Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
250 Chapter 250: The Main Even
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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250 Chapter 250: The Main Even

"Without any delay, I invite our shy captain, Heng Ru Yen." Vice Captain Jung Xi Wan called Captain Heng Ru Yen out.

The stoic face Captain Heng Ru Yen came out. He went to the shooting ground. He picked up a gun that had been prepared.

"See, he is shy." Vice captain Jung Xi Wan made a comment.

Captain Heng Ru Yen turned and aimed the gun to Vice Captain Jung Xi Wan's direction. Seeing his head had been aimed by Captain Heng Ru Yen, he quickly apologized to Captain Heng Ru Yen.

"Captain, please forgive me. I will not make a thoughtless comment again." Vice captain Jung Xi Wan said with a desperate tone. 

He did not want to get shot by Captain Heng Ru Yen. Even though the gun only used the BB bullet, it was still hurt, getting shot by it. And it was more hurt when it was aiming at the same spot. Captain Heng Ru Yen had the skill to make his shot landed at the same spot.

The audience was watching the scene laughed again. Captain Heng Ru Yen already ignored Vice captain Jung Xi Wan and focused on the target. Now everyone was quiet. Then the bang sound could be heard. Captain Heng Ru Yen shot the target. It was a ten point. A second shot and third shot appears on another target board. 

Everyone was very impressed with the skill that showed by Captain Heng Ru Yen. Finished his task, Captain Heng Ru Yen quickly disappeared from the scene.

"Let's give a big clap for my captain." The sentence made everyone clapped their hands. 

"Now, we will move to our main dish. That earlier show was a side dish." Vice captain Jung Xi Wan made another joke.

"She was the only female member in our club. The moment she showed her skill back there, I was working so hard to make sure she entered our club. Even our shy captain impressed with her skill. Then during the last shooting competition, she scored the first place in all woman categories. Let's invite our queen, Tang Yu Qi." Vice captain Jung Xi Wan called Yu Qi's name.

Yu Qi appeared on the shooting ground. She nodded to the audience. Then she went to choose her gun. Facing the target board, she released the three shots. All of them was ten point. She turned to the gun selection place and grabbed another gun.

Now she was holding the two guns with her hands. She was concentrating. She had been training to shoot with both of her hands recently in her space. Then a constant six sound of shots could be heard. All of them were ten points. 

Yu Qi was relaxing. Then a group of five men appeared on the shooting ground. Each of them was holding a kind of fruit on their hand. Then they went to the audience.

"Here are our club members that volunteered to become the living target for our queen." Vice captain Jung Xi Wan said.

"They were holding fruit on their hands. The fruit is new. There is nothing on the surface of them. We are showing them to you. In case, you all will think we are lying." Vice captain Jung Xi Wan explained to the audience.

Five of the living target went to the place that they were set to place themselves. They were waiting for Yu Qi to shoot. They were showing an excited face. Someone among the audience wanted to ask whether those five men were a masochist or what.

Yu Qi did not pay attention to other things. Her eyes were focusing on the fruit that the club members holding right now. Each of them placed the place randomly. Some of them were placed on the fruits on their heads. Some of them were holding the fruits on their hands.

A minute later, Yu Qi shot the fruits. All of the club members were smiling. They knew that their queen would not be missed the target. 

"It was clean shots. All the fruits had been shot by Yu Qi." Vice captain Jung Xi Wan announced it. 

Everyone was clapping. It was very impressive. And it was even impressive when seeing those living targets were smiling. The audience was wondering why were they not scared about getting shot by the gun. Even the bullets were fake but it was still hurt.

Yu Qi took a deep breath. She wanted to try something new. She turned to Vice Captain Jung Wan Xi. Vice Captain Jung Xi Wan noticed that Yu Qi gave a look at him. He went to Yu Qi.

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