Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
248 Chapter 248: Second Doctor Tang
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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248 Chapter 248: Second Doctor Tang

"Little Sis, Little Sis, are you listen to me?" Tang Jin Wei raised his voice when he saw Yu Qi was daydreaming while talking to him.

Yu Qi came back. She was remembering the talk that she had with her Big Brother Han Lee. Then she sighed again. Together with her was another idiot. At this time, she did remember that Long Hui did his flirt attack on her. She was grateful to Long Hui for making the flirt attack. If not, they would never be together.

Little Sis." Tang Jin Wei called her again.


"How can I fix this problem?" Tang Jin Wei asked again.

Oh, they were talking about his playboy character. Her Brother Jin Wei did not want his future girlfriend to hate him because of his playboy character.

"You have to stop flirting with the girls you meet, like the nurses in the hospital. Talk normally with them. Don't make them think that you have a feeling for them." Yu Qi told Tang Jin Wei.

'What the heck? Why I become their love adviser? I'm just in the relationship recently. Well, let's advise him just not to flirt around.' 

The talk about love continued. Until they arrived at Starlight University. Some of the students already returned to university. Tang Jin Wei stopped the car. They got out. This scene caught some of the female students since they were in front of the female hostel.

"Hey, is that Tang Yu Qi?"

"Yeah. That man was not the same man from the last time."

"Huh? Wait. That's right. This man sure handsome but not much like the other one."

"Is she cheat with him?"

"What? Why she cheat? That man was clearly more handsome than this man."

"Maybe this man is richer than that man."

"What the heck? How she does this?"


"Definitely a slut." 

Yu Qi turned to the girls that clearly talking about her. Her Brother Jin Wei might not hear the conversation but she did. The girls clearly gossiped about her. And called her with names. 

"What?" Tang Jin Wei asked when he looked at her little sister watching the two girls with a sharp look. 

"They thought you are my boyfriend." Yu Qi told Tang Jin Wei.

"You have to be proud to have a handsome boyfriend like him." Tang Jin Wei put an air.

"But they know I have a man more handsome than you." Yu Qi attacked Tang Jin Wei with a fact.

Tang Jin Wei felt like something shot his chest. Then another attack came.

"They thought we are a cheating couple." 

"What the heck?" Tang Jin Wei raised his voice.

The girls turned to Tang Jin Wei wondering why was he became angry and raised his voice. 

"Idiot. Why are they assume we are a couple? What? When a man walks together with a woman, are they automatically become a couple? Don't assume anything if you don't know anything." Tang Jin Wei spoke with a loud voice while his eyes were looking angrily at the two girls that talking about him and his little sister.

The girls were shocked when hearing those sentences. They knew that those sentences were basically aiming to them because Tang Jin Wei was looking at their direction when he said those sentences. The more surprised, how could the man hear what were they talking about from this distance?

"Little Sis, how can you live here?" Tang Jin Wei asked Yu Qi with a worried look.

"Don't worry, Brother Jin Wei. I can handle it." Yu Qi said in an assurance tone.

"I need to go back now. Brother Han Lee asked me to remind you if you want to go home, just call us. Don't ride the bus. At least, not in the night." Tang Jin Wei relays what his brother wanted to tell Yu Qi. Well, he also agreed with what Tang Han Lee said. It was not safe for a girl, likely a beautiful girl like his little sister travelled by bus in the night. 

"Okay." Yu Qi nodded. She might betray this promise. 

"Thank you for sending me here, Brother Jin Wei." Yu Qi thanked her brother.

"Okay. Goodbye, Little Sis. You too, Aoi." Tang Jin Wei said while looked down at Aoi.

Aoi: Finally they remembered me. Humph.

"Drive safe." Yu Qi said her goodbye.

The car finally left the university's ground. Yu Qi turned to enter the hostel. She stumbled upon her friend, So Pang Lim and Mei Lilli.

"Yu Qi, where is he?" So Pang Lim excitedly asked Yu Qi while shaking Yu Qi.

Yu Qi confused. 'Who was she talking about?'

Mei Lilli stopped So Pang Lim from shaking Yu Qi. 

"Pang Lim let Yu Qi go first."

"Oh, sorry." So Pang Lim realized she reacted so strongly to Yu Qi.

"Then, who are you talking about then?" Yu Qi asked.

"Yu Qi, where is the Second Doctor Tang?" So Pang Lim calmed down herself before asking Yu Qi the question.

"Second Doctor Tang?"

"Yes. Your second brother."

"Oh, Brother Jin Wei. He already went back home. He just sends me here." 

"Sigh. I miss my chance to meet him." So Pang Lim turned around and walked away while sulking.

"What's wrong with her?" Yu Qi asked Mei Lilli.

"Well, she is just Tang Family maniac."

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