Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
202 Chapter 202: Already Tasted Death
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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202 Chapter 202: Already Tasted Death

They were eating until people came with the intention to disturb them. Yu Qi could see about ten men surrounded her and the old man. Yu Qi narrowed her eyes. The old man felt scared when seeing the men surrounded his stall.

Yu Qi still ate her last dumpling. While Aoi already finished eating and glared to the men that surrounded them. 

"You are indeed a beautiful woman. Laying up to you must be a pleasure." Bro Zhi came in front and talked to Yu Qi. 

'Master, he is the one that entered your room last night.' Bo Ya's voice sounded in her mind.

'I see.' Yu Qi's eyes flashed a cold glare.

"Little girl, you should surrender yourself." Bro Zhi said when he did not get any response from Yu Qi. "Get her." Bro Zhi ordered two of his men.

Two of his men approached Yu Qi and touched to touched her shoulder. However, they did not manage to catch her.

"Ahhhh." One of the men shouted in pain when one chopstick penetrated his hand.

Another man was flying across Bro Zhi after getting a kick from Yu Qi. Other men were shocked when seeing their friend like that. They could see that the one who been called a little girl by their boss looked very calm after stabbing their friend's hand with a chopstick and kicked their friend.

Bro Zhi frowned. This girl was not acting like a normal girl. Looked like it was going to be a tough fight before he could taste the girl. He was looking for the girl's weakness. Oh, he found one. He called the other two men and whispered his plans to them. They nodded. They understood the plan.

"Go." Bro Zhi said.

One of the men attacked Yu Qi. Well more like to disturb her attention. Then Yu Qi noticed their true intention. They wanted to grab Aoi. 

'Aoi, they want to catch you. It's time to show them.' Yu Qi said playing with another man.

'Okay.' Aoi nodded.

Aoi just let the man grabbed him. Then he showed his own skill. He bites the man's hand. The special move of this hitting was his teeth could grow twenty centimeters more. So his teeth could bite deeper than usual. 

"Ahhh!!!" The man that grabbed Aoi shouted in pain made Aoi left his grab easily.

The man's hand looked bloody. He could not believe that a small puppy like that could bite his hand like this. Seemed the puppy's teeth more sharp than he looked.

"That's look hurt." Yu Qi finally said something.

The men thought Yu Qi said that sentence to the man that been bite by the puppy. However, another sentence from Yu Qi made them felt ridiculous.

"Are your teeth okay, Aoi? You need to wash your teeth after this." Yu Qi said to Aoi.

Aoi smiled showing his bloody teeth. 

"It was indeed disgusting." Yu Qi said something again.

 Yu Qi could not stand seeing the blood inside Aoi's mouth so, she brought out the mineral water from her backpack. She rinsed Aoi's mouth in front of the men. 

Bro Zhi became more and angrier. This little girl needed to be taught. He quickly signaled his remaining men to attack Yu Qi together. 

Yu Qi avoided pretty much of the attack. Bro Zhi suddenly attacked Yu Qi. Yu Qi narrowed avoiding the attack. 'This man is pretty skilled. Look like he had trained before.'

Yu Qi decided to be more cautious when facing Bro Zhi. Other men already stopped attacking Yu Qi. They wanted to see which one was stronger.

"Little girl, you better surrender if you don't want to get hurt and feel pain." Bro Zhi gave a warning to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi did not take it to the heart. Hurt? Pain? She already felt the pain when her hands and legs being cut off around her body. She already knew the pain when she was left in the jungle waiting to die. She also already tasted death. What hurt could scare her? The answer was no.

Without replying to him, Yu Qi merciless attacked Bro Zhi. She used about twenty percent of her strength. Bro Zhi felt ridiculous when being attacked by this little girl right now. This little girl was very stronger compared to him.

"Idiot, what are you doing? Help me." Bro Zhi shouted angrily to his men.

His men stunned and moved to attack Yu Qi. Yu Qi increased her speed. The other was kicked flying by Yu Qi. The most interesting, they could not stand up due to its pain. Yu Qi really knew which area that pained a lot. She studied human bodies after all.

"Shit. You are going to pay for this." Bro Zhi shouted angrily again.

Yu Qi already bored with this. She made a final blow to Bro Zhi. Uppercut punch. Straight delivered to Bro Zhi's chin. Bro Zhi totally knocked out. 


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