Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
201 Chapter 201: The Worried Bo Ya
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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201 Chapter 201: The Worried Bo Ya

Yu Qi opened her eyes when she left someone was touching her chest. She looked down. Bo Ya was sleeping comfortably against her chest. She did not know how to respond to this. To be honest, Bo Ya might look like a small kid but he lived longer than Yu Qi. Behind her was Aoi. Her two cuties came and slept with her.

Changing her attire to sport attire, she changed to exercise. Running around her space. Her space indeed a big area. She wanted to run around the lake but she could not the turning point. Gave up the idea she turned back to the pavilion. 

Then she could hear her two cuties' voices. They already woke up. She saw they were ruining toward her.

"Master, master, I have something to report." Bo Ya spoke with a serious tone.

Yu Qi turned to Bo Ya and paid attention to what he about to say. Bo Ya usually did not act like this so the things he about to say might important.

"Master, someone broke into your room when you are sleeping here. I mean the hotel room that you check in last night." Bo Ya started to tell Yu Qi. "From what I can see, they are looking for you." 

"It should be the man that I poisoned him." Yu Qi thought about it. She just arrived in this city. No one knew her. So, it should be that man.

"How many are they?" Yu Qi inquired.

"Only three men entered the room. But I assumed it should more." Bo Ya said.

"Yeah. I guess so too." Yu Qi nodded.

"What is your plan, Master?" Aoi asked Yu Qi.

"Just let them attack me. I will be alright." Yu Qi smiled at Bo Ya to assurance him.

"Master, let's have Aoi walk with you. Four eyes are better than two eyes." Bo Ya was really worried about his master's safety. Even though his master was strong but the unexpected thing could happen. 

Seeing Bo Ya's worry face, she agreed with him. "Okay. I will let Aoi accompany me." 

"Aoi, make sure to aware your surrounding." Bo Ya then to Aoi and talked to him.

"Okay. I will try to protect the Master." Aoi nodded.


Yu Qi walked out from her room. She wanted to check out directly from this hotel. Even though it was only seven o'clock in the morning. Yu Qi was shocked to see the receptionist. He was beaten. Yu Qi assumed it was the men who looking for her last night. She could not help to feel sorry to the receptionist.

Brought out something from her bag, she placed one bottle in front of the receptionist. It was the medicine that she made herself from the herbs. It very worked for the swollen area.

"Use this. It might help relieve the pain." Yu Qi then explained the way, how to use the medicine. 

The receptionist nodded. He processed Yu Qi's request to check out. 

"Miss, you should be careful. That gang really dangerous." The receptionist gave his advice. He pitied this girl because she already became a target for that gang. 

"I will be careful. Thank you, sir." Yu Qi nodded and left the hotel. Aoi also walking near her legs.

The receptionist felt weird. Last night, when this girl checked in, there was no dog around this girl. He was sure because if she had a dog, he would not let the girl checked in because pets were not allowed in this hotel.

'Master, someone was watching us in the three o'clock.' Aoi informed Yu Qi through telepathy.

'Yes, I can see him. He might be someone from that gang mentioned by the hotel man.' Yu Qi nodded. 'Just pretended that we do not know someone watching us.'

"Woof." 'Okay, Master.' Aoi nodded. 

"I'm hungry. Where can I get the food?" Yu Qi was turning around looking for the food stall.

"Woof." 'I want too.' Aoi answered too.

"I know." Yu Qi remembered about Aoi. He was a foodie.

Yu Qi who looking around found one food stall that selling a dumpling. It was an old man's stall. Yu Qi quickly went to it.

"Hello, uncle. Are you open now?" Yu Qi asked the old man.

"Yes. How many you want?" The old man asked back Yu Qi after answering her question.

"For now, let's see..." Turned to Aoi, she asked, 'How many that you want?' 

'10 pieces.' Aoi answered. "First..." He continued the sentence.

Yu Qi chuckled. "Give me fifteen pieces first." Yu Qi told the old man.

The old man was shocked at first but he still prepared the dumplings for the girl. Yu Qi was sitting at the table prepared by the old man for his customers. The dumplings were ready and served to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi asked the old man for a plastic plate. Without asking any question, the old man gave to her. She put ten pieces of the dumplings and gave to Aoi.

Aoi had waited for long. When the dumplings were placed in front of him, he was eating the dumpings happily. The old man once again shocked with what he seeing. A dog, well to be precise, a puppy was eating the dumplings.


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