Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
240 Chapter 240: Watching A Movie
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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240 Chapter 240: Watching A Movie

"Thank you, Sister Chu Xiao." Yu Qi said to Sister Chu Xiao.

Sister Chu Xiao went outside leaving the pair of grandfather and granddaughter. Yu Qi turned to Grandpa Tang.

"Grandfather, don't worry. I will protect myself well. And also I don't think Brother Hui will force me to do something that I don't like." She believed Long Hui.

Grandpa Tang rolled his eyes. His granddaughter just protected that brat. "Don't be too late." Grandpa Tang opened back the document and started to read it. 

Yu Qi smiled. "I will go first, grandfather." 

When Yu Qi stepped out of the house, she saw Long Hui was waiting for her by leaning to the car. The man watched Yu Qi approaching him, made him smiled gently. 

"Sorry, I'm late." Yu Qi apologized.

"Not really. It is worth waiting." Long Hui looked up and down at Yu Qi. 

Long Hui thought his beloved Qi Qi was very beautiful all the time. But now, she looked very stunning at his eyes because he knew she was dressed up for him. For today's date. Who's not happy when seeing his beloved dressed up just for him? 

"You looked very beautiful. Very very very beautiful." Long Hui repeated the word many times.

"Thank you." Yu Qi said with a blush.

Long Hui also recognized the dress. It was the dress that he chose during their date. 

"I guess this is the dress I chose for you, right?" Long Hui asked.

Yu Qi was surprised when Long Hui remembered the dress. 


Long Hui felt kind of satisfied when he looked at his beloved Qi Qi wore the dress that he chose to her. 'I think this is the feeling when seeing your loved one wear something that you chose to her.' 

"Let's go." Long Hui opened the door's car to Yu Qi.

They ride the car. They went to another town. This town was one kind of place that the young couple would go on date. Long Hui decided to go on date here. 

Stepping outside from the car, the couple already got some attention from the onlooker. The women threw some looks to Long Hui. While the men checked Yu Qi. Long Hui sensed the look. So, he made a claim on the girl beside him by placing his hand on her waist while they were walking.

Yu Qi looked at Long Hui and realized Long Hui was jealous when the men looked at her. She chuckled. Long Hui looked at her. The stern look disappeared, only the trace of doting could be found on his face right now. 

"Where do you go to first?" Long Hui asked.

Yu Qi did not know where to go. Before she found by her real family, she did not have a boyfriend. The boys gave a disgusted look to her. Then after her family found her, her fiancee did not ask her to go on a date. So, she basically lost.

Seeing the undecided look on his beloved Qi Qi's face, Long Hui made the decision. "Let's go for a movie."

"Hmm... Let's go." Yu Qi agreed. 

Many of her first time tried on something with this handsome man. She was grateful to him. 

"What kind of movie you want to watch?" 

Long Hui asked when they stepped into the cinema. There were some people that line up. Mostly they were a couple. 

"Well, let's go on the action genre." Yu Qi pointed to the poster showing a soldier holding a shotgun. 

Long Hui knew his beloved Qi Qi was not a normal girl. Mostly, a normal girl would like to watch a romance genre movie. Long Hui smiled. 


They brought the tickets and some refreshments. Because it was a story about the soldier, there were fewer people on the side of this room. They sat at the place.

The movie was not started yet. Yu Qi looked around. 'It is the theater.' It was her first time watching a movie at the cinema. The screen was very big. 

Yu Qi casually placed her hand on the hand seat but someone had already occupied it. Yu Qi was shocked when her hand accidentally touched Long Hui's hand. She glanced at Long Hui. 

Long Hui took her hand and held it together. "We can share the space." 

"Yes." Yu Qi could only agree on it. 

Then the movie started. Yu Qi paid attention to the movie. Long Hui in the middle of the movie found out that his beloved Qi Qi was a maniac gun. She mumbled the name of the gun that appeared in the movie with a look that full of admiration. 

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