Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
225 Chapter 225: Who Doesn“t Like The Money?
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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225 Chapter 225: Who Doesn“t Like The Money?

Yu Qi did not only stop there. She added some more. "And I think my real family throws me away because they did not have money to raise me. Tell me, why should I find them? Leaving my rich family to the poor family?"

Wang Ha Na looked at Yu Qi with a horrible expression. "You... You..." This was the second time she was speechless while talking to Yu Qi. 

"What?" This time, she was smirking to Wang Ha Na.

Wang Ha Na regained her ability to talk. "You mean you don't want to find your real family because you are afraid that your real family is poor?" 

"Yes." Yu Qi answered steadily.

"That is your real family." Wang Ha Na said. 

"So, what? They do not raise me. I don't have any feelings for them." You Qi said in hatred. Then she continued, "Well, who doesn't like the money? Even you come here because you want some money, right?"  

Wang Ha Na could not retort back that sentence because it was the reason she came here.

"Even so, you should give money to me since my family raised you since the baby." Wang Ha Na could not give up her getting the money from Yu Qi.

"You did not tell your family about coming here, right?" Yu Qi asked.

Wang Ha Na was startled. Yeah, it was true. She did not tell them. She wanted the money for her alone. She did not want to share with them. She did not want her sister and mother knew the reason she came here to exchange the information about Yu Qi's real family.

"They know about this." Wang Ha Na lied. Wang Ha Na had a habit when she was trying to lied to people. That habit was she tended to cross her hand and did not look at the person's eyes that she spoke with.

Yu Qi smiled hearing Wang Ha Na's answer. However, even without the habit, he knew Wang Ha Na was lying. But it was a different story if they forgot about that thing.

"They would not come here asking for money." Yu Qi told Wang Ha Na.

"It's my family. I know them." Wang Ha Na told her with a proud face. 

"Really? So, you and your family are not afraid of going to prison?" Yu Qi asked.

"What? Prison? Why are we going to prison?" Wang Ha Na was confused. What was about prison? Why would they go to prison? She did not remember that anything that they did, made them go to prison.

"You say nonsense." Wang Ha Na shouted.

"You should ask your beloved mother and sister about that. They will remember. Because they were the ones who signed the contract because of the money." Yu Qi said.

Wang Ha Na frowned. 'Contract? What's the contract? Her mother and sister did not mention anything about the contract. It was her mother and sister who deals with Yu Qi back then. They did not tell her anything about the contract.

"Please leave. If you don't want to leave, don't blame me later if you end up going to the police station." Yu Qi chased her away.

Wang Ha Na was afraid of going to the police station. She did not want to go to the police station again. So, she left the place in a hurry. Like someone chased her over.

Yu Qi entered her office back continued her work again.

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