Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
177 Chapter 177: New Friend
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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177 Chapter 177: New Friend

Yu Qi quickly refreshed herself and went down to her club members. They were talking about something.


All of the men looked at her. "Let's go eat breakfast." Captain Heng Ru Yen said.

All of them nodded and got up from the chair and went to the restaurant nearby because of the hotel that they spent the night did not have a cafe inside it. Well, it was a cheap hotel.

Captain Heng Ru Yen told them about their schedule for today.

"We will be going to check out at 10 o'clock. Make sure there is nothing left inside the room before you leave."

"Yes, Captain." They answered.

"Then, we will check-in at the hostel that the competition organizer provided to us. We, men, maybe will stay in one dorm. While Yu Qi, you maybe have the room for yourself or you probably be share with someone else."

"Okay." Yu Qi answered.

"Yu Qi, don't get bullied." Shi Man Xie said.

"Senior, in which eye, you would think that I will get bullied?" Yu Qi chuckled. She was not a weak girl. She could protect herself.

"Alright, after this, let go check out." Captain Heng Ru Yen gave his final say.

After checking out from the hotel, they went to see the competition organizer, take the key for the room that they would be staying for the competition.

As Captain Heng Ru Yen said, men would be sharing their room and Yu Qi got the room for herself only. Yu Qi was very satisfied because it was more convenient for her in case she wanted to enter her space.

Captain Heng Ru Yen ordered them to gather after lunch. They still had time to spend before the gathering, so Yu Qi decided to enter the space. When she entered, her little cuties were still in the dreamland. They were sleeping at the pavilion beside the lake.

Yu Qi took some old scrolls about the herbs and read them to kill the time. Aoi opened his eyes and looked at his master.

"Master, you are here." He pounded to his master.

Yu Qi accepts him and rubbed his head.

"Did you sleep well?"


Bo Ya seemed to hear something, so he sniffed. His nose moved. He looked very cute when doing that. Bo Ya realized it was his master's smell. His eyes were opened up.

"Master." Like Aoi, Bo Ya pounded to his master.

"Look like you are sleeping very well."

"Master, why are you here?" Bo Ya asked. His master was usually outside the space at a time like this.

"I got some free time and don't have things to do so I'm here." Yu Qi explained. "Oh, it had been two hours. I have to go now. Behave and I will bring delicious food to you."

Aoi and Bo Ya's eyes were totally lifted up. Delicious food...

Yu Qi went outside. Coincidently, someone knocked on her door. Yu Qi opened her door cautiously. There are two girls standing in front of her.

"Yes?" Yu Qi looked at them.

"Are you from Starlight University?" The taller girl asked her.

"Yes." Yu Qi answered it with a clear voice. She did not want to be sounded weak or rude.

"Great." The short girl looked at Yu Qi. She reached for Yu Qi's hand. "We are from Hanyang Univerisity. My senior sister and I will be entering the same shooting competition as you." The shorter girl said with a happy tone.

However, the one who had been talking showed different emotions. Yu Qi analyzed that girl's expression.

"I'm Zhu Lao Lin. This is Jang Yue Yue." Zhu Lao Lin introduced themselves.

"Hi." Jang Yue Yue nodded.

"Yue Yue, that was not a good attitude, you know." Zhu Lao Lin scolded her friend.

Yu Qi realized their relationship was not a normal friend. She chuckled. "Hi, I'm Tang Yu Qi." She gave them a smile.

"You are really beautiful." Zhu Lao Lin praised Yu Qi.

"Beauty on the face was nothing unlike beauty on the heart." Yu Qi said.

"Hmm, can I call you Yu Qi?" Zhu Lao Lin asked her permission to call her Yu Qi.

"Sure. Why not?"

"Yu Qi, let's go and enter lunch together." Zhu Lao Lin asked her to join them.

Yu Qi looked at Jang Yue Yue. Jang Yue Yue showed some helpless expression on her face. Like a doting boyfriend looking at her girlfriend.

"Okay." Yu Qi agreed.

They went to the cafe. Because of the participants for the shooting competition was mostly from the boys, the girls became rare things here. Zhu Lao Lin with her cute behavior, Jang Yue Yue looked like a cold beauty while Yu Qi with her queen temperament.

Yu Qi found her club members. "Wait for a minute. I want to see my members."

"Guys, I'm going to eat lunch with them." Yu Qi told the men.

"Okay." Captain Heng Ru Yen nodded.


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