Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
223 Chapter 223: The Moment Long Hui Fall In Love With Yu Qi
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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223 Chapter 223: The Moment Long Hui Fall In Love With Yu Qi

Long Hui held Yu Qi's hand firmly. They walked along to the road heading to the greenhouse to take Long Hui's car. However, the step that they took was very slow. They wanted to enjoy as much as possible being together.

The night was very beautiful because it was accompanied by moonlight. It was a full moon. With the breeze wind, the night was calm. 

It was a perfect time to take a stroll. They were enjoying the night time.

"Thank you." Long Hui said out of sudden.

"What?" Yu Qi could not understand why he thanking her like this.

"Thank you for coming into my life. Thank you to accept me. Thank you for living until I meet you. Thank you..." Long Hui wanted to say more but Yu Qi stopped him.

"Stop." Yu Qi knew if she did not stop him now, she could think that it will take a long time to finish it. "Me too. Thank for coming into my life."

They were smiling at each other. 

"Why do you choose me?" Yu Qi asked the question that bothering her for a long time. Long Hui was a handsome man. He could choose another woman. She bet a lot of women tried to get Long Hui's attention.

Long Hui chuckled when he heard that question. He did not expect she would ask him that question. 

"At first, I'm interested in you when you are skillful aiming at the robber." Long Hui said.

"You meant when we first met?"

"Yeah, but at that time, I just interested in your skill."

"That time, it was my luck when I shot that man." Yu Qi protested.

Long Hui smiled. He knew that she was skillful at that time. Well, he would let things like this.

"Then, when I heard you were going to kidnappers by yourself. I did feel scared. I did not want anything happens to you. Then when I saw you were killing those men, I understand that I already falling in love with you." 

Yu Qi's lips were twitched. Did he say he was falling in love with her when she killed men? Meh, never mind. He did fall in love with her.

They finally arrived at the greenhouse. The car was still here. Yu Qi went to the security office and greeted the security guards and thank them for the night patrol. The security guards touched by her thank. 

Yu Qi entered the car. Long Hui already inside. They left. After fifteen minutes, the car arrived at Godly Herbs. Long Hui was cursing in his mind because they were arriving at Yu Qi's house too fast. 

"Well then, see you next time." Yu Qi wanted to exit the car.

However, Long Hui prevented it to happen by grabbing Yu Qi's hand. 

"Leaving so soon? I still don't get enough of you." Long Hui flashed his smile.

Yu Qi swallowed her saliva. 'His smile was seducing me. What should I do, then?' Yu Qi was looking at Long Hui. With difficulty, she said to him.

"So, what you want me to do?"

"Oh, if I tell you what to do, will you do it?" Long Hui asked with an expectation.

"If it is not difficult, I will do it."

"Then, I want you to kiss me." Long Hui paused. His hand reached his own face. "I don't want it here." He pointed his cheek. "But here." He placed his finger on his lips.

Yu Qi blushed. She took a deep breath. 'Just kiss him and ran.' 

Long Hui was waiting. Yu Qi closed their distance. Then she kissed him on lips. Her lips were slightly touching Long Hui's lips. Yu Qi thought it was done and wanted to leave.

However, Long Hui's hand grabbed her head and kissed her lips hard. At first, Yu Qi was shocked but eventually, she accepted his french kiss and enjoyed it. Long Hui was quite happy that Yu Qi did not protest and enjoyed the kiss.

After a while, Long Hui released her. Yu Qi was breathing hard. Her face was very red. 

"My beloved Qi Qi, we will meet again." Long Hui said. 

Yu Qi was embarrassing so she ran out of the car. But before she got out, she managed to say something to Long Hui.

"See you soon." 

Long Hui smiled when he heard that sentence.


Wang Ha Na grinded her teeth when she was watching the couple interaction between two of them. The handsome man was smiling sweetly to Yu Qi. 

Madam Wang asked Wang Ha Na to go to the shop to buy some salt. When she was walking to the nearby shop, she saw the couple. They were holding each other hand. 

'Why is the handsome man holding that orphan's hand? He should holding mine.' Wang Ha Na really hates Yu Qi. After Yu Qi left their house, a lot of bad things happened to their family. Because of Yu Qi too, her father arrested and had to go to prison making their family income affected. 

Right now she only got a little bit of money from her mother per month. She was a high school student. There were a lot of things that she needed to buy and that money was not enough for her. She could see after Yu Qi left their house, Yu Qi became rich. She was very envied with Yu Qi good luck. 

Wang Ha Na thought about something. Something that could make her pocket full of money. She had to make that thing happened before Yu Qi left Shiwa Town again.

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