Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
252 Chapter 252: Vice Captain Is A “M“ For Sure
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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252 Chapter 252: Vice Captain Is A “M“ For Sure

When they went to see the booth, there were people that still filled up the form. The promotion event for the shooting club was very successful. Mostly due to Yu Qi"s performance. 

"Vice captain, we are going to photocopy this form. It is not enough." One of the club members who take care of the booth said.

"No need." Vice captain Jung Xi Wan stopped them.

"But why?" The club member asked.

"It is not needed anymore." Vice captain Jung Xi Wan said while looking at the already filled form.

The club members looked at each other. If he said so, it was okay then.

"Looking for this number of the filled up forms, it must exceed 100 students. Senior, our club limit only to 100 members only." Yu Qi reminded Vice Captain Jung Xi Wan.

"Look like we have to conduct our sacred test." Vice captain Jung Xi Wan smiled.

The club members finally understood what the vice captain Jung Xi Wan said when the forms were not needed anymore.

"Shi Man, go and make the announcement that the shooting club will select its new club members now. Those who interested can come to our training ground at 4 pm." Captain Heng Ru Yen made the order.

"Oh, Ru Yen, you are here." Vice captain Jung Xi Wan said sweetly to Captain Heng Ru Yen.

"It begins." The club members whispered to each other.

"Yeah. Jung Xi Wan always wants a beating from Heng Ru Yen." Friends of Vice Captain Jung Xi Wan and Captain Heng Ru Yen commented.

"Vice captain is an M for sure." The clubs members laughed.

They still had two hours of the appointed time. So, Yu Qi had free time. She decided to walk around to see other clubs.

'Aoi, where are you?' Yu Qi asked Aoi through telepathy.

'Sleeping. Why, master?'

'Come to me. I will treat you.'

'Really? Wait for me, master. I'm coming for you.' Aoi woke up and started running toward his master when he heard his master was going to treat him.

'Master, I want it too.' This time Bo Ya talked to Yu Qi through telepathy.

'Okay. I will buy for you too.' Yu Qi smiled.

Not less than ten minutes, Aoi could be seen running toward her. Some of the students wanted to touch him but he avoided it fast. 


'You are very fast when comes to food.'

'Food is very important.

'Then, food or me, which is more important?'

'Of course, Master. Without you, I will die too.' Aoi answered fast.

Yu Qi smiled. 'Come, I will carry you. Here, there are too many people.' Yu Qi lifted Aoi up.

'Okay.' Aoi agreed. Because he did not need to walk.

Yu Qi brought Aoi to the stalls that sold food. She stopped one stall by one stall buying the food to Aoi. Also not forgetting for Bo Ya. Yu Qi only ate a little. The rest for Aoi and Bo Ya.

"Miss Tang." Someone called her from behind.

Yu Qi turned to see the person. It was Senior Man He Jing. A senior from the martial arts club. 

"Long time no see, Miss Tang." Senior Man He Jing greeted her.

"Yeah, long time no see. How are you?" Yu Qi replied to his greeting.

"As usual. I saw your club event earlier. It was very amazing." Senior Man He Jing praised Yu Qi.

"Thank you, Senior. How about your club?" 

"We are doing the same thing as the last thing." Senior Man He Jing answered.

"I see. It is good then." Yu Qi nodded.

"It should be better if you are still with us." Senior Man He Jing said in a sad tone.

Yu Qi could not comment on what Senior Man He Jing just said. It was not her choice but the martial art club's choice to kick her out only based on the rumor.

"I should fight for you back there. If not, I will not regret this." Senior Man He Jing sighed.

"It's okay, Senior Man He Jing." Yu Qi told Senior Man He Jing. 

Yu Qi did know that Senior Man He Jing spoke on her behalf to the martial arts club regarding the rumor. But the martial arts club's management only turned his words to air despite he was the second in command in the martial arts club.

"So, what are you doing here?" Senior Man He Jing asked ended the previous topic.

"Oh, I just wander around. Since there are food stalls, I bring my dog to eat." Yu Qi showed Aoi to Senior Man He Jing.

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