Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
239 Chapter 239: Dress Up
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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239 Chapter 239: Dress Up

"Why is that?" Yu Qi asked.

"Because I plan to have a lovely date with my beloved. Join me, Qi Qi?" Long Hui casually asked Yu Qi for a date. He would understand if she rejected his invitation.

"Date?" Yu Qi was stunned.

"Oh, are you busy?" Long Hui could not help to help disappointed hearing Yu Qi might reject him.

"Eh... No.. No.. No. I would like to." Yu Qi quickly answered. It was not because she did not want to go on a date with him but she was embarrassing. 

"Really? Then that's great." Long Hui quickly changed his tone.

Yu Qi smiled when hearing the change in his tone. He must be looking forward to having a date with her. Well, she also felt the same way. 

Long Hui keeps looked at her lips. He wanted to catch and feel the soft and hot lips again. However, before he managed to do so, a bark disturbed the moment. Long Hui and Yu Qi looked down. Aoi was looking at the two of them.

'Master, your grandfather asked me to bring you in.' Aoi said through telepathy. He was rolling his eyes to Long Hui.

Long Hui who saw that look Aoi gave felt weird. This look was more like a given human look. 

"Qi Qi, he rolled his eyes to me." Long Hui said and pointed to Aoi. 

Aoi already turned to look away. Yu Qi chuckled. She also saw that. 

"Maybe my grandfather asked him to fetch me. It's late. You should go back and rest." Yu Qi forced him to go back.

"Yeah. I need to rest for our date tomorrow." Long Hui mentioned tomorrow's date.

Yu Qi knew Long Hui wanted to tease her. She pushed Long Hui to enter the car so that he could go back.

"Just go home." Yu Qi spoke while grinding her teeth.

Long Hui know she was embarrassed and pretended to angry. 

"Okay, Qi Qi. I will come and pick you up at nine a.m." Before Long Hui entered the car completely, he stole a kiss from Yu Qi. "Sweet dream. It will be nice if you dream about me."

Long Hui did not wait any longer. He started the engine and drive away from Yu Qi. Yu Qi stood while her finger traced her lips. 'He stole a kiss from me again.'

"Master, let's go in. It is cold outside here. You might get sick." Aoi's voice made Yu Qi realized that she was still outside. So, she quickly went in. Aoi's sentence about she might get sick made her quickly took a bath to warm her body so that she did not get sick for tomorrow's date.


Yu Qi was currently in the middle of choosing the clothes. Which outfit that she would be wearing? This made her drained her energy.

"Is this dress okay?" Yu Qi picked a dress that she brought with Long Hui when Long Hui came to her university.

"Master, it is beautiful." Aoi praised Yu Qi.

'Master, you look very beautiful.' Bo Ya also praised her through telepathy. 

Yu Qi did not wear this type of dress very often. It made it looked rare. Yu Qi remembered that Long Hui said when he insisted on buying those dresses. It was for their date. So, she had fulfilled Long Hui's wishes. 

Yu Qi got out of her room and went to a living room. Sister Chu Xiao spotted her.

"Young miss, you look very beautiful." Sister Chu Xiao also praised her. It was not a lie. Sister Chu Xiao meant it. Her young miss looked very beautiful today.

"Young miss, you have a date with your boyfriend, Mr. Long?" Sister Chu Xiao asked.

"Hmm..." Yu Qi felt very sky admitted that she would go for a date with Long Hui. "Where is my grandfather?" 

"He is in the study room after having breakfast." Sister Chu Xiao answered.

"Oh, I will see him before I'm going out." Yu Qi said.

"Young miss, have fun." Sister Chu Xiao said.

Yu Qi ran to his grandfather's study room quickly. She did not want Sister Chu Xiao to tease her anymore. Yu Qi arrived in front of her grandfather's study room. She knocked on the door. She heard a voice asking to enter the room.

"Grandfather, are you busy?" Yu Qi peeks inside before entering the room.

"No, come in." Grandpa Tang closed the document that he read and put aside before lifted his face, facing her granddaughter.

His granddaughter looked very beautiful on that dress. He only praised her in his mind. She dressed up for that brat, Long Hui. 

"Where are you going?" Grandpa Tang still questioned Yu Qi even though he already knew about it.

"I'm going out with Long Hui." Yu Qi told the truth. 

"Remember when that brat wants to do something to me, beat him." Grandpa Tang advised.

Yu Qi smiled. Beat him? He already did something and she could not prevent it. However, she listened to her grandfather and nodded. "Alright, grandfather."

"Young Miss, Mr. Long arrive." Sister Chu Xiao came and informed about Long Hui.

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