Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
242 Chapter 242: Possessive
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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242 Chapter 242: Possessive

Long Hui called the police to take care of the two men. He wanted to continue the date back. 

"Wow, that girl was very strong. No wonder her boyfriend does not look worried at all." The onlooker commented. 

"The man was also strong. Want him to hug me." A girl commented.

Hearing that comment, Yu Qi frowned. She wrapped Long Hui's waist with her arm showing this man was hers. No one could get him. 

Long Hui smiled. His beloved Qi Qi was jealous. It was a good sign. Showed that Yu Qi loved him very much and did not want other girls had a thought on Long Hui. 

They walked around. Yu Qi spotted a stall that sold crepes. Having a craving for it, Yu Qi pulled Long Hui to buy some. 

"Do you have it?" Yu Qi asked Long Hui.

Long Hui looked at what she was eyeing for. It was food. Crepe? He did not know what kind of food is it. Long Hui shakes her head.

Understood that Long Hui did not interested in the crepe, she told the seller that she wanted to buy one. "Auntie, give me one. That with banana strawberry choco." 

"Okay. Wait for a moment." The woman said.

Not more than five minutes, her crepe was ready. She wanted to pay but another hand already hand out the money to the woman. Yu Qi looked at Long Hui.

"I will pay it for you." Long Hui said. 


Yu Qi dipped into the crepe. "It is delicious." The smile of satisfaction could be seen on her face.

Long Hui looked at his beloved Qi Qi. She looked like a little squirrel that got a peanut for her lunch. He chuckled. Yu Qi heard that turned to Long Hui with an invisible question mark on top of her head.

"What?" Yu Qi stopped eating asking him.

"It's nothing. You just look very cute. Like a little squirrel." Long Hui reached out his hand and caressed Yu Qi's face.

Yu Qi turned her face away. Avoiding Long Hui's eyes. Ignoring Long Hui, Yu Qi took another bite of the crepe. It was a total blessing. Turned back to Long Hui, she asked.

"Do you want a bite?" Yu Qi made a face that Long Hui could not reject her.

Long Hui took a bite. "Sweet." Long Hui commented.

Yu Qi laughed. "Of course, it is sweet."

"I'm not a fan of sweet food." Long Hui told her.

"Really? Sorry then for making you eat this." 

'Oh, he did not like a sweet thing. I will take notes on this. It is important when I want to cook for him. Wait! Why do I say I want to cook for him?' Yu Qi's changes in expression caught by Long Hui's eyes. 

His beloved Qi Qi looked very cute with this many kinds of expression. Long Hui chuckled. 

"It is okay. If you want to eat something sweet, I will accompany you." Long Hui said in the dating tone. "However, please don't ask another man to accompany you, okay?" Long Hui did not miss of chance on giving warning to her about another man.

"Okay, I promise." Yu Qi nodded promised him.

Yu Qi knew Long Hui was a possessive man. However, she liked that because she wa also a possessive woman too. She did not like when a woman had thought with her man. Like that Feng Meng Xuan

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