Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
212 Chapter 212: Helping in Emergency Departmen
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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212 Chapter 212: Helping in Emergency Departmen

Yu Qi took the opportunity to go to the hospital together with Tang Jin Wei. She did not see her Big Brother Han Lee this morning because he was on night duty. 

"Where are you want to go now?" Tang Jin Wei asked after they entered the hospital.

Yu Qi did not have a plan. She thought she could visit the Traditional Medicine Department. "Traditional medicine dept." 

"Okay. Find me if you want to go back." Tang Jin Wei off to his department.

She walked to the Traditional Medicine Department. Then she heard some chaos. People were screaming and crying. She took a look. It was the emergency department. She saw a lot of patients getting inside. 

"Miss, what is happening here?" She grabbed a nurse and asked.

"It's a large accident. Miss, don't block the path. We are busy right now." The nurse could not help but feel angry when someone grabbed and disturbed her job.

Right now, the number of the doctor was not enough. The nurse wanted to go to request the additional doctors. 

Yu Qi stepped into the emergency department and went to the counter. No one was there. She was looking for something. She grabbed the thing when she saw it. It was hand gloves. 

She went to the patient. The patient was bleeding at his leg. Grabbing some tools from the nearest trolley, she cut the patient's pant.

"Don't worry. You will be just fine." Yu Qi said to the patient. The patient was in pain so she only could nod.

Yu Qi could see the source of the blood that flows from the cut. It was a deep cut. She pressed the cut with some clean towel to stop the bleeding for some time.

After she felt the blood was stopped, she inspected the cut. The cut was being stabbed by something sharp. She cleaned the cut before sewing the cut. Her hand was moving very faster but gentle.

Fifteen minutes later and she already had done. She thought very hard to do the job without her own tools. So she sneaked out to the toilet and entered the space. Yu Qi already asked Bo Ya to prepare the things that she wanted. 

"Master, all in the bag." Bo Ya gave it to Yu Qi.

"Thank you." 

Yu Qi went out and entered the emergency department again. This time, her job became easier. She jumped to one patient to one patient. When she finished treating their wound, she gave a pill to them to eat. The pills were surprisedly very sweet. The kids liked it very much. That pill was her invention from her research in the space. That pill acted like a pain killer.

There were a lot of kids among the patient because the accident happened between two buses. One of the buses was a school bus that brought primary school students. That was what she heard by the others.

After two hours, the situation became normal. There were some patients that still in the dangerous surgery but other than that, they were stable. No death had been recorded from this accident.

"Little Sis, what are you doing here?" 

Yu Qi heard Tang Jin Wei's voice. Yu Qi turned.

Tang Jin Wei shocked when he saw his little sister in the emergency department. He was also in the same room but he did not see her earlier. Looking from her clothes, she had been helping too.

"Earlier, I saw there are not enough doctors. So, I'm helping." Yu Qi answered.

Everyone knew Doctor Tang Jin Wei especially the nurses. They took at the young girl. They heard Doctor Tang Jin Wei called her by the name 'Little Sis'. Was she his younger sister? But everyone knew there was no female in the younger generation of Tang Family. Suddenly they remembered. Not long ago, their Doctor Tang Jiang Man adopted a girl to become his granddaughter and his disciple. So, she was one. 

Some of the nurses that looked at the way she working just now impressed. She was worthy to be his disciple. They noticed her using traditional medicine in earlier treatment.

"Your clothes?" Tang Jin Wei looked up and down. His sister's clothes were already stained by the blood. "I will get someone from our home brings your clothes." 

"Oh, thank you, Brother Jin Wei." Yu Qi realized her clothes already stained by the patient's blood.

Then Yu Qi turned to the surrounding. Some of the nurses showed envy face and some of them looked excited. Yu Qi really did not understand this situation.

"Brother Jin Wei, what is this situation?" Yu Qi could not help but asked Tang Jin Wei.

"They were jealous of you." Tang Jin Wei said.

"Huh? Jealous? What did I do?" Yu Qi could not understand yet.

"Because you are talking to me." Tang Jin Wei said.

"Huh?" Yu Qi became less understood.

"Little Sis, I'm a handsome and famous doctor here. It's your honor to talk to me." Tang Jin Wei explained proudly.

Yu Qi's hands were itching. She wanted to give him a punch. Her Brother Jin Wei was a narcissist person.

**Sorry if i don't describe the situation clear regarding the emergency department


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