Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
254 Chapter 254: The White Powder Again
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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254 Chapter 254: The White Powder Again

The shorter man made an expression showing that he was unsatisfied with it but did not voice it out. If he complained about it, he might lose his supplier. It was not easy for him to make an interaction with the supplier. 

"Well?" The taller man asked with a faint smile on his lips.

The shorter man sighed. "I will take it. Here is the payment." He brought out an envelope from his pocket's jacket and gave it to the taller man.

The taller man took it. Without checking what in the envelope, he put it in his bag.

"Are you not going to check it?" The shorter man asked.

"You know our trade works. I will check it later. If it is not enough, you know what will be going to happen to you, right?" The taller made a gesture slicing his hand toward his neck. Meaning the head would be cut off.

The shorter man shivered. He understood the gesture. He did not want to die yet. 

"Well, then. Until we meet again." The taller man left the place leaving the shorter man. 

The shorter made did not say anything just watching the taller man left. His attention was focused on the package that he received just now. He opened it and brought out some of it. And smelled it. His face showed an excited expression. He then closed the packages and left the place too.

The two men did not realize that there was someone was watching their suspicious trade. Yu Qi was thinking about the package that the shorter man held. 

It was the white powder that she encountered at Hanwei Unversity. Meaning someone was doing some dark business at Starlight University. She could not do anything to the men. Her instinct told her to do not mess with the taller man. That was why she did not attack them earlier. She did not even move her body either. So, she did not take a photo or something like that as the evidence.

As the shorter man, he seemed to a student at Starlight University. She would be able to find him because he was wearing a faculty jacket at Starlight University. However, she did not sure which faculty it was.

Yu Qi glanced at her watch. Oh, no. She was already late for her club gathering. She would leave this matter for now. Her shooting club was more important for now. She went out and started to run to her club training ground. When she arrived there, it was full of the new students that wanted to enter their club.

Captain Heng Ru Yen coughed several times and that got the attention of the new students. They were waiting for Captain Heng Ru Yen to talk.

"For those who want to enter our club needs to take this test." Captain Heng Ru Yen spoke and paused for a moment before continued. "The test is you have to endure two buckets that full of water with your hands for one hour. For those who do not want to take the test, you can leave. We will not force the students to join our club."

"This is the size of the bucket." Vice Captain Jung Xi Wan said while holding the bucket.

The new students talked to talk among them. Some of them showed an unhappy expression. Some of them looked like they were thinking about doing the test. 

"Hey, how many do you think will stay?" One of the club members whispered.

"Maybe one per four of this group." Another club member joined the conversation.

"Maybe less than that."

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