Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
230 Chapter 230: Knife Skill
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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230 Chapter 230: Knife Skill

Somewhere at the alley

"Boss, are you sure that the new merchandise will be here?" A man asked a man that appeared to be his leader.

"According to that woman, the new merchandise will use that road to go home." The leader pointed to the road in front of them. "We just need to wait."

"Boss, is that the girl? That woman said it is the girl with a puppy? I guess it is her." The man said to his leader.

"You go bring her here. She might weak after all, she had given some aphrodisiac, but be careful. She is good at self-defense." The leader gave his order.

The men approached the girl. The men were watching the girl. The girl looked beautiful. She looked like a young girl from a rich family. Unfortunately, the girl would be defiled by the men. Well, maybe hundreds, maybe thousands. Who will know?

However, they remembered that their boss said she had given some aphrodisiac. But why her eyes looked very clear? Unlike someone that drinks the aphrodisiac. 

"What is this?" The girl asked with a calm tone and a smile.

This girl supposed to be scare when a group of unknown men surrounded her. Why was her reaction indifferent? She was even smiled. 

"Little girl, you should listen to the elder. Come with us." A man told the girl.

"To where?" The girl was still smiling asked the question.

"To paradise. You will enjoy it." The man said.

"Oh, if I don't want to follow you guys, what will happen to me?" The girl narrowed her eyes.

The men looked at that eyes felt shivered out of nowhere. They did not even know about they felt like this. 

However, a man braved himself replied to the girl. "We will make you obey us." 


Yu Qi sighed. The idiots always appeared in her life. 'Why can't  I live without disturbance? Why they always messing with me?' Those thoughts kept appearing in her mind.

'Master, they are going to attack you.' Aoi gave her a reminder.

Yu Qi became alert. A man wanted to grab her hand. She dodged and kicked his ass. The man fell on his face on the ground. 

"Girl, you better follow us." The man said to Yu Qi.

"Idiot. Who are you to me? Why should I follow you? Are you my parents?" Yu Qi smirked. 

"Then, you better don't regret this." The man said in angry. "Hon Fong, you can play with her." 

The man named Hon Fong stepped in with a knife in his hand. He looked like a professional. 

"Hon Fong, you can cut her hands and legs. But not at the face. She is merchandise after all." The man gave a reminder to Hon Fong.

"Okay, bro." Hon Fong licked his knife.

Yu Qi's expression turned to a cold one. 'Cut my hands and legs?' Hearing that sentence reminded her about her last moment in the past life. She knew the pain that she suffered when her hand and leg were missing from her body. Will she suffer the same pain again?

The man thought the girl was angry when he said she was merchandise. It was the truth. After tonight, the girl would be the collection of his big boss. 

"Little girl, this is your last chance. Come with us. You will not suffer." The man said again.

Yu Qi did not respond to the man. The man thought the girl became scared of them.

"Hon Fong, you can play." The man ordered Hon Fong.

Hon Fong was the best knife user ever he meeting in his life. He knew Hon Fong likes. Hon Fong likes to play around with his knife. He was pretty sure this girl would obey if Hon Fong could submit her.

Hon Fong quickly runs to Yu Qi and wanted to stab Yu Qi's hand. The moment he thought he would succeed but the reality betrayed his expectation. The girl easily blocked his knife with another knife. 

Hon Fong retreated back. The girl was holding a knife. From his obsession with the knife, he could tell that the knife was very beautiful and it was custom made. He wanted to take a look closer to the knife.

Yu Qi indeed held a knife. She had secretly placed the knife to a part of the body such as her thigh or her ankle. If the day she wore the skirt, she would put the knife attached to her thigh and if she wore a pant, the knife would be attached to her ankle. It was for her safety. She wanted to attach a gun but this might invite a problem later on if people saw it.

Hon Fong came closer to her again. Yu Qi made a move. Hon Fong knew this girl was not a normal girl. She displayed a high skill of knife use. Even he did not have that skill. He did not avoid Yu Qi's attack, so Yu Qi stabbed his left shoulder.

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