Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
188 Chapter 188: A Presen
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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188 Chapter 188: A Presen

"That old... I mean grandfather likes to scare people like that." Long Hui chuckled.

"I thought he was a difficult person. But he seemed to look stern outside but warm inside. Like my grandpa." Yu Qi refreshed her previous life memory.

"Yeah, Grandpa Tang also like that." Long Hui said. He thought Yu Qi was talking about Grandpa Tang.

However, Yu Qi thought about her grandfather that probably die because of poison. She wanted to find the clues but time did not allow her. She would be going to the orphanage in her semester break to meet the director. She only could hope that the director was still alive and remembered that adoption. Or someone in that orphanage that remembered her.

"Hey." Long Hui held her hand. "What are you thinking about?"

"Nothing." 'One day I would tell you.' Yu Qi just smiled at him.

"When do you going back to Starlight University?" Long Hui asked Yu Qi.

"Tomorrow. Maybe in the morning. I don't know yet the specific time. And you?"

"Also tomorrow. I wish I can get other off days."

Yu Qi laughed. A soldier in high rank wished to get the off days. It was probably hard.

"Before I forget, congratulation on winning all the female categories." Long Hui brought out some small box from his pocket.

Yu Qi looked at the box. Long Hui took Yu Qi's hand and placed the box on her palm.

"What is this?" Yu Qi could not help to ask it.

"My present on winning the competition." Long Hui smiled.

"You don't have to do this, you know."

"I know but I just want to give you something."

"Okay. Thank you."

Yu Qi accepted it. Yu Qi wanted to put it into her bag but Long Hui blocked it.

"Open it first." Long Hui said.

Yu Qi followed his order and opened the small box. It was a bracelet. It had a simple design with a single flower of sakura. Yu Qi's eyes lifted up when she saw the bracelet. She liked it very much.

Long Hui who watching Yu Qi closely could see the change in her eyes. She liked it. Long Hui felt relieved.

"You give me presents. But I give you nothing." Yu Qi sighed.

Yes, Long Hui did give her presents. But she never gave him her presents.

"Don't worry about that." Long Hui smiled. 'I will collect my present when you being my wife.'

"Oh, you can give me something." Long Hui said to her.


"Your phone number." Long Hui casually asking her phone number.

"Okay, then." She without hesitated gave her phone number to Long Hui.

Long Hui was kind of stunned. She gave her phone number so easy.

"Who's else has your number?" Long Hui asked sharply.

"I guess my family, Yue, and my assistant." Yu Qi listed down who the one had her phone number. She did not give her phone number to her classmates yet.

Long Hui who heard that felt relieved. So, only a few people knew her phone number.

Well, Yu Qi did not mind much about her phone number. It was only a phone number. If she did not give the phone number to people she knew, what was the point of having the phone number? It would be useless.

Long Hui looked at his watch. It was getting late. His beloved had to go back otherwise she would be locked out.

"Let's go back now." Long Hui pulled Yu Qi's hand.

Long Hui became more and more casually holding Yu Qi's hand. He did it because he could feel that Yu Qi was slowly accepting him. And that was the most important part of wooing Yu Qi. That what he taught about.

Arriving at the main gate of the female hostel at Hanwei University, Long Hui stopped the car and turned to Yu Qi.

"We have arrived, my princess." Long Hui took her hand quickly and kissed her hand.

Yu Qi who did not react to this was stunned by Long Hui's action. She pulled her hand while she was blushing red.

"Tha..nk you." Yu Qi took off from the car.

Long Hui was laughing when he saw his beloved ran away. 'It will not take a long time, you will be mine.'

Yu Qi was walking to her room. Then she was stopped by two women.

"Miss Tang, you are back. We were waiting for you." One of the women said.

"Waiting for me? Why?" Yu Qi asked.

"Miss Tang, we are inviting the female participants in the shooting competition for the small party that we held."

Yu Qi did not like this kind of party.

"Miss Tang, everyone wants to talk to you. Maybe we might not be seeing you again after this."

They wanted to pursue her to join the party. Yu Qi gave up.

"Okay, I will be joining you.

They showed where the party been held. Yu Qi opened the room and saw the girls having fun at the party. However she entered the room, her nose picked up something. The girls were drinking the drink that prepared in the table.

She wanted to get out but the girls... Some of them were innocent. She needed to do something. Putting the acting mask on her face, she went to a group that chatting happily.

"Hi." Yu Qi greeted them.

"Owh, hi, Miss Tang." One of the girls replied to her greeting.

"We thought you will not be joining us tonight. Oh, I'm Murang Qi An from Hanwei University, Chu Wei Wei from Zheijang University, Zhu Lao Lin and Jang Yue Yue from Hanyang University, and Jun Su Qing from Fudan University." Murang Qi An introduced herself and others.

Yu Qi remembered she was the one made trouble at the cafe on the first day she was here.

Murang Qi An watched Yu Qi stared at her, she apologized to Yu Qi. "Miss Tang, I apologize for that day. I hope you forgive me."


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