much because he saved my grandma." Yun Xiao told them.

"Oh, there is the story behind that. Tell me then." So Pang Lim interested to hear the story.

"Well, I'm kinda hungry. Can we continue this while eating?" Ding Na An slipped in the conversation.

"Yeah, I also hungry." Yun Xiao touched his stomach.

"Then, let's go eat. Let's go to Lillie's' Cafe." So Pang Lim suggested to her classmates. Lillie's Cafe was the one that Yu Qi and her friends normally goes to, because the Hibiscus Cafe, the cafe inside their medical faculty building was being renovated.

"When is our cafe going to finish it's renovation?" Mei Lilli asked them.

"According to our faculty board, it will take another 4 months to complete." Ding Na An answered her.

They walked to the cafe. It was lunch hour so a lot of students were there. Yun Xiao and Ding Na An decided to sit at the table first while the other four went to buy food. After all of them had food in front of them, they started to eat.

"So Yun Xiao, continue your story."

Then Yun Xiao started to talk while eating.

"Well, my grandma had a weird tumor in her left eye and some of the doctors did not have the ability to operate on my grandma's eyes, as they were afraid that she would lose the ability to see. That's when Dr. Tang Han Lee stepped in. He was the who operated on my grandma and now my grandma's vision is even better than mine." Yuan Xiao ended the story.


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