Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
208 Chapter 208: Getting A Massage
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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208 Chapter 208: Getting A Massage

"Oh, Yu Qi, you are here. Han Lee told us that you arrived this morning. He fetches you up at bus stations at 5 o'clock in the morning." Ming Yue approached her after seeing Yu Qi in the garden.

"When you want to come here, just inform us. We will pick you." Su Xiao expressed her worry. 

Of course, they would be worried because they loved this girl. They did not want anything to her. They finally got a daughter. They did not want to lose her.

"I understand Auntie Ming Yue, Auntie Su Xiao." Yu Qi nodded.

"Oh, look at the time." Su Xiao looked at her watch. "It's noon already. No wonder, I feel hungry."

"Yu Qi, you must be hungry as well. Let's have lunch together." Ming Yue said.

The two of them pulled Yu Qi to the dining room. Steward Hang Ji Chang already asked the maid to prepare the meal for three of them. They are while chatting with each other. 

"Woof." The bark could be heard.

'Master, I'm hungry too.' Aoi sent the message through telepathy. 

"Oh, Aoi is here too. Steward Ji Chang, prepare the food for Aoi too." Ming Yue said.

"Woof." 'Thank you.' Aoi thanked her.

"Oh, seems he understand me." Ming Yue replied to Aoi.

Yu Qi chuckled when saw Aoi like this. He likes this Tang Family, the one who gave him the food. 

"Yu Qi, how long you going to be here?" Su Xiao asked.

"About two days only. I need to go back to Shiwa Town to see my greenhouse." Yu Qi explained. 

"Two days? It is too short." Ming Yue complained.

"Yeah, at least you can stay with us about one week." Su Xiao said.

Yu Qi felt trouble facing her two aunties. She sighed. It was only for one week. Okay, she would be staying here for one week. 

"Okay, aunties. I will stay for one week." Yu Qi agreed.

"Thank my dear. You will not be bored. We are going to have some fun." Ming Yue smiled.

"Yeah." Su Xiao added.


Three of them went out. Coincidently, Su Xiao and Ming Yue had booked the spa session. Her aunties wanted her to join them. 

"Yu Qi, you should take care of your body while you are still young." Su Xiao said when Yu Qi rejected to join them.

"Your Aunty Su Xiao is right. We, as a woman, need to take care of our body. Our husbands also would like it." Ming Yue added while giving Yu Qi a meaning smile.

Yu Qi somehow understood Ming Yue's other meaning. She blushed. Her mind wandered to the man named Long Hui. She did remember that she was confessed to him and kissed him. Her face felt hot when she remembered that moment.

"What we have here. A blushing girl." Su Xiao teased the girl when she looked at the girl that was blushing red.

"Oh, is there good news?" Ming Yue joined the teasing.

"Aunties." Yu Qi was blushing. 

Ming Yue and Su Xiao laughed. They knew what made their niece blushed so hard. That Long Hui must do something to their niece. Well, they were not angry but happy for this girl. This girl suffered enough during her childhood. It was time for her to be happy.

They arrived at the spa named History. Ming Yue and Su Xiao were a loyal customer for this spa. It provided first-class services. Ming Yue and Su Xiao made Yu Qi joined them for a full body massage. 

At first, Yu Qi did not feel comfortable having someone touched her body directly. Even though the person doing the massage was a woman. But, after a few whiles, she started to enjoy it. She sometimes heard the masseuse praised how perfect her skin, how young her skin.

"Miss, are you doing some sport?" The masseuse asked.

"Yes." She answered it short.

"No wonder your muscles are well developed. Especially your arms muscles." The masseuse said.

Well, Yu Qi did put a lot of effort into her shooting practice. Maybe that was why her arms muscles like that.

"Thank you." 

The masseuse skill was very good. She could not help to fall asleep after getting the massage. After one hour, the masseuse woke her up. She could not believe she was falling in sleep. The masseuse told her to get a shower to wash all the oil on her skin. So, she went to take a shower.

Her body felt good after getting the massage. She agreed when her two aunties. It was good for the body. The masseuse did not do bad things to her. Otherwise, Bo Ya would be waking her up. 

After finished taking the shower, she met up with her two aunties. 

"How are you feeling right now?" Su Xiao asked.

"I feel great. The massage was really good." Yu Qi admitted.

"It's my pleasure." The woman with her two aunties said.

"Yu Qi, this is our friend, Yung Ha Ren. She is the owner of this spa." Ming Yue introduced the woman to Yu Qi.


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