Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
232 Chapter 232: Questioned By The Police Officers
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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232 Chapter 232: Questioned By The Police Officers

Yu Qi was currently massaged her grandfather's back. Grandpa Tang gladly accepted his granddaughter's massage. His granddaughter was indeed skillful in massaging people. 

"Is the pressure okay for you, grandfather?" Yu Qi asked.

"Yeah. It is very good." Grandpa Tang sighed happily.

Yu Qi smiled. It was worth that she learned about massage. She could massage her grandfather as long as she got the time. Her grandfather needed to take care of his body since his old age. Even though she already gave the pill that she created but it was not enough. Extra taking care of the body also needed. 

"Miss, someone is looking for you. They are waiting for you." Sister Chu Xiao came inside the living room and informed Yu Qi.

Yu Qi frowned. "Do they say who are they?" 

"They are police officers." Sister Chu Xiao said.

"Police?" Grandpa Tang already stood up. "Let's go to see what are they want from you?" 

Grandpa Tang pulled Yu Qi's hand and went to see the police officers. As Sister Chu Xiao said, there were two police officers waited for her. Who was not anxious when the police officer came to their house and looking for their family?

"What do you want from my granddaughter?" Grandpa Tang agitated so he asked them with an angry tone.

"Grandfather, calm down." Yu Qi said patting his back. Then she turned to the police officers. "Please forgive my grandfather." 

The police officers nodded. They understood about her grandfather's attitude. It was an old man worried about his granddaughter.

"I'm the one you looking for. Can I know why are you looking for me?" Yu Qi spoke to them with a calm tone. 

The police officers smiled when seeing this girl asked them politely about their purpose for coming here. If someone else, they might look very worried. 

"We received a report about missing people. Do you know a girl with the name Wang Fu Ya?" The police officer named Sir Kang on his uniform asked.

"Yes, I know her." Yu Qi nodded. 

"When did you last met her?" Another police officer named Sir Jun took a turn to ask.

"Two days ago. We were having a meeting at Suran's Restaurant." Yu Qi answered with an explanation.

"What are you talking about?" 

Yu Qi suddenly smiled. The police officer became weird when she smiled like that. 

"She wanted to have a talk with me. So we went to that restaurant. She said she wanted to apologize but..." Yu Qi paused.

The police officer really wanted to hear the rest urgent her to continue. "But what?"

"She drugged my tea. Having the nose that sensitive to the smell, I know something else was added inside my tea. She put some aphrodisiac inside my tea and wanted some unknown men to defiled me. After exposed her plan, I left the restaurant." Yu Qi ended the story.

The two police officers had a complicated expression on their faces. Listening to Yu Qi's story, the police officer could not conclude anything. It just one sided story. No one knew the truth. And again, from the story, Yu Qi might be a suspect for Wang Fu Ya's missing case. 

"Oh, just for your information, I did record the video that day. Would you like to see it?" Yu Qi said that sentence.

That sentence was like a bomb to them. They watched the girl with a weird look again. In their mind, they were thinking why a girl like her brought a camera to record something like that. However, they put the thought aside and asked for the video.

"Sister Chu Xiao, please bring my laptop on my bed here." Yu Qi asked Sister Chu Xiao.

Sister Chu Xiao quickly went to her young miss's room. The laptop was exactly like her young miss said, was on her young miss's bed. She took and brought it to her young miss.

"Thank you, Sister Chu Xiao." Yu Qi thanked Sister Chu Xiao after the laptop safely got onto her hand.

Yu Qi opened the laptop and turned on the video for the police officers to see. The police officer watched the video until the end.

"So, this waiter was her accomplice. He was the one who put the aphrodisiac inside your tea?" Grandpa Tang asked in angry.

"Sigh... Grandfather, just calm down. Let the police officer dealing with this kind of thing." Yu Qi once again calmed down her grandfather.

"Miss Tang, can we have a copy of this video?" Sir Kang asked politely. 

"Sure. I will give a copy to you." Yu Qi nodded.

"Miss Tang, I just want to ask one more question. Forgive me if you think it is a rude question." Sir Jun asked for permission.

"Sure. Just ask." 

"Why did you bring the camera and record your meeting with Miss Wang?" Sir Jun gave her the question.

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