Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
218 Chapter 218: Stupid Family Reappeared
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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218 Chapter 218: Stupid Family Reappeared

Yu Qi left the greenhouse with Tang Han Lee. They were walking along the road. The air was fresh and the breeze wind sometimes blew passed them. Tang Han Lee somehow knew why his grandfather wanted to settle down in this town.

"Are you born here?" Tang Han Lee asked.

Yu Qi stunned. This was the first time since Tang Han Lee asked her origin. From Tang Han Lee's tone, he simply asked out of curiosity. 

"No, as you know, I was adopted by Wang Family before. They came from Sun City before they decided to move here due to the change of job." Yu Qi explained. "And to answer your question before, I did not know where did I was born."

Tang Han Lee actually forgot about that. "Sorry. I forget." He did not lie. It was the truth.

"It's okay. I don't think it is a bad thing. Because of it, I met grandfather, you and our family." Yu Qi really thought that way.

Tang Han Lee smiled at his little sister. It was true. Because of it, they got together as a family.

Unknown to Yu Qi and Tang Han Lee, there were three pairs of eyes were watching them. They were Wang Fu Ya, Wang Ha Na and lastly Madam Wang. They were wearing a twisted expression.

"Slut. The bitch changes to another man." Wang Ha Na insulted Yu Qi. She remembered that handsome man that accompanied Yu Qi during her father's arrestment. "I bet she was cheating with this new man."

"That bitch truly clever in seducing the man." Madam Wang also threw the insult.

"Sister, did you call the director of that orphanage?" Wang Ha Na said.

"I did." Wang Fu Ya answered.

"Fu Ya, are you sure she going to find her real family?" Madam Wang asked.

"I'm not sure about that. But when we mentioned that orphanage, she seemed to be interested in it." Wang Fu Ya recalled the memory that last time she talked with Yu Qi.

"That's right, mum. I'm also there." Wang Ha Na added.

"Well, we just giving the wrong information to the orphanage. Whether she believed or not, it is up to her." Wang Fu Ya laughed evilly.

"Yeah. That ungrateful bitch. She did not remember that it was us that adopted her in the first place." Madam Wang felt angry when she remembered about that.

Madam forgot the first reason why she adopted Yu Qi. It was to block the bad luck from coming to her real children. Not because she was kind.

"Because of her, you can't enter university." Madam Wang felt pity for her daughter.

Wang Ha Na just rolled her eyes to her mother and sister when they did not look at her. She sneered. What? Enter the university? Her sister, Wang Fu Ya did not smart enough to enter the university.

During the past time, Wang Fu Ya's good result due to Yu Qi's effort. Wang Fu Ya switched her answer sheet with Yu Qi during the exam. Yu Qi at that time was a fool giving Wang Fu Ya to do so just like that. 

"Don't worry Fu Ya. Mum will make that bitch pay with what she had done." Madam Wang promised her daughter. 

"Yes, mum." Wang Fu Ya nodded. 


After lunch, Yu Qi stayed at home. She was waiting for Su Yu Hi. Hearing Yu Qi in the Shiwa Town, Su Yu Hi wanted to see her in the Shiwa Town. Yu Qi did not have any problem meeting him here. It made things easier. 

Su Yu Hi arrived. Grandpa Tang was eyeing Su Yu Hi up and down. Yu Qi came out and greeted Su Yu Hi.

"Who is he?" Grandpa Tang asked curiously. This brat is not handsome as that brat Long Hui but he looked okay. 

Yu Qi forgot that this was the first time Grandpa Tang met Su Yu Hi.

"Grandfather, this is my personal assistant, Su Yu Hi. He was recommended by Grandpa Feng." Yu Qi introduced Su Yu Hi to Grandpa Tang. "Brother Yu Hi, this is my grandfather."

"Of course, I know who he is. My name is Su Yu Hi. Nice to meet you, Doctor Tang Jiang Man." Su Yu Hi already knew that Yu Qi was the granddaughter of the Great Doctor Tang Jiang Man. Chairman Feng already told him about her identity.

"I see. Just enter and do your own business. I will not disturb you guys." Grandpa Tang waved his hand and left.

"Let's go to the living room. We will be having a meeting there." Yu Qi invited Su Yu Hi in.

They sat in the living room. Sister Chu Xiao was asking them if they want some drinks. Yu Qi asked for some tea while Su Yu Hi as always asked for the coffee.

Su Yu Hi started the meeting with his monthly report. As Yu Qi wanted, her business started to bloom. Hearing Su Yu Hi's report, she basically could hear the money entered her account endlessly.

"I would like to inform you that we already set up one office at Wenya City near Starlight University and the other one is in this town." Su Yu Hi told her.

Yu Qi nodded. 

"I basically will travel between these two offices. At Wenya's office, we will focus on YQ investment. For this town's office, it will more to the greenhouse." Su Yu Hi explained.

"That's great."


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