Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
204 Chapter 204: Donate
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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204 Chapter 204: Donate

It was the second time she rode the police car. The subordinates of Sir Nangong sent her to Harmony Orphanage under Sir Nangong. She was easily finding Harmony Orphanage with the help of Sir Nangong.

Harmony Orphanage was located in the suburb of Sun City. It was about a half hour from the center of Sun City. Yu Qi arrived in front of the Harmony Orphanage.

"Miss, we arrived." The police officer politely told Yu Qi.

"Thank you very much, Sir." Yu Qi bowed a little to him before she went outside. 

Yu Qi was standing looking to Harmony Orphanage. She hoped she could get information about her blood family.

Yu Qi walked into Harmony Orphanage. A teenager spotted her at the front door. He was about fourteen to fifteen years old.

"What are you going here?" That teenager asked Yu Qi.

"May I see the person-in-charge?" Yu Qi asked the teenager back.

"Grandpa Chang? He is inside. Come in. I will bring you to his office." The teenager escorted Yu Qi.

"Thank you." 

They passed the area where the kids were studying. The younger kids were sitting together playing among them. They were well behaved. 

"It's a dog." A boy shouted excitedly when he saw Aoi walked together with Yu Qi.

Aoi now was panicking when the kids approached him. He really did not want them to catch him. 

'Master, help me.' Aoi begged Yu Qi to help him.

Yu Qi laughed. 'It's just the kids. Play with them first. I will settle the matter for today.' Yu Qi walked away from the scene leaving Aoi alone.

Aoi definitely did not want the kids to catch him. This became a catch game. The kids really wanted to touch Aoi, so,  they worked so hard to catch Aoi. But unfortunately, they were weak. After a while, they took a break before started to chase Aoi again.

Meanwhile, Yu Qi entered the director of this Harmony Orphanage after the boy asked her too. In front of her, there was an old man. He had still looked very strong even though his face and his gray hair showing the trace of old that normally an old man had.

"Sir." Yu Qi greeted him.

"Please sit." The old man invited Yu Qi to sit.

Yu Qi followed what he asked and sat. 

The old man observed the girl that sat in front of him. He could see the air of nobility that surrounded this girl. This girl was not a normal girl.


"My name is Chang Yu Qian. You can just call me Grandpa Chang." Chang Yu Qian introduced himself.

"Okay, Grandpa Chang. I'm Tang Yu Qi." Yu Qi paused for a moment. "I come here to find the information about my blood family."

Chang Yu Qian nodded several times. "I see." 

"I had been adopted by Wang Family. Wang Shi Xen, she adopted me 19 years ago. Do you remember?" Yu Qi asked straight to the point.

"Wait here." Chang Yu Qian stood up and went to the cabinet full of files.

He pulled one fail that stated 'Year 19XX'. It was exactly 19 years ago. He opened the fail and looked for the name.

"Miss, what did you say the family name just now?" Chang Yu Qian asked once again.

"Wang Family, Wang Shi Xen." Yu Qi answered.

"Oh, I found it." Chang Yu Qian brought the fail and placed on the table in front of Yu Qi.

Suddenly, the door of this room had been opened by someone. A man came inside. Yu Qi and Chang Yu Qian looked at the intruder.

"Kang An, what are you doing here?" Chang Yu Qian scolded the man. He then turned to Yu Qi. "Sorry. It is my son."

"It's okay." Yu Qi did not care about the man.

Chang Kang An observed the girl. It was very rare for them to receive a guest. He remembered the call from someone. She said a girl might come for some information and telling him that the girl had a lot of money. Is this girl the person mentioned?

"Get out." Chang Yu Qian asked his son to go outside.

Chang Kang An wanted to stay but a glare of  his father made him left the room.

After his son left the room and closed the door, Chang Yu Qian talked to Yu Qi about what Yu Qi wanted to know. "Miss Tang, from the information that I found inside this file, it was true, you had been adopted by Wang Family." 

"Don't you have information before I had been adopted by them?" That was the information that she truly wanted to hear.

"You were just a baby. Around 3 months, I guess. My wife found you in front of this orphanage. Someone just left you alone. Lucky my wife found you earlier because, after that, it was raining so badly. If you were found after that, I think you would die." Chang Yu Qian remembered about that day. 

He was so angry when his wife told him about the incident. The innocent baby could die. He was a person that like children so he thought whoever that left the baby that day did not care about the baby. 

"I see. So, you don't have any idea who left me that day." Yu Qi sighed. 

"Yeah. I'm sorry." Chang Yu Qian was also sad for this girl. "I just wanted to ask something. You had been adopted by Wang Family. Your surname should be Wang? Why it is Tang?"

"They cut off the ties with me. My new adopted family is Tang." Yu Qi said in the happy tone.

"I see. Once again, sorry because I can't help to find your real family." Chang Yu Qian apologized again.

"There is one more thing that I like to discuss with you." Yu Qi now looked serious. "I want to make donations to this orphanage. I will deliver about 20,000 RMB for this orphanage every month. If you think it was not enough, tell me then."


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