Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
190 Chapter 190: Been Forced To
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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190 Chapter 190: Been Forced To

"So, because of one notes, you just follow them?" Zhu Lao Lin felt ridiculous when she heard that girl's explanation.

"I don't have any choice, my brother is in their hand." One of two girls cried.

"My mother also in their hand." Another girl cried.

"This is not the first time?" Yu Qi inquired.

"Yes. This is the third time." The girl told Yu Qi.

"Meaning you did to another girl as well." Yu Qi seemed to talk with a stern tone. She was holding her anger.


Yu Qi's aura changed. "Tell me, is girls had been reported missing?"

The two girls were scared with Yu Qi now. Yu Qi looked like she wanted to kill someone.

"Yes." The girl answered in trembling.

The police siren could be heard from outside.

Zhu Lao Lin said to all of them. "We will lead the police here. Let's go, Yue Yue."

Zhu Lao Lin together with Jang Yue Yue exited the room to call the police here.

"No. No. Don't send me to the police. I already said I don't have a choice. My brother with them. They could kill him." The girl cried.

"Your brother's life is precious. Your mother's life is precious. Then what's about us? What about the girls that you did before?" Chu Wei Wei asked them in angry. "What's a joke. And you." She turned to Murang Qi An. "You really opened my eyes today. You should not be here studying. You should become an actress since you really know how to act. I bet you would win an award for this."

Murang Qi An already paled. She was scared. She did it twice and got the awesome payments for this job. But now what's going to happen to her?

"Miss Tang, how do you know about this drug?" Chu Wei Wei was now turned to Yu Qi.

"I'm studied in medical, become a doctor. So I do have knowledge about this."

"Then, how do you know they hold the drug, not Murang Qi An?"

"Since I entered this room, my nose picked up the faint of the drug smell. My nose is a bit sensitive. I did not smell the drug on the two girls when they invited me inside but when they want to leave, I can smell the drug from them." Yu Qi told him.

"Yu Qi, the police is here." Zhu Lao Lin appeared behind the door with the police.

A bulky look man was stepped in. From his appearance, he looked like a mafia dressed in the police uniform.

"I'm Zhou Hong. I already heard the situation from Major Long over there." He pointed to the man with the cold face.

Other girls took a look at that man. Even without a smile, that man looked stunning. They would like this man to their boyfriend. However, they were bounded to be disappointed later.

"Sir Zhou Hong, here is the drug. These three girls are the culprits here but according to them, they were forced to do so. Please investigate this matter properly." Yu Qi was talked to the policeman like she was their boss.

"Yeah, Thank you for your cooperation." Sir Zhou Hong was very amazed by this girl. "Take the three girls to the police station." He gave the order to his subordinates.

"I would like all of you to come to our police station tomorrow morning for your statement. We also want to check your body since you consumed some of this drug." Sir Zhou Hong said to other girls.

The girls nodded. They also worried because they consumed the drug.

Normally when the case occurred in the university, the police had to ask permission from the university to enter the university ground to arrest the people. But the case that involves the drug would be different. The police could direct arrest that person without the university's permission.

Yu Qi just saw the three girls been escorted by the police with their hand had been handcuffed with a cold eye. Long Hui approached Yu Qi.

"Luckily for you. You have my number." Long Hui smiled making all the girls in the room screamed inward.

"However, I'm more interested in your normal call. Call me soon. I'm leaving." Long Hui made an attack. With his speed, he pulled and kissed Yu Qi's hand. He left just like that.

Yu Qi still stunned. 'That man seduced me again.' She sighed. It was late and she was tired.

"Girls, I'm tired. So I will take my leave. Bye." Without waiting for their answer, she left the room and went to her room.

She took a shower, put the clean pajama and entered her space.

"Master." Her two little cuties greeted her.

"Bo Ya, thank you for tonight." Yu Qi thanked Bo Ya.

"It's nothing." Bo Ya smiled.

"I want to sleep first. Wake me up for the next 6 hours." Yu Qi really wanted to sleep because many things happened today.

"Okay, Master." Bo Ya answered.

"Goodnight, Master," Aoi said to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi went to the pavilion, where she usually slept.


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