Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
246 Chapter 246: Meeting With King Enma
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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246 Chapter 246: Meeting With King Enma

Long Hui released Yu Qi after ten minutes of kissing. Long Hui deliberately licked his own lips while looking at the flushing Yu Qi. Yu Qi tried to catch the breath saw Long Hui licked his lips began to feel shy again. 

"As you want, I kissed your lips." Long Hui teased Yu Qi. "We will continue it when we meet again."

Yu Qi did not stand anymore. Grabbing the shopping bag, she ran out. Long Hui smiled seeing Yu Qi acting like that. He needed to work hard to make Yu Qi did not get shy anymore.

Without they realized, someone was watching them the moment they stopped in front of Godly Herbs.


Yu Qi already packed her clothes to go back to Starlight University. She wanted to ride the bus. As usual her family against it. Grandpa Tang wanted to send Yu Qi. But first, they would stop by the Tang House at the FINN City. 

"Grandfather, I'm ready." Yu Qi brought out the backpack since she did not have anything to bring.

"Okay." Grandpa Tang said.

So, they traveled to FINN City. Grandpa Tang called his drive to bring them to Tang House. After three hours, they arrived at Tang House. As usual only her aunties and the maid at the house. 

"Father, Yu Qi. Welcome home." Ming Yue and Su Xiao welcomed two of them.

"Aunties." Yu Qi hugged her two aunties.

"My dear Yu Qi is here." Ming Yue patted Yu Qi's back.

"Unfortunately, I will go back to university tomorrow." Yu Qi sighed.

"Really? Sigh. I thought we will have time together." Su Xiao sighed. 

"It's okay, Aunties. I will come back and spend time with you later." Yu Qi said.

"Father, do you need to rest?" Ming Yue asked her father in law.

"No need to worry about me. I will go rest if I want to. I just want to walk around the house." Grandpa Tang just left.

"Let's go eat some dessert for our afternoon tea." Ming Yue asked Yu Qi.

"Okay." Yu Qi agreed.

'Master, I want to taste it too.' Aoi suddenly spoke to her through telepathy.

'Eh, you want to eat desserts?' Yu Qi was surprised. She did not know a Siberian Husky would request to eat some desserts.

'Master, I'm not a normal dog.' Aoi rolled his eyes to Yu Qi.

'Okay. Okay. Don't be angry with me.' Yu Qi laughed.

"Aunties, Aoi also wants to eat the desserts too." Yu Qi said to her two aunties.

"Oh, really? Let's go then." Su Xiao turned to Aoi and invited Aoi too.

"Woof," Aoi replied to her.

Su Xiao was surprised. "Aoi as usual, very clever." Su Xiao laughed


Yu Qi went out of her room. On her way to the dining room, she spotted her Brother Jin Wei. She dashed to him in order to surprise him.

"Brother Jin Wei." Yu Qi pranked her Brother Jin Wei. She purposely called him with a loud voice.

"You brat. Lucky, I do not have a heart attack disease. If not, I already across over meeting with King Enma." Tang Jin Wei shouted to Yu Qi.

"Because I knew that you do not have that kind of disease, that why I play this prank for you." Yu Qi laughed.

"Brat!!!!" Tang Jin Wei screamed.

Yu Qi already started running away. Tang Jin Wei also started to chase Yu Qi. The chase became a normal routine for Yu Qi and Tang Jin Wei during her stay at Tang House. The maids also knew their routine.

Yu Qi arrived in the dining room. Tang Jin Wei appeared three minutes after her. Grandpa Tang, Ming Yue, Su Xiao, and Tang Jan Qin already took the seat. 

"Are you done playing?" Ming Yue asked her son.

"Mum, I was..." Tang Jin Wei wanted to complain but Ming Yue stopped him.

"Come and sit. We can start eating." Ming Yue ordered Tang Jin Wei.

Tang Jin Wei put a wronged face and sat. Yu Qi was smiling when looking with her Brother Jin Wei. It was fun playing with him. 

"Uncle Jung Wen and Big Brother Han Lee on the night shift?" Yu Qi asked Ming Yue when she did not see the two of them.

"Yes. I called their office. The nurse said they have a scheduled operation tonight." Ming Yue answered.

"I see." 

"Sigh, why does my other son look very free?" Ming Yue said.

"Mum, I do my work, okay." Tang Jin Wei felt wronged. Her mother wanted him to work overtime. 

Everyone was laughing when Ming Yue teased her son.

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