Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
249 Chapter 249: Promotion Club
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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249 Chapter 249: Promotion Club

The new semester began. After doing her usual routine, Yu Qi prepared to go to the class. The semester, new subjects. The difficulty of the course began to start to stress the students. Yu Qi was no exception. She had to divide her time to study, work and her club training. 

The new student entered the university. This time, her club would be busy inviting new students to enter their club. Yu Qi was selected as the main promoter for their club. She would be performing the shooting.

The other club member spread the word that Queen of Shooting would be performed the shooting. The new students seemed to know Yu Qi, they kind of interested to see Yu Qi. 

It was Vice Captain Jung Xi Wan's idea to her becoming the promoter. Yu Qi would be shot with various positions and targets. Other members were becoming targets. They even fighting among themselves to become the targets. 

Yu Qi did not understand that. She thought they would be scared because they might get hurt in the process if something went wrong. Now she was kind of wonder if her club members were masochists.

At the final, only five club members had been selected by Vice Captian Jung Xi Wan. They were acting like they had won an award. For those who had not been selected, mourned as someone had died.

"Yu Qi, I heard that you will be performing a shooting show." Mei Lilli said.

They were eating at their new renovated cafe inside their faculty building after a long time waiting for it to complete the renovation. Yu Qi was happy because she did not need to go to the public cafe because at the public cafe where the problem usually occurred for her.

As mentioned before, nonmedical students would not be allowed to enter the Medical Faculty's building so the incident like before probably would not happen here. Because of all the medical student were in good relationship with Yu Qi. Well, except for the first year students. They did not know Yu Qi yet.

"Yes, our vice-captain wanted me to be our club promoter. He said many will like to join us if I become the club promoter." Yu Qi explained the situation.

"Well, I'm kind of agree with him but I don't think they would not be interested in the club." So Pang Lim also sitting together interrupted the two of them.

"Yeah, I think so too." Mei Lilli nodded.

"Huh? Why is that? Why are they want to enter the club if they did not interest in the club?" Yu Qi honestly did not understand that.

Mei Lilli and So Pang Lim looked at each other. They thought Yu Qi was kind of stupid in this topic. This girl did not understand herself. She was beautiful and every man wanted to become closer to her.

Yu Qi really did not understand what So Pang Lim and Mei Lilli meant by that. It was because of what had happened in her past life. Yu Qi did not think that she was beautiful because of her fiancee in her past life did not love her but Feng Meng Xuan. That was affecting her.

"Yu Qi, I don't think you are like this." So Pang Lim said.

"Yeah." Mei Lilli nodded.

"Huh?" Yu Qi really did not understand.

"If you don't understand, it is okay then." Mei Lilli ended the topic.


The day of the promotion.

There were a lot of new students gathered at the training ground of the shooting club. Even old students also there. Yu Qi was prepared for shooting. And also the five club members prepared themselves to become the targets.

"I can't wait to be shot by our queen." One of them said.

"Yeah. Me too."

Vice Captain Jung Xi Wan became the host of the event. He began the event by greeting people.

"Hi, guys. Welcome to our shooting club event. " I'm Jung Xi Wan, vice captain of this shooting club. This supposed to be our captain's place but our captain is the shy one. That was why I'm talking to you here." 

This starting speech made people laughed. Vice captain Jung Xi Wan really knew how to entertain the audience.

"For the first show, you may see our shy captain showing his talent. His skill very good as mine but he did not have this skill of mine which is a skill to make people laughing." 

Once again, people laughed at his talk. 

Behind the scene, Captain Heng Ru Yen made a fist. "After this, that man will lay on the hospital bed." 

The club members looked at each other. They were praying for their Vice Captain Jung Xi Wan. So, he would not be on the hospital bed for a long time after getting his lesson from their Captain Heng Ru Yen.

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