Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
191 Chapter 191: Let Police Do Their Job
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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191 Chapter 191: Let Police Do Their Job

"Master, Master, wake up. It's time." Using his small hand, Bo Ya patted his master's cheek very lightly.

"Master." Aoi also waking his master up.

Yu Qi opened her eyes lazily. She yawned. It was a good sleep. Nowadays, she felt sleeping in her sleep was much secure compared to the outside world. In the space, only the two little cuties around. So, she would not be in danger anymore.

"Did master slept well?" Bo Ya asked.

"Well, I feel good." Yu Qi entered the pavilion to refresh herself.

Spending six hours in the space means three hours had passed for the outside world. Assuming the time, it was three a.m in the morning. She got another three hours extra. Having this cheat really helped her saving her time.

"Bo Ya, Aoi, are you hungry?" Yu Qi asked her two cuties.

"Yes." Bo Ya and Aoi in complete harmony said 'yes'.

"Want me to cook?" Yu Qi asked again.

"Yes." Once again, they answered it.

Bo Ya and Aoi were a foodie. Their eyes were lifted up when they heard their master wanted to cook for them. Their master was a good cook. They wondered what kind of food their master would be cooking for today.

"Bo Ya, the beef I leave that day still in the refrigerator?" Yu Qi asked.

"Yes." Bo Ya went and opened the refrigerator.

Bo Ya took out the beef and gave it to Yu Qi. Yu Qi took beef and thought about what she wanted to cook for her cuties. 'Oh, I think I know what's to cook for those two.'

"Bo Ya, Aoi, go get me some carrot, spring onion, and daikon." Yu Qi ordered them.

Hearing her order, Bo Ya and Aoi, rushed to the garden to collect the ingredients that Yu Qi mentioned.

Yu Qi prepared to cook Chinese Beef Stew with Daikon and Carrot. Ten minutes later, Aoi and Bo Ya came back with the things that Yu Qi asked for. She prepared the ingredients and started to cook. Her two cuties just standing beside her and looked at her while she was cooking.

"Okay. It's done." Yu Qi set off the fire.

Yu Qi took the pot on to the table behind her. Her two little cuties already set themselves waiting for the food to be served. Yu Qi gave them a portion. They quickly eat them. Yu Qi support the face with her hand and looked at them while they were eating.

"Master, you don't eat?" Bo Ya realized his master did not eat together with them.

"Oh, I forget. I will eat now." Yu Qi started to eat.

Those two little cuties ate four to five portions each of them. Luckily, Yu Qi cooked a lot. She knew her little cuties would not eat only one portion.

"Master, thank you for the food. It is very delicious." Aoi thanked Yu Qi for the food.

"Yeah, Master. Thank you. I hope Master will cook for us again." Bo Ya said.

"Don't worry. If I have time, I will cook for you, okay." Yu Qi smiled.

Yu Qi selected to take a rest from her routine. She walked to the garden, eating the fruit and laid down at the pavilion faced the beautiful lake. What a day.

Three hours passed. Yu Qi went out of her space and started to pack her belongings. She was going to go back to Starlight University together with her club members.

Yu Qi opened the door and looked to Zhu Lao Lin who about to knock on her door. Jang Yue Yue was together with her. Guess, Jang Yue Yue could not be separate from Zhu Lao Lin.

"Yu Qi, we come to collect the promise." Zhu Lao Lin said with her big smile.

'Promise? What's the promise? Oh, having breakfast together.' Yu Qi nodded.

"Okay, let's go." Yu Qi locked her door.

They went to the cafe. Some of the girls at the party yesterday also having their breakfast. When the girls saw Yu Qi, Zhu Lao Lin, and Jang Yue Yue, they called for breakfast together. Yu Qi and the two other girls accepted their invitation.

"Thank you, Miss Tang, for your quick action. If not, we will not know where we will be ended like the other three girls before." Chu Wei Wei said expressing her gratitude.

"Me too. Thank you, Miss Tang. We owned you."

The girls were now expressing their gratitude to Yu Qi. Yu Qi felt trouble when she saw things like this.

"Girls, don't say you owned me." Yu Qi stopped them. "I just do what I think is right. That's all."

"I wonder who is the true mastermind?" Zhu Lao Lin said after took a bite of her sandwich.

"They said they were been forced by someone. That person even kidnapped their beloved person to force them to complete the work." Chu Mei Mei also wondered about that.

"Just let the police do the work. We just can help them by giving them the statement." Yu Qi said.


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