Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
253 Chapter 253: Suspicious Conversation
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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253 Chapter 253: Suspicious Conversation

"I can see your dog like to eat." Senior Man He Jing commented.

"Yeah, he really likes to eat." Yu Qi nodded.

"Oh, I heard about your club's announcement." Senior Man He Jing mentioned about the announcement.

"Well, after the event, there are a lot of people who want to join us. So, our vice captain wants to settle it out." Yu Qi said.

"Huh? How?" Senior Man He Jing asked.

"I heard there will be a test for everyone. If they passed that test, they will be allowed to join our club." Yu Qi explained.

"What's the test?" Senior Man He Jing became interested in that.

"Well, I heard from another senior in the club. The test is the endurance of holding the two buckets of water with their two hands in one hour." Yu Qi recalled the test that the seniors in the club told her.

"That lame test?" Senior Man He Jing was dumbfounded when he heard about the test.

"I know that's of lame but our vice captain told it was easy to see their determination that way. Whoever does not want to participate in the test, they can leave but their name will be banned forever from our club." Yu Qi agreed with Senior Man He Jing's thought but she also agreed with her vice captain doing. It was indeed easy using this kind of lame test.

Senior Man He Jing nodded. He needed to return to the martial arts club now. Seeing and talking to Yu Qi like this, he could not shake the disappointing feeling that she was not already in his own club. He sighed.

"Yu Qi, I need to go now. If we have the chance, let's meet again." Senior Man He Jing smiled.

"Okay, senior." Yu Qi nodded.

Yu Qi watched Senior Man He Jing left. Aoi saw the person talked to his master quickly turned to look at his master. Yu Qi saw the look given by her dog, understood her dog's thoughts. 

'Okay, I know.' Yu Qi answered Aoi.

The two of them started to walk again. Whenever Aoi spotted the food that looked delicious to him, he urged his master to buy for him. Yu Qi did have the intention to spoil him today. She would buy anything that he wanted for today. Of course, she did not forget about Bo Ya either.

Yu Qi glanced at her watch. She got about twenty minutes before the time mentioned in the announcement. Her hand was also full of the food that she wanted to give to Bo Ya.

'Aoi, it's time. I want to enter the space first to give this food to Bo Ya. Do you want to enter the space too?' Yu Qi was waiting for Aoi's answer.

'Yes.' Aoi answered.

'Okay. Let's go find someplace that did not have people.' Yu Qi walked.

'Master, why don't we just go to the toilet?' Aoi suggested.

'That is a great idea. But we can not go to the nearby toilet. We need to go to the other toilet.' 

'Why is that, master?'

'Right now, there are a lot of people here. So I bet there is a line of people that waiting to enter it. We did not have time to spare anymore.' 

Aoi nodded understood what his master says. 'Then, let's go.'

They walked to the toilet that located not so far from the other toilet but there were not many know from that. It was because the location of the toilet was hidden. Only people that used to the area knew about this.

Yu Qi entered the toilet and then her space. Bo Ya greeted Yu Qi happily. Bo Ya was waiting for her. More specifically, the food that she brought for him. 

"Here your food." Yu Qi gave it to Bo Ya. 

"Thank you, master." Bo Ya smiled so happily until Yu Qi could see his chubby cheek.

"You two, I will be leaving now.' Yu Qi said and got out of her space.

However, when she got out of her space, her ear picked some sounds. Some people were here. 

"Don't worry. I already check this toilet. No one was here." It was a man's voice.

"Okay, then." Another man's voice could be heard. 

Yu Qj did not make any sound as she tried to listen to the men. She peeked at the two men. There were two men. One had an average height of the man, another one had a height that almost two meters.

"Where is the thing?" The shorter man asked.

"Here." The taller man gave a package. 

"Wait, it is lighter than usual." The shorter man felt the weight of the package was not the same as usual.

"Bro, the price of this thing already increased. I already gave a discount since you are a repeating customer." The taller man said.

"You..." The shorter man wanted to retort back but he ended swallowed his own saliva when he heard the taller man said this.

"If you don't want, it is okay. But you can forget getting the supply from me after this." The taller man said with a threatening smile.

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