Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
235 Chapter 235: Have Future Enemy
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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235 Chapter 235: Have Future Enemy

"Don't you dare speak nonsense." Madam Wang shouted again.

"Are you not tired of shouting like that?" Yu Qi asked Madam Wang again with a mocking tone.

Madam Wang was very angry so she cursed a lot to Yu Qi. Yu Qi just standing there. She did not make anything to stop Madam Wang from cursing her.

Later on, there were two police officers came to their place. The two police officers were Sir Jun and Sir Kang that Yu Qi met last night questioned about Wang Fu Ya's missing case.

"We received a report regarding the trespassing of the private property." Sir Jun talked to them.

Sir Jun recognized one of the people here. It was that girl, Ms.Tang. He met this girl another day.

"Miss Tang, we met again." They greeted her.

Yu Qi nodded acknowledging them.

Then, Sir Kang looked at three of them and asked. "What is happening here?" 

"Sir, she hides my daughter." Madam Wang pointed to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi did not respond to that accusation. She knew if she denied, Madam Wang would not believe it. She would let the police officer took charges dealing with this.

"Madam, I'm not biased but if it is true that Miss Tang here really kidnaps your daughter, you must present the evidence." Sir Kang calmly explained to Madam Wang.

"She is the only one who has the motive to kidnap my daughter." Madam Wang said angrily while pointing to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi sighed. "Madam Wang, there are a lot of people who have a motive to do so. Would you like me to tell about those people?" 

Madam Wang knew Yu Qi was threatening her about telling the truth about Wang Fu Ya's current job. The police might already know about the truth but others were not. She could not let Yu Qi destroyed Wang Fu Ya's reputation.

The police officers did know about Wang Fu Ya's current job. They already investigated that. Wang Fu Ya was an escort. Her job was to accompany the rich men that wanted some services of the young girls. 

"Madam, we currently investigate this case. Please don't act rash. Please wait until we get the conclusion about this case " Sir Jun said. 

Madam Wang still did not satisfied with Yu Qi. But she knew she could not do anything to Yu Qi. So, she pulled Wang Ha Na leaving the place. Before she left, she glared with anger in her eyes.

Yu Qi saw and sneered. 'Glare as many you wanted. I am not afraid of you."

"Sirs, thank you for your help. If you don't come here, I bet they would not leave this place." Yu Qi thanked the two police officers.

"This is nothing. We will leave. Miss Tang, please be aware of your surroundings." After that, the two police officers left the greenhouse.

"Miss Yu Qi, the goods already transferred into the lorry. They are going to leave now." Song Tao came to inform the progress of their work.

"Hmm... Okay." Yu Qi nodded.

"About the matter earlier, I think those people will come to disturb us." Song Tao told Yu Qi.

"Brother Tao, if people from the Wang family come again, ask first, what do they want? If they want to disturb our workflow, simply report it to the police. And if you can't take it anymore, call Brother Yu Hi. He will know how to deal with them." Yu Qi explained.

"Okay, Miss Yu Qi. I will do as your instruction." Song Tao said.

"One more thing, please inform all of the YQ Greenhouse. We are going to have dinner two days later. The place, well we can not do it at my house. There is not enough space. Hmm... Okay. I will book a restaurant. I will inform you later about the place." Yu Qi said.

"Alright, Miss Yu Qi." After that, Song Tao left Yu Qi alone.

Yu Qi wanted to reward her employees. She did last time when she only had five employees at that time. So, she cooked for them. However, to cook at a large number, she had to give up the idea. So, the best choice is to treat them at the restaurant.

Yu Qi immediately called Su Yu Hi. She wanted to discuss this matter as soon as possible since she would leave soon or later.

"Hello." A man's voice answered the call.

"Brother Yu Hi, do you know the nearby restaurant that can be booked for one night?" Yu Qi asked directly.

"Number of people?"

"Around one hundred and twenty."


"Two days later."

"Sure I will come back to you this evening."

"Okay, thank you." Yu Qi ended the call.

Yu Qi really likes Su Yu Hi's style of working. If he told her, he would do it, he would find a way to complete the task.

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