Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
241 Chapter 241: Stop The Thief
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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241 Chapter 241: Stop The Thief

"It was fun." Yu Qi said after getting out of the cinema. 

"It is great that you have fun." Long Hui fix her hair. 

The excited scream could be heard not from their place. The two of them turned to see what had happened. Turned out a bunch of young girls were looking at them.

"They are like a couple in our favorite novel." A girl said to her friend.

"Yeah. The handsome man only looks at his girl. Without paying any attention to other women. Truly romantic." Another girl narrated her story.

"Yeah. I agree with you."

They made another excited scream toward Yu Qi and Long Hui. Long Hui ignored them and walked away pulling Yu Qi with him. 

"Where will we go next?" Yu Qi asked Long Hui with a hint of excitement.

"It's already afternoon. Let's go for lunch first." Long Hui suggested.

"Okay." Yu Qi agreed because she thought she did feel hungry. 

They entered the cafe. They took a table at the corner. A little hidden from people's eyes. The waiter came and asked for their order. Yu Qi decided to have seafood spaghetti with lemon juice. While Long Hui ordered chicken chop and watermelon juice. 

"The movie is very fun." Yu Qi commented.

"Yeah. You know all the gun in that movie." Long Hui chuckled. "Where did you learn it?" 

"Well, I learn from my shooting club." Yu Qi lied.

Long Hui did not want to ask more, so he just dropped that topic. The food came later. They ate the food. Yu Qi did not realize some of the sauce left on her corner lips. Long Hui saw it and smiled. He stood up and wiped the sauce with his finger and licked it.

Yu Qi saw it and froze. 

"The sauce was there. I'm helping you." Long Hui said in a smile.

"You just can tell me about that." Yu Qi turned to red.

"I just want to serve you, my beloved." Long Hui teased Yu Qi.

Yu Qi looked away continued to eat her food. Long Hui chuckled seeing his beloved Qi Qi getting shy with his teasing.

The lunch ended. They walked out of the cafe. It was the weekend. So there were a lot of people hanging out together. There were some couples. Bending with the crowd, Long Hui hugged Yu Qi's waist so that she would not pull away with the crowd. 

They went to the area that did not want many people. However, Long Hui still did not release Yu Qi's waist. He kept hugged it. 

"Help. Thief." A scream could be heard. 

The couple looked at the source of the voice. There were two men running in a hurry. As a soldier, Long Hui could not stand this kind of crime. Because the men running toward them, Long Hui stopped them with kicks.

The men fell on the ground. The scene attracted many onlookers. People were gathered to see this. The men did not give up. One of them with a knife grabbed Yu Qi and threaten Long Hui.

"Move. If not, I will hurt her." The man shouted.

Long Hui stopped moving. However, he did not show some trace of panic making onlookers thought about his relationship between the beautiful girl that been held by a man that placed a knife at the girl's neck.

They could not help but pity the girl because she loved the cold man that did not even care about her safety.

"You will hurt me?" A cold voice heard by the man. A voice that could make your hair stood.

Ignoring the knife at her neck, Yu Qi placed her hand on the man's arm and did a judo move, the back throw. The onlookers were stunned with what they just saw. A girl just threw a man. Just like that. The men already passed out.

Long Hui approached Yu Qi. He checked his beloved Qi Qi to make sure she did not hurt. Yu Qi smiled. Long Hui made a relief face knowing she was fine. 

"Thank you for stopping the thieves for me." A middle-aged woman stepped up thanking Yu Qi and Long Hui.

"What were they stole from you?" Yu Qi asked.

"My wedding ring. I wear it around my neck like a necklace. Suddenly, these scum men come. One disturbed my attention, another one waiting for a chance. Once they saw me did not pay attention, one of them grabbed my ring by snatching it. My neck got hurt by it." The middle-aged woman explained.

Long Hui inspected the men's pocket. He did find the ring. He took and brought it to the middle-aged woman.

"Is this your ring?" Yu Qi asked.

"Yeah. It is my treasure since my husband passed away. Thank you." A middle-aged woman cried when getting back her ring. It must be important to her.

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