Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
185 Chapter 185: Shooting Competiton Final
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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185 Chapter 185: Shooting Competiton Final

"This girl keeps surprised us with her ability."

"I wonder what else she is good with."

"Yeah, I really want to know too."

The old men in the VIP tent were discussing Yu Qi. Meanwhile, the other audience also impressed with Yu Qi.

"I can't believe that this girl also knows this. How can she know everything?"

The girls burned with jealousy.

"She was beautiful too. I wonder if she already has a boyfriend."

The boys were thinking about how to become her boyfriend.

A/T: Guys, please don't. You can die quickly.

Long Hui: I'm here to guard my beloved

Yu Qi finally finished. The man came again and took the rifle to be tested. Yu Qi stretched her body and left that place. Before she leaving, she turned to see other participants. Only three of them still in the competition. One of them was Shi Man Xie.

"Yu Qi, let me worship you." One of her club members talked to her.

Yu Qi wanted to reply but Vice Captain Jung Wan Xi patted the back of that member who talked earlier very hard.

"Even you worship her, you got nothing. Just keep practice." Vice captain Jung Wang Xi said.

"Senior, it just a form of praising."

"But Yu Qi, where do you practice disassembling that rifle? I remembered that the rifle was not in our club." Captain Heng Ru Yen asked her.

Yu Qi stiffed. Of course, there was none. After all, she was practicing in her space. How could she answer this to disappear their doubt?

"I know, you naughty girl. You asked Commander Long, right?" Vice captain Jung Wan Xi smirked like an idiot man.

Yu Qi realized she could use that idea. So, she quickly said it.

"Yeah, I asked him to show me once."

"I see." Captain Heng Ru Yen accepted her answer.

Yu Qi was thanking vice captain Jung Wang Xi for helping her without he realized it.

After a few moments, Shi Man Xie finished. Shi Man Xie sighed. It was not good. He took a long time to complete it.

"Man Xie, it was okay. Just take it as a lesson."

The club members comforted him. Well, he could not stay sulking for a long time. He already backed to himself.

It was lunchtime. Captain Heng Ru Yen did not want them to have the same problem as yesterday when they had to fight for food, he asked the owner of the cafe to pack lunch for forty people instead of thirty five people in case they want to eat more.

The club members were happy with their captain's quick thinking. They could relax enjoying the food.

After lunch, it was the closing ceremony. In this ceremony, the winners of each category would be announced.

In reality, Yu Qi did not interested in knowing the winner. She already had fun in this competition. Everyone felt excited about that. And to make the closing ceremony more hit up, the organizer arranged that General Long Fei Yi would be the one to handle the prize to the winners.

"Thank you for giving cooperation in this competition. All participants really gave their best on this competition." The host gave the speech before announcing the winner.

"Without waiting for any longer, we will announce the winner for the 50m Rifle 3 Positions (Men). For best shooter is from Hanyang University, Yoo Tan Su."

They were clapping. "Yoo Tan Su leading with an average point of 9.8 and complete in one hour and five minutes."

The man named Yoo Tan Su came to the stages and received the prize. He gave him some time to give a speech. He seemed like a man that did not like to talk much. He just gave a short speech and went to his place.

The host seemed to arrange the order to announce the winner. They announced the winner for men first.

The second category which was 10m Air Rifle (Men) went to An Qin He from Hanwei University. The third category, 25m Rapid Fire Pistol (Men), the winner came from Starlight University, Zu Wei Han. Zu Wei Han did not expect him to be a winner.

He was very happy. However, even though he looked very teary, he gave a speech thanking everyone that helped him especially his club member. Then it was time to announce the winner for women. The mood suddenly went up because of the host. The audience could see that the host looked very excited.

"Okay, now we will announce the winner for women. You can see I feel very excited to announce the winner. This is the first time in history that one dominates all the categories, 50m Rifle 3 Positions, 10m Air Rifle, 25m Pistol and disassemble and assemble the gun.

I think you all knew who is she. She set the best time record completing the 50m Rifle 3 Positions only for thirty five minutes with an average shot point of 9.8. In the next categories, she scored the average point of 9.7 for 10m Air Rifle and 10 points for the 25m Pistol.

And the more shocking was in the last category, she set the best time record. Even now, I still can't believe what I was watching. Let's welcome our rising star in the shooting competition, Tang Yu Qi."

The host ended his long speech welcoming the winner. Yu Qi actually was dazed off. She really did not like this kind of event. So, she did not react much when the host called her name.

"Yu Qi, stop daydreaming. They called your name." Shi Man Xie who sat beside her patted her shoulder.

Yu Qi realized that she was dazed off. After Shi Man Xie told her to go up on stage, she just walked up.

Yu Qi went in front of General Long Fei Yi. General Long Fei Yi looked at her very sternly in purpose. Yu Qi just looked up challenged him. With her eyes, she conveyed the message that she did not scare of him.

General Long Fei Yi seemed to get the message. He handled the prize.

"Congratulations. Keep it up." General Kong Fei Yi said to her.

"Thank you." Yu Qi nodded.

Then she gave a short speech. "All thank for my club member. Because of them, I'm here. Thank you." Then she bowed and left the stage.

The host then announced the overall winner for the shooting competition. The overall winner was Hanwei University. The second winner was Hanyang University. Starlight University only came in third place.

The club members that compete in the shooting competition did not feel sad. They did the best for the competition. The third place was okay.

"Okay, let's go celebrate." Shi Man Xie suggested.

"Sorry, everyone. I have an appointment tonight." Yu Qi remembered that General Long Fei Yi wanted to see her with Feng Yue.

"Oh, where do you want to go?" Shi Man Xie wanted to find out about the appointment.

"Senior, why you want to know?" Yu Qi asked with a faint smile.

"Maybe I want to follow you." Shi Man Xie joked.

"Sure, you can follow me." Yu Qi nodded.

"Really?" Shi Man Xie asked.

"Yes, but I hope you will be okay with it."

"With what?" Shi Man Xie confused.

"With Commander Long. I'm meeting with Commander Long Hui tonight." 'Well, another version of Long Hui. I mean the older version.' Yu Qi just thought that in her mind.

"What? No No No... You can spend the time with only him then." Shi Man Xie finally gave up the idea of following Yu Qi.

They laughed. Commander Long Hui probably would kill them if they disturbed his date with Yu Qi.


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