Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
173 Chapter 173: Reveal Everything
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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173 Chapter 173: Reveal Everything

Yu Qi stood up proudly looking at the three of them while everyone in the restaurant also looked at them. She really did not care about her image anymore.

The three did not fight back as Yu Qi really revealed everything. Some of the customers in the restaurant were students at Starlight University and Yu Qi was well known in the university.

"Tang Yu Qi. How dare you call us a bitch?" Yi Su Rang retorted after recovering from the shock.

"What? You can call me names and I'm not allowed to retort back?" Yu Qi sneered.

"When did I call you names?" Yi Su Rang fought back.

Yu Qi laughed. "Slut. That's what you called me just now. You dare tell me that you did not call me such a name?"

The girls were defeated again.

"And you." Yu Qi turned to Bai Shu Jin. "Please, stop disturbing me. I've already told you multiple times that I have someone else that I love."

Bai Shu Jin's expression became worse as this was the second time Yu Qi rejected him in public.

"Tang Yu Qi, don't push too far." Yi Su Rang became angrier when Yu Qi embarrassed her crush.

"What? Then you think I should accept his love?"

"You... You..." Were the only words that came out from Yi Su Rang's mouth.

"It's late and because of you guys, I've wasted my time here." Yu Qi walked passed them.

Yu Qi then went to the counter to pay.

"Sorry for the commotion." Yu Qi apologized to the owner of the cafe at the counter.

"It's okay." The manager just smiled. She already knew this girl because she had been to the cafe about three other times. The first time, this girl was meeting with two men. The second time, she was meeting with one of the men from the previous meeting and today was her third time and she met with the same man.

When she went to deliver their order, she managed to overhear some of the girl's conversation with that man and it was all about business. From what she could hear, the man was reporting the monthly progress to that girl. Seemed that girl was the man's boss according to the his attitude.

Yu Qi paid and left the restaurant.


Yu Qi was currently sitting at the pavilion inside her space. She was reading the documents that Su Yu Hi gave her. She read it inside her space to save time as reading all the information about fifteen companies would consume a lot of time, so, she decided to review them in her space.

Bo Ya and Aoi were currently playing with each other after getting the dinner from Yu Qi. She needed to buy a lot of food for them.

As she was reviewing the documents, she came acrossed one company called L-Tech. This company's main core business was about electric devices such as fans, televisions and rice cookers.

This current year was not so famous in selling the electric devices because they were still new. In the future however everyone would be selling these devices like a hot item.

Yu Qi smiled, seemed she already found one to invest it. She kept reviewing the documents, again and again, afraid that she would miss some important information about the companies.

After three hours, she closed the documents. She asked Aoi whether he wanted to go out or not. Aoi said he wanted to sleep with his master, so, he left with Yu Qi.

Yu Qi slept without worry with Aoi. It's the weekend so Yu Qi woke up to begin her morning exercise as today she had training with the shooting club.

After breakfast, she went to the shooting training ground with Aoi. As usual, the shooting club members greeted her in a funny way.

"Our queen has arrived." Shi Man Xie greeted her. "Your highness, welcome."

"Oh, my daughter has arrived. Come here. Let's see you." Vice captain Jung Xi Wan called her.

Yu Qi was already use to this type of craziness so she just played along with them. She smiled to Vice captain Jung Xi Wan.

"How is your relationship going with my future son in law?" Vice captain Jung Xi Wan started to gossip.

"I'm not telling you." Yu Qi replied to him.

"Husband, look at this girl." Vice captain Jung Xi Wan turned to Captain Hang Ru Yen not far from him.

" If you want to know that bad you can call and find out from Commander Long yourself." Captain Hang Ru Yen stated with a cold face.

"What?" Vice Captain Jung Xi Wan was very terrified. "Husband do you want to kill me and get a new wife?"

"Yes, I would like to kill you." Captain Hang Ru Yen replied.

"You monster." Vice captain Jung Xi Wan made a girlish scream.

Yu Qi's mouth twitched to laugh. Her seniors really loved to play around like this.

"Vice captain you should have joined the acting club, not the shooting club." Yu Qi ended the drama.

"I know, I have a talent for acting. But my passion is here." Vice captain Jung Xi Wan put on a proud look.

"I also would like him to quit." Captain Hang Ru Yen slipped in the conversation.

"Humph, I know you will cry for me if I quit." Vice captain Jung Xi Wan joked around.


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