Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
203 Chapter 203: Got A Help
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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203 Chapter 203: Got A Help

After she was done beating them, she casually took out her phone and made a call.

"Hello, is this police station?.... Yes, I want to make a report... Yes, one gang attacked me... Reason? I don't know... Place? Wait, I will ask someone." Yu Qi turned to the old man that did not leave the place from the beginning. 

"Grandpa, what is this place call?" Yu Qi asked that old man.

"Shitang road. Near the bathhouse." The old man answered.

Talking back to the phone, "Shitang road. Near the bathhouse... Yes...Oh, before I forget, please send a group of medic here. About..." Yu Qi looked around calculated the number of the men that attacked her just now. "About ten men injured here...Yes... Okay..." Yu Qi thanked the police officer that talked to her and ended the call.

"The medic will come. Just relax." Yu Qi told to the men that she was beaten. 

The men could not say anything. They afraid if they said something that angered this grandaunt, the consequences would be bad.

Fifteen minutes later, the police and medic arrived at the scene. They were dumbfounded with what they had seen. What had happened here? The question appeared in their mind.

"Who was calling the police just now?" A police officer asked them.

"Me." Yu Qi answered the police officer.

The police nodded and looked at Yu Qi. Then he said Yu Qi. "Where is the person that helped you?" The police officer looked around and only saw an old man beside the gang. He thought someone was helping this young girl in front of him because she looked like a delicate girl.

"Help me?" Yu Qi confused with the police officer's question.

"Yes, where is the person that helped you beat this gang?" The police officer pointed to the beaten men.

The beaten men wanted to shout telling the police officer that the delicate looking girl in front of him was the one who did the beaten.

"Sir, it was me." Yu Qi said.

This made another police officer glanced at the girl up and down. He could not believe that this girl was beating the gang, more than five men. And the result was terrified.

"Well, I'm not lying to you though." Yu Qi made a helpless face. 

"Sir, I was the witness. This girl was eating at my stall. Suddenly the men surrounded her and wanted to take the girl away. The girl fights back. Lucky she was stronger than their boss. Otherwise, this girl would be reported missing." The old man said. 

The police officers heard the story from the old man nodded their head. Indeed, there was a lot of reports regarding the missing young girl recently.

The police officer felt touched when he heard the story. It was because he also had a daughter in age about the same as Yu Qi. He really loved his daughter. So seeing Yu Qi made him remembered about his daughter.

"It was great. I should make my daughter learn about self defense like you." The police officer started to run away from th main topic.

"Sir Nangong, please don't start it here. Please ask her about the details of this incident." One of his subordinates cut off the topic. He knew his leader really doted his daughter. 

"Oh, I'm sorry." Sir Nangong coughed a little bit before asking Yu Qi. "Miss..."

"My surname name is Tang." Yu Qi told him her name.

"Miss Tang, do you know them?" 

"No. But I knew they are targeting me."

"Why are they targeting you?"

"When I check out my hotel this morning, the man that at the front desk in the hotel told me about this. And his face had some bruises. I bet he was beaten by this gang." Yu Qi explained.

"I see. I will investigate this case properly." Sir Nangong nodded his head. "From what I can see, you are not from here, are you?"

Yu Qi dressed like a traveler with her backpack making Sir Nangong assumed that way.

"Yes, I came here, wants go to the Harmony Orphanage. Do you know where is it?" Yu Qi took an opportunity to ask about Harmony Orphanage. 

"Oh, that orphanage. Of course, I know it. But why are you looking for that orphanage?" Sir Nangong asked. 

"Well, I'm from that orphanage before been adopted by a family. I just wanted to see that place. And thanked them." Yu Qi made a lie.

Yu Qi would not tell unrelated person that she was looking for her true family. 

"I see. I know that place. If you want, I will ask one of my subordinates to send you there." Sir Nangong gave a pity look to Yu Qi before offering her, the help.

"Really? But I..." 

"Don't worry." Sir Nangong said.

"Thank in advance, Sir Nangong." Yu Qi nodded to Sir Nangong


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