Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
227 Chapter 227: The Plan To Take Yu Qi“s Money Again
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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227 Chapter 227: The Plan To Take Yu Qi“s Money Again

Wang Ha Na looked right and left when she got caught went to see Yu Qi in secret by Wang Fu Ya. Wang Fu Ya smiled when she knew her guess was correct. Her sister went to Yu Qi and asked for some money. Yu Qi did not want to give the money and threaten Wang Ha Na with that contract.

"Is that true, Ha Na?" Madam Wang asked Wang Ha Na.

"Yes, sister, did you remember what did the contract say?" Wang Ha Na wanted to know the content of the contract.

"It stated that bitch gave us that 10,000 RMB this time and if we want to ask for more, she can reject and if we insisted, she can arrest us. Well, something like that." Wang Fu Ya did remember the overall content of the contract.

"You went asking for money?" Madam Wang asked Wang Ha Na once again.

"Yes, I went to see that bitch. I want to lie to her about the information that we have about her real family. But you know what's she telling me? She did not care about her real family. She did not want to find her real family because she was afraid that her real family might be poor. She did not want to leave her family now because they are rich." Wang Ha Na told what they were talking about.

"What? She did not want to find her real family?" Wang Fu Ya could not believe what she just heard.

"Sister, she really doesn't care about her real family." Wang Ha Na said again.

"Mum, that greenhouse was very great. I don't enter the greenhouse but guess from outside, it has a lot of plants inside it. It also has a security guard too. That why I can't enter." Wang Ha Na told her family about what she had seen around the greenhouse.

"Really, so the sale from the greenhouse must be many, right?" Madam Wang dreamed about the money. The money that was not her.

"Maybe." Wang Ha Na nodded.

"Stop dreaming. You know that bitch will not give us money." Wang Fu Ya destroyed their daydream.

Wang Ha Na and Madam Wang sighed. Yeah, that bitch will not give them the money. They still eyeing for Yu Qi's money. This family was greedy for something that was not their belonging. 

"Mum, don't worry. I will make her give us the money. Maybe she will support us for a lifetime." Wang Fu Ya smiled. 

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