Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
237 Chapter 237: Where Is Your Girlfriend?
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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237 Chapter 237: Where Is Your Girlfriend?

Two days later

The day of the arranged dinner with her employees arrived. Yu Qi was waiting for her grandpa to go together. Sister Chu Xiao would be joined them too. Yu Qi also asked Uncle Song Nan to join them but Uncle Song Nan rejected it. He did not like to be around with a crowd. Yu Qi did not force him because she knew his character. He would send them and return home waiting for them to come back, so he would go and fetch them.

However, something unexpected did happen. When they got out of the house, a car stopped right in front of their house. Yu Qi recognized the car. A dashingly handsome man stepped out of the car.

"Qi Qi." Yeah, it was Long Hui, our male lead. Only him that called Yu Qi like that.

"Brother Hui." Yu Qi smiled. "What are you doing here?"

"Just want to meet you. I miss you." Long Hui caressed Yu Qi's face.

Yu Qi smiled shyly. Grandpa Tang had to fake his cough to make sure that the two little love birds did not forget about other people around them.

Yu Qi and Long Hui turned to Grandpa Tang. One looked very shy and one looked very proud. 

Ignoring Long Hui, Grandpa Tang spoke to Yu Qi. "Let's go. We are going to be late." 

"Where are you going?" Long Hui asked Yu Qi.

"We are having dinner with my greenhouse's employees. Oh, come with us. That's if you have free time." Yu Qi invited Long Hui on the spot.

"Of course, I have free time for you. Let's use my car." Long Hui accepted her invitation without thinking a second thought.

"Grandfather, let's go with Brother Hui's car. We don't have to trouble Uncle Song Nan by sending and fetching us." Yu Qi smiled.

"Yeah, yeah... I know. Let's go now." Grandpa Tang walked to Long Hui's car and entered the back seat.

Yu Qi looked at Long Hui and chuckled. Then all of them were ready to go. 

"Why are you here anyway?" Yu Qi asked for a second time.

"Told you that I miss you. Well, I came back from the mission." Long Hui told Yu Qi a truth.

"Are you okay? You are not injured, right?" Yu Qi asked in worried.

"Don't worry. I'm okay." Long Hui smiled.

Sister Chu Xiao turned deaf to Yu Qi and Long Hui interaction. Meanwhile, Grandpa Tang decided to look outside the window. He was angry that the two of them flirted with each other forgetting others that still inside the car.

"We arrive." Long Hui asked after parked the car. 

Yu Qi got out of the car and opened the car for Grandpa Tang. Yu Qi held Grandpa Tang's hand and supported him to walk.

"I thought you already forget me after seeing that brat." Grandpa Tang said to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi smiled. "How can I forget about my beloved grandfather here?"

"That's my granddaughter." Grandpa Tang sneered while looking to Long Hui.

Long Hui saw that sneer. He then turned to Yu Qi that smiled at her grandfather. To him, if her beloved Qi Qi was happy, he would close his eyes to anything.

"Yu Qi." Someone called Yu Qi when Yu Qi entered the restaurant. That person was Su Yu Hi. 

Long Hui frowned when he saw the same man that talked to Yu Qi another day. Su Yu Hi looked to Long Hui and nodded acknowledging him. Long Hui also did the same. Song Tao also came and greeted Yu Qi.

"Is everyone already here?" Yu Qi asked.

"Yeah." Song Tao answered.

"They already eat." Su Yu Hi said.

"It's okay. But it is a great idea serving them with a buffet style. It is easy to pick what we want to eat then. Thank you, Brother Yu Hi." Yu Qi thanked Su Yu Hi.

"I just do my own job." Su Yu Hi said to Yu Qi.

"But Brother Yu Hi. You seemed to forget something." Yu Qi said in a serious tone.

Su Yu Hi did not think of something. Did he forget something? Then what is it? He thought very hard but still could not point what was it.

"What is it?" Su Yu Hi gave up on thinking. He just could directly ask Yu Qi.

"Where is your girlfriend?" Yu Qi asked.

Su Yu Hi stunned. Then he managed to recover back. "Nonsense. I don't have a girlfriend." 

"You should find one then." It was not Yu Qi that told Su Yu Hi that but Long Hui did.

Su Yu Hi, Grandpa Tang and especially Yu Qi were surprised by Long Hui's remark. Yu Qi the one first to laugh. 

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