Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
211 Chapter 211: Bickering With Her Brother
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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211 Chapter 211: Bickering With Her Brother

After that scene, Yu Qi stuck with her family. She did not want to encounter some idiots again. Tang Jung Wen talked to one of his friends. Like Ming Yue said in the car before arriving at the party, she did not allow her husband to drink. Tang Jung Wen's friend offered him to drink. Ming Yue took a glass and sip the drink.

"My husband will drive us. So he can't drink, so I will be his knight." Ming Yue said to Tang Jung Wen's friend.

His friends were laughing when they said that sentence. That sentence usually used by a man to save a girl. 

"Ming Yue, is this girl already have someone?" Tang Jung Wen's friend asked.

"Of course." Ming Yue said.

Yu Qi became awkward when the topic currently switched to her. 

"Who is her? Is he competent as my son here?" He pulled his son over.

The friend's son looked at Yu Qi. He acknowledged her. He thought she was very beautiful. She matched with him.

"Sorry to say. He is a very promising man." Su Xiao added.

"Oh, who is he?" The friend asked.

"He is Long Hui." Ming Yue gave a proud look like he was his mother.

"Long Hui... Long Hui... Is he that Major Long?" The friend recognized the name 'Long'. And Ming Yue said he was a very promising man. 


"Are you sure? I heard he don't like a woman close to him." The friend could not believe her.

"Up to you then whether you want to believe or not." Ming Yue said.


The next morning, Yu Qi woke up and doing her morning. Yu Qi sensed someone approached her. Someone wanted to surprise her. 

"Brother Jin Wei, don't do it if you don't want to get hurt." Yu Qi spoke out of sudden.

"How do you know it is me?" Tang Jin Wei appeared in front of Yu Qi when he knew his surprise did not work for Yu Qi.

"Brother Jin Wei, I knew you will do the same trick again." Yu Qi smiled.

"You are on semester break?" Tang Jin Wei asked.


"Lucky you. I don't have a holiday during these two months." Tang Jin Wei envied her.

"Really? But you do want to have a holiday? You don't have a girlfriend." Yu Qi attacked.

"Who said that you only can having a holiday when you have a girlfriend?" Tang Jin Wei retorted.

"So you don't have a girlfriend right now. How pity." Yu Qi attacked again.

"You." Tang Jin Wei wanted to grab her.

However, Yu Qi was already running away from Tang Jin Wei. They became kids running around the house. The maids knew about their childishness. Some of them were laughing and some of them were shaking their heads.

"Brat, why are your stamina greater than me?" Tang Jin Wei already stopped chasing her.

Yu Qi saw Tang Jin Wei stopped, she also stopped and looked at Tang Jin Wei. "Brother Jin Wei, I had been training my body during these three years. Of course, my stamina is greater than you."

Tang Jin Wei could not retort her. He knew about that. He saw when she was at this house, she did her morning exercise without miss it every morning.

"Brother Jin Wei, you should do exercise too. It will help you better." Yu Qi gave a meaningful smile.

"You brat." Tang Jin Wei understood the meaning behind her smile.

Then he started chasing her again. And of course, it was not long before he stopped. Yu Qi went back to her room and took a shower to clean her sticky body due to the sweating when running away from her Brother Jin Wei.

After a shower, she went to the dining room. Of course, Aoi followed her to get his breakfast. At the dining room, Ming Yue, Tang Jung Wen, and Tang Jin Wei already ate their breakfast.

"Good morning, Uncle Jung Wen, Aunty Ming Yue." Yu Qi said.

"Why don't you greet me too?" Tang Jin Wei was questioning her.

"We already meet this morning." Yu Qi said.

"But you don't give greeting, though." Tang Jin Wei deliberate made things hard for Yu Qi.

Yu Qi smiled. "Good morning my dear brother. Oh, tomorrow you should join me doing the morning exercise."

"You." Tang Jin Wei wanted to retort but his mother blocked him.

"Eat. You are going to be late." Ming Yue said.

The two of them obeyed. Yu Qi sat and ate her breakfast. Seeing Su Xiao and Tang Jang Qin were missing, she asked Ming Yue.

"Uncle Jang Qin and Aunty Su Xiao?" 

"Maybe they are not waking up yet. Your Uncle Jang Qin was on the night duty yesterday. Just let them sleep." Ming Yue answered her.

"I see." Yu Qi nodded.

Yu Qi asked the maid to prepare some food for Aoi after Aoi reminded her about him.


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