Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
170 Chapter 170 : Friend?
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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170 Chapter 170 : Friend?

"As expected of my idol." So Pang Lim had a proud look on her face.

"Hey, it's should be Yu Qi saying that. Not you." Mei Lilli remarked.

They laughed, until someone came. Well, not one, not two but three. Make a guess... Yeah, it was Fung Meng Xuan, Yi Ren Shiang, and Yi Su Rang. They seemed to like to disturb Yu Qi whenever she was eating. Today would not be much different.

"Hi everyone." Fung Meng Xuan greeted.

Yu Qi's group looked at each other while Song Ha Ting was the only one who replied to Fung Meng Xuan's greeting. They did not like this group of girls as Yi Ren Shiang and Yi Su Rang always gave the attitude that they were the most beautiful and better than everyone else. So, people who befriended the two were categorized as the same.

"What are you guys talking about?" It was Fung Meng Xuan that tried to start the conversation.

"Why do you want to know?" So Pang Lim smirked.

"Yeah, we are talking amongst ourselves. Why should you know about it?" Mei Lilli joined.

Yu Qi was silent.

"You..." Yi Ren Shiang wanted to retort but was blocked by Fung Meng Xuan.

"If you don't want to tell us, then it's okay." Fung Meng Xuan was eyeing Yu Qi.

Caught in action, Yu Qi looked at Fung Meng Xuan too.

"Yesterday, Miss Tang was sent by Mr. Long. It was very lovely. I hope Miss Tang can formally introduce him." Fung Meng Xuan deliberately mentioned Long Hui's name.

"Wait, Meng Xuan, do you know her boyfriend?" Yi Su Rang asked Fung Meng Xuan. She was really curious about Yu Qi's boyfriend as everyone was saying that the man was very handsome only she did not manage to take a look at her boyfriend.

"Yeah, We saw each other a couple of times." Fung Meng Xuan said.

"So, you are his friend. Let's call him to hang out together." Yi Su Rang made a conclusion.

Yu Qi's group once again looked at each other. They could not help but think that these people were a bunch of idiots. They're an idiot, right? If not, what would they be called?

Yu Qi chuckled after being quiet for a long time. She looked at the three idiots while Fung Meng Xuan and her friends looked at Yu Qi when they heard her suddenly chuckle.

"How can Miss Fung call him? I also want to know that." Yu Qi looked at Fung Meng Xuan.

"Just because you're his girlfriend, doesn't mean that his friend can't call him to hangout." It was Yi Ren Shiang's turn to chuckle. She bet that Yu Qi was jealous that Fung Meng Xuan wanted to call her boyfriend to meet up.

"Tell me, Miss Fung. How are you going to contact my boyfriend?" Yu Qi chuckled again.

"Meng Xuan, just call him. You must have his contact number. You are his friend." Yi Su Rang said to Fung Meng Xuan.

Fung Meng Xuan was in a dilemma. How can she call him if she did not even have his contact number?

"Guys, calm down. I can't call him because I don't have his contact number." Fung Meng Xuan told her friends the truth.

"What? How can you not have it? You're his friend." Yi Ren Shiang turned to Yu Qi and said, "I bet it's you that didn't let your boyfriend share his contact number right?"

Everyone was speechless, except for Yu Qi. These three idiots were upgraded from an idiot to a moron.

"Miss Fung, tell me. Are you really his friend? If you were his friend, why didn't he pay for your meal even though you were eating at the same table? Why did he ignore you when you were talking? And why did he leave you letting you take the bus instead of sending you together with me yesterday?" Yu Qi kept asking Fung Meng Xuan questions.

"That because he did not want you to feel jealous of Meng Xuan." Yi Ren Shiang defended Fung Meng Xuan.

"Oh, I see. Then let me call Mr. Long to ask about Miss Fung." Yu Qi brought out her mobile.

Fung Meng Xuan suddenly remembered about the terrifying look and aura that she got from Long Hui yesterday. That was very scary and she almost wet her pants. She suddenly remembered how Long Hui's eyes became very sharp and the look that he gave to her was very scary. She did not want that to happen again.

"No, don't call him. I'm not his friend. I just came across him when he was with Miss Tang yesterday." Fung Meng Xuan told the truth.

"Meng Xuan is that truth?" Yi Ren Shiang asked to confirm it.

"Yeah. He is not my friend." Fung Meng Xuan nodded.

Yu Qi smiled seeing Fung Meng Xuan's reaction. She knew that Fung Meng Xuan remembered when Long Hui threated her with his murderous aura.


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