Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
207 Chapter 207: Go To FINN City
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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207 Chapter 207: Go To FINN City

The bus traveled in the darkness. Yu Qi took the bus straight to FINN City. She wanted to stop by at Tang House first before going back to Shiwa Town. Yu Qi could not sleep after yesterday's incident. She was afraid that if she fell to sleep, someone might take advantage of her.

About Aoi, she already put him inside the space. That puppy obeyed her order after she gave him a lot of food. She ended ate together with him due to the hunger.

She arrived at the bus station at FINN City at five o'clock in the morning. There were a few passengers just like her, just arrived at this bus station. 

She hesitated to choose who was going to pick her here. She did not know her brother's schedule. Well, she should try to call her big brother first. She called Tang Han Lee's phone. Lucky for her, her big brother answered the call.

"Hello, Yu Qi." Tang Han Lee's voice could be heard on the other side.

"Are you sleeping, Big Brother Han Lee?" She asked that question first.

"No, I'm currently at the hospital. On duty." 


"What is it?" 

"Can you pick me up at FINN City's bus station?"

"Huh? Now?"


"Wait for me. Don't wander around." Tang Han Lee sounded frustrating.

The call ended. Yu Qi stared at her phone, wondering why her big brother suddenly ended the call.


Meanwhile at the hospital.

"Please cover me." Tang Han Lee entered the toilet and washed his face to make the sleepiness vanished.

"What's happen?" Min Shu Teng, another doctor on duty tonight was asking him when he saw his friend in a hurry.

"I need to pick my sister now. She is now at the bus station. It is dangerous to stay at a place like that at a time like this." Tang Han Lee answered him.

"Sister? Oh, the one. What is she doing there?" At first, Min Shu Teng did not remember that Tang Han Lee's sister. After a moment, he remembered Doctor Tang Jiang Man adopted a girl to become his granddaughter and accepted her as his disciple. 

"I don't know. I need to go there fast." Tang Han Lee already finished changing his clothes.

"Okay, drive safe." Min Shu Teng advised. 

"Alright. See you." Tang Han Lee left.


'Master, who will come?' Aoi already left the space, staying beside her.

'Big Brother Han Lee.' Yu Qi answered.

'He's not sleeping?'

'He's working. On duty.'

'This place is scary, master.'

'Right now, it looks like a scary place. But on the day time, this place would be full of people.' Yu Qi explained to Aoi.

She brought out Aoi from the space now because she did not people to question about it later. How he suddenly appeared when he was not with her when the time she came back? That would be weird.

Fifteen minutes later, Yu Qi got the call from Tang Han Lee saying that he already arrived at the bus station. He wanted to know where she was. The place she was sitting right now was easy to find. So, Tang Han Lee immediately found Yu Qi together with Aoi.

"Next time, don't ride the bus at night. It's dangerous." That was the first sentence that Tang Han Lee said to Yu Qi when he saw her.

She could sense that he was right angry right now. She could not retort back because she knew he was right. Actually, she was quite happy when having someone worried about her.

So, what she could say was this. "Okay." 

Even though she would find her real family later, she would not leave the Tang Family. Tang Family love her genuinely. 


Because of the lack of sleeping, Yu Qi ended sleeping until noon. She woke up and refresh herself. Then, she went out of her room. She wanted to greet her two aunties first.

She saw a maid. "May I know where are my two aunties?" She asked the maid.

The maid recognized the girl in front of her. "The two madams currently in the garden." She answered Yu Qi.

"Thank you." Yu Qi thanked the maid and went to the garden.

When she arrived at the garden, she saw her two aunties were currently working on the garden. This garden was Yu Qi's idea. She suggested having the garden in the backyard. Now, the garden was full. Yu Qi sometimes brought out the water that inside her space and watered everything that grew in this garden. So, this garden had the same effect as the plant inside her space.

Yu Qi had to go to her greenhouse to change the water. It had been a long time since she watered them with her water. She would be staying in this house for two days before going back to Shiwa Town.


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