Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
229 Chapter 229: The Plan Exposed
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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229 Chapter 229: The Plan Exposed

Aoi looked at the Yu Qi with a pitiful look.

'Master, I want to eat too.' Aoi said to Yu Qi with a sad look.

'That meatball is for you. I'm not hungry.' Yu Qi said to Aoi with a smile.

'Thank you, master. I love you so much.' Aoi turned his tone from a sad one to a happy one.

Wang Fu Ya rolled her eyes when watching Yu Qi did not look at her but at her dog. The waiter still waited for Wang Fu Ya to say her order. 

"Give me a green tea like her." Wang Fu Ya smiled meaningfully to the waiter.

"Alright, misses. Please wait." The waiter went to the kitchen.

"So, what are you want to talk about?" Yu Qi asked Wang Fu Ya directly.

"Yu Qi, I'm calling you here because I want to apologize to you." Wang Fu Ya looked straight to Yu Qi. 

"Oh, apologize. And why do you think I will accept it?" Yu Qi sneered.

"You. I'm here lowering my head to you." Wang Fu Ya became angry. She became humble like this but Yu Qi still did not appreciate it. 

The waiter came and delivered their order. Yu Qi put the plate that contained meatball to the floor for Aoi to enjoy it. 

Wang Fu Ya calmed down herself. Being angry would make Yu Qi happy. She took a sip for her green tea. 

"You are calling me just because you want to apologize to me, right?" Yu Qi asked.

"Yes. And I hope you forgive my family as my parents take care of you since baby." Wang Fu Ya sounded very sincerely.

"Oh, sincere is it? Then let me ask you something. Why are you put something into my drink?" Yu Qi asked while smiling directly to Wang Fu Ya.

Wang Fu Ya stunned. She did not expect this thing would expose just like that. She did not know how to answer Yu Qi's question.

"You must be wonder how do I know about this right?" Yu Qi put her finger on the cup in front of her.

Wang Fu Ya did not respond to Yu Qi.

"You know, my nose is very sensitive to smell. I can smell something is not supposed to be inside the green tea." Yu Qi taps her nose while explaining to Wang Fu Ya.

"May you explain what is inside my green tea?" Yu Qi asked with a smile.

Seeing Wang Fu Ya still not answering her question, Yu Qi talked again. "Oh, you don't want to tell me? It is okay. I can guess. It is aphrodisiac, right?"

Wang Fu Ya was being choked with invisible power around her neck. Her plan. It should be perfect. How could Yu Qi detect something like that? What now? Her plan was destroyed by Yu Qi again.

"You want to destroy me? Consider your job now, you want me to experience the same thing as you had experienced." Yu Qi smirked.

Wang Fu Ya frowned when Yu Qi mentioned about her job. She had a kind of complex about her job. Her current job as an escort. She accompanied a lot of men. She already lost her virginity to an old man.

So, she indeed wanted Yu Qi to experience the same thing as her. She wanted to drug Yu Qi with aphrodisiac. Then she would ask some guys to rape her and recorded that act.

After that, she would threaten Yu Qi with that video and ask for some money from her.

"Am I correct?" Yu Qi crossed her legs in relax.

So, do you think I will forgive you?" Yu Qi narrowed her eyes sharply.

Wang Fu Ya was paled. She was silent. Yu Qi knows the conversation was ended. She called the waiter. The same waiter came.

Yu Qi placed some money on the waiter's hand. "Keep the change and you can drink that green tea." She said to the waiter.

Like Wang Fu Ya, the waiter started to pale. He was scared to look at Yu Qi. As she confirmed his collaboration with Wang Fu Ya, Yu Qi left.

"Let's go, Aoi." Aoi followed her. He finished his meal a long time ago. He just waited for Yu Qi to finish her talk with Wang Fu Ya.

'Master, you don't want to do something to Wang Fu Ya?' Aoi asked Yu Qi after they left the restaurant.

'Their attempt to do something to me failed. As long they don't succeed, I would not do anything to them.' Yeah, Yu Qi was not a cruel person. If someone did not cross over her limit, she would not be so cruel to them. 

That time she sent Mr. Wang to the prison, it was because they included Madam Sheng, her boss. She would not tolerate it if they harmed the people that she cared about.

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