Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
243 Chapter 243: Beautiful
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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243 Chapter 243: Beautiful

After finished the crepe, Long Hui pulled Yu Qi to enter the clothes shop. He wanted to buy more clothes for his beloved Qi Qi. The saleswoman greeted the two of them. Her eyes lifted up when seeing a handsome specimen in front of him. 

Yu Qi glanced at the saleswoman. The saleswoman caught the glance. Understood the meaning of the glance, she made a professional smile.

"What's kind of clothes do you want to buy for your wife, sir?" The saleswoman asked.

Hearing the word wife came out from the saleswoman, Yu Qi almost choked. While Long Hui felt it was great. Yu Qi was the only woman who would be his wife, it was not wrong to call her with that title.

"I want to see some dress that fits my wife here." Long Hui already used the word wife to call Yu Qi.

Yu Qi glared at Long Hui. Long Hui chose not to see the glare.

The saleswoman led them to the newest dress. Long Hui surveyed the dress to choose for his beloved Qi Qi. Yu Qi did look at the dresses but she lost interest. Long Hui the one who looked very focused on choosing the dresses like he was the one who's going to wear it.

"This... This... This...This... And this for now." Long Hui pointed to five dresses directly. 

Yu Qi looked at Long Hui with shook. Meanwhile, the saleswoman looked at Long Hui like he was a god. Well, basically yeah. Long Hui right now was a god to her because the more Long Hui brought, the more bonuses that she would get. 

"Qi Qi, try the dress, will you?" Long Hui requested Yu Qi with a seducing smile.

Yu Qi gave in to the smile. She knew if she rejected this time, Long Hui would persuade her until she gave in for his request. Yu Qi took the dresses and went to the fitting room. 

Waiting for Yu Qi to try the dress, Long Hui surveyed once more the dresses. He became additive to choose the clothes to Yu Qi. Suddenly someone came to talk to him.

"Hi, are you free right now?" 

Long Hui looked at the source of the voice. There were two girls who smiled sweetly to him. He made an expressionless face. 

"If you like, you can join us for a drink." The girl invited Long Hui for a drink.

Long Hui did not respond to the girl instead turned to the fitting room waiting for his beloved Qi Qi. 

"Hey, I'm talking to you." The girl tried to grab Long Hui's arm.

"Dare to touch my man, you will lose your arm." A voice could be heard from behind.

The girls turned to see who talking. They could see a beautiful girl coming out of the fitting room. Long Hui quickly approached his beloved Qi Qi.

"Qi Qi, you look beautiful." A gentle smile appeared on Long Hui's face when he looked at his beloved Qi Qi.

The girls felt awkward when seeing the handsome man that they were hitting on already had a woman beside him. They also shocked when a man like him could change their personality right away, from the cold man to sweet man. 

"What? Still, want to grab my man?" Yu Qi looked to the girl with a murderous look.

The girl scared with that look. They ran away. Other customers looked at the situation.

"Those girls are stupid. That man clearly has a girl since he comes into this shop." Another customer commented.

 "Yeah. How can the man that handsome does not have a girlfriend?" 

"That right."

The man that been discussed did not care about what they had commented about him. His eyes were locked at the person that already changed to the dress that he chose just now. He was just admiring the beauty in front of him.

"It's beautiful." Long Hui praised Yu Qi once again.

"Thank you."

"Go. Change to another dress. I want to see you wearing all of them." Long Hui said.

"Again?" Yu Qi actually did not want to try anymore. 

"If you don't want to try, then we can just buy all of them." Long Hui nodded thinking about that possibility.

Yu Qi quickly reacted. "No need. I will try. Then you can compare and choose one from that." Then she ran to the fitting room. 

Long Hui chuckled when seeing Yu Qi ran away right that. After five minutes, Yu Qi came out of the fitting room with a second dress.

Long Hui looked at her. He nodded at Yu Qi. "Beautiful." Long Hui stared at Yu Qi so long until Yu Qi.

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