Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
238 Chapter 238: Dinner
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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238 Chapter 238: Dinner

Long Hui said that because he did not want this man to fall in love with his beloved Qi Qi. So its solution was to find him a girlfriend. With that, Yu Qi would be his alone.

"It's right." Yu Qi laughed. After a while, the laughter stopped. 

Only then, a growl from someone's stomach could be heard. Yu Qi looked at Sister Chu Xiao. Sister Chu Xiao's face turned red. It was her stomach that protested asking for some food.

"Sorry, Sister Chu Xiao. Let's go to eat." Yu Qi held her grandfather's hand. 

"You too, Brother Hui." Yu Qi said.

They went to select the food and sat at the place prepared for them. They ate the food. Sister Chu Xiao went to the dessert as she was a fan of the dessert. There were a lot of desserts. So, Yu Qi also digs in too. 

Long Hui did not like the sweet thing ended up eating them too because Yu Qi took it for him. Well, that was a power of love.

"Everyone, thank you for coming. I don't want to talk much tonight. I just want to say this. I hope you can continue working diligently. Thank you." Yu Qi took a second time to talk and it was done.

The short speech ended followed by the clap by everyone. The employees totally thought of her as their boss. 

The dinner was ended. Yu Qi only could leave after the employees left because everyone came and said thanked her. She was thanking them for their hard work and here, they were thanking her for being their boss.

Yu Qi finally entered Long Hui's car. Everyone was waiting for her.

"Sorry for being late." That was the first thing she told them after sat. "Grandfather, are you okay?" 

"Don't worry. My body is still strong. Let's go home now." Grandpa Tang made a gesture showing his muscle.

Yu Qi chuckled. "Okay, Grandfather."

Long Hui started to drive back to Shiwa Town. Yu Qi glanced at Long Hui who looked very dashing when he was driving.

"Am I look very attractive now?" Long Hui's question made Yu Qi startled. 

"It is okay. You can look anytime. I don't mind though." Long Hui flirted with Yu Qi.

Yu Qi turned to the window ignored the shameless man. At the window, she could see the reflection of the man. 

"It is better to look at the original than the reflection." Long Hui's voice could be heard after that.

Yu Qi turned back to Long Hui. Long Hui was still looked at the front, driving. 'How can he know I'm looking at him?' Yu Qi keep quiet until they arrived at the Godly Herbs.

Grandpa Tang went out with the help of Sister Chu Xiao. He then cast a glance to Long Hui and Yu Qi that standing beside each other. Yu Qi was not moving in. 

"Don't spend too long. The night wind is not good for the body." Grandpa Tang advised them and turned walking into the house.

Yu Qi and Lon Hui looked at each other. Long Hui with his sweet smile while Yu Qi with her shy smile.

"I miss you." Long Hui began the conversation. 

"Hmm... I miss you too." Yu Qi said.

Long Hui grabbed Yu Qi's hand. He caressed it. It was a very wonderful feeling when he held his beloved Qi Qi's hand. He always wanted to hold them. It became his motivation to complete the mission as soon as possible, came home and holding this soft hand. 

"You are not hurt, do you?" Yu Qi asked in a worried tone. She wanted to ask this question after hearing he just came back from the mission. 

"I'm okay. It is nothing. If I am hurt badly, I will not come to see you." Long Hui's answer assured Yu Qi.

"Really? You have not hurt anywhere?" Yu Qi asked again for double confirmation.

"Yes, sweetheart." Long Hui wanted to change the topic, so he teased her by calling her sweetheart. And that technique was a success. 

Yu Qi looked away when she heard Long Hui with his killer smile calling her sweetheart. 'It is bad. My heart... Please calm down.' Yu Qi said in her mind. Her heartbeat increased. 

"Enough about me. What's about you?" Long Hui questioned Yu Qi.

"I? What?" Yu Qi did not get the meaning.

"Oh, I mean when you will go back to the university?" 

"Maybe three days later, I guess. Since the new semester will start next week." Yu Qi calculated the date on her mind. Yeah, she got another three more days to be at Shiwa Town.

"I see. So you still here tomorrow? That's great." Long Hui said. 

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