Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
175 Chapter 175: Went to Hanwei University
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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175 Chapter 175: Went to Hanwei University

When Captain Heng Ru Yen said intense training, its level of the difficulty was as same the intense training in the military. It was very tiring. But to Yu Qi, it was the same amount the training that she had trained in the space. So, nothing much affected her.

The new about shooting competition had been spread around the university. As one and the only female that participated in the competition caught the attention of all the students.

Her friends and her lecturers felt proud of their friend and student. She was really famous at the university with an excellent result of her study. Now she became more and more famous.

A month ended with a blink of an eye. Yu Qi and the other three participants would be going to Hanwei University for the shooting competition.

Captain Heng Ru Yen would be accompanied them for the registration. The competition would be held two days later.

Hanwei University was the number one university in the nation. So, it was very strict in choosing its students.

Yu Qi also had been selected to go to this university but got rejected by Yu Qi because she wanted to choose Starlight University. Hanwei University very famous for producing genius in the various course. However, it did not have a medical course offered at the university. That why Yu Qi rejected its offer to enter Hanwei University.

Captain Heng Ru Yen already booked the hotel nearby the university for one night. The next day, they would spend their night in Hanwei University hostel given by the shooting competition organizers.

After they check in the hotel, they had been asked to gather by Captain Heng Ru Yen to complete the procedure of the registration.

They went to Hanwei University. Because of the competition, there were a lot of people in the shooting ground. They completed the registration and made themselves familiar surrounding area.

The shooting ground was very wide. Bigger than Starlight University. They were impressed with the surrounding. But everyone's eyes were on Yu Qi. There were a few females that participated in the shooting competition. One of them was Yu Qi. Because of her stunning look, she caught the attention of everyone. They wanted to talk to Yu Qi but she was being guarded by four men.

The men from Starlight University guarded Yu Qi. Let Yu Qi talked to another man mean letting a lamb been eaten by a wolf. Yu Qi was ignorant by all of that.

Yu Qi had amazed by these sites she looked at. If Hanwei University offered a medical course, she might consider entering this university.


"Let's go eat." Captain Heng Ru Yen said after one hour sees sighting the university.

Yu Qi felt something when Captain Hen Ru Yen asked them to eat. Yu Qi felt like something would happen. And eating time was the time she been disturbed by her enemy the most.

However, because of Captain Hen Ru Yen, she followed them. They went to the cafe nearby inside the university. Unlike in the other place, the cafe looked very empty. Only some of the students were eating there.

They selected the food, paid and sat on the empty table. Yu Qi walked with her food on her right hand and her drink on her left hand. She sensed someone was heading in her direction in a fast step. In a second of the collision, Yu Qi used her technique that she learned in the martial arts to step beside that person. Suddenly that person was fell into the ground.

"AHH...Ouch... It's hurt." That person was a girl.

Yu Qi looked at that person. Everyone in the cafe looked at them. That girl's friends came and helped her stood.

"You, apologize to me, right now." That girl pointed to Yu Qi.

"Why should I?" Yu Qi keeps an emotionless face looking at the girl and her friends.

"You pushed me." That girl accused Yu Qi.

"I push you? How?" Yu Qi was asking that girl.

"Of course, with your hand." That girl said without thinking.

"My hand? I'm holding something in my hand right now." Yu Qi moved her hands holding her food and her drink.

That girl was panic. She did not expect this. She had to think of something. "You tripped me with your legs, then." She once again accused Yu Qi.

Yu Qi sighed. She felt lazy to deal with this nonsense. She turned and went to her table.

"Yu Qi." Her senior, Shi Man Xie looked at her in worry.

"Apologize to me, right now." That girl keeps demanded Yu Qi apologized to her.

Yu Qi put the food and drink on the table and turned to that girl and her friend.

"I said I did not push you at all. And I will not apologize to you." Yu Qi was smiling but her murderous aura leaked out from her body, directing her aura to that girl and her friends. "So, do you want to leave on your own or would you like me to help you?"

That girl and her friends were shivering when they looked Yu Qi and heard Yu Qi's voice.

"We will leave now. Sorry." After that girl said that sentences, they turned and ran away from Yu Qi.


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