Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
194 Chapter 194: The Woo Was....
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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194 Chapter 194: The Woo Was....

After one hour, Yu Qi's soup ready to serve. Scoop a bowl of the soup, she brought them to Long Hui. Placing the bowl in front of Long Hui, she made a gesture wanted Long Hui to taste her soup. Long Hui took the spoon and taste the soup. It was very delicious. His beloved really knew how to cook. Yu Qi looked at Long Hui waiting for him to say something about her soup.

"Hmm... Delicious!" Long Hui said it.

Automatically, Yu Qi's lips curved into a smile. Thank goodness, Long Hui liked it. She went back to the pot and took another two bowl of soup saving it for later.

"Everyone, you can try my soup here." Yu Qi invited the old men and women here to taste her soup.

The old men and women went to her and took a chance to eat her soup. Yu Qi served all of them. Lucky the soup was enough to everyone.

Yu Qi brought another two bowl to Long Hui. She pushed a bowl to Long Hui again and took another one to her. Without asking anything, Long Hui took the bowl and ate her soup again.

After that, they took a walk around the garden. Yu Qi once again had an exciting face that she had before during her date when Long Hui brought her to the place like this. Yu Qi explained the effects of the herbs that she showed Long Hui. Long Hui just heard like she was singing a song to him. Sometimes he asked about the herbs himself. Yu Qi as his guide explained everything.

Long Hui from the walk started, Long Hui did not let go of Yu Qi's hand even for a moment. He keeps holding Yu Qi's hand. Yu Qi did not mind at all like it was a normal thing to her.

Yu Qi looked at the time. The time for her to return was near. She needed to go back to Hanwei University. Her club members must be waiting for her right now. 

"Brother Hui, we need to go now." Yu Qi told Long Hui.

Long Hui actually forgot about that. He frowned. Why time always fast when he with his beloved? Long Hui sighed. His beloved needed to go back already. 

"Okay. Come. Let's go." Long Hui said.

Yu Qi could sense a hint of frustration in his tone. She giggled in her heart. They were driving back to Hanwei University. Yu Qi realized that Long Hui drive a little bit slower than usual. 

After one and a half hours driving, it was supposed to be one hours drive only, they arrived at the main gate of the female hostel. Actually, Long Hui wanted to make a surprise attack to Yu Qi but this happened.

"Brother Hui, I want to tell you something." Yu Qi sounded and looked very serious, turned her body facing Long Hui. 

Long Hui felt tense. 'What is she wants to do? Is she wants to tell me that she does not want to meet me anymore? That was not happening, right?' 

Yu Qi wanted to laugh when saw Long Hui was acting like this. Is he prepared to die? 

"Brother Hui, listen well. I will be going to tell you once only." Yu Qi said with a serious face. 

Long Hui was waiting. It was rare that his beloved acting like this. 'Hurry up.' 'Don't leave me.' There was a lot of thought was running in his mind. It was a cracking nerve. 

"Brother Hui, I love you.'' Yu Qi confessed in one breath. 

Looking Long Hui still in a dazed state, Yu Qi made an attack. She kissed him in the lip. It was only a slight touch. Then she ran out of his vehicle. 

Long Hui was shocked. His beloved confessed to him. She confessed to him. His beloved told him that she loves him. She loves him. Yeah!!! The woo was a success.


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