Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
256 Chapter 256: New Office
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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256 Chapter 256: New Office


"You did remember my sister." Zhu Xiao Ling smiled. "I see you during the shooting competition. My sister said she become friend with you during the shooting competition." 

"I see." Yu Qi remembered Zhu Yao Lin and her special friend Jang Yue Yue. 

"Why don't you enter Hanyang University? You can be with your sister." Yu Qi inquiries. 

"Well, it is true but I don't want to go there. Hanyang University is close to my home. I want to learn to live in another place. Studying at university that closes to home, I don't feel excited about that. I still young so I want to travel to get to know another place." Zhu Xiao Ling said with her determination.

Yu Qi smiled. She indeed agreed with Zhu Xiao Ling. This is the time where young people traveled to see another place. Where we got older, it might hard.

"And for other reason is you." Zhu Xiao Ling mentioned it.


"Yes. You are my aim. I want to become like you." Zhu Xiao Ling said while shaking her hand.

Yu Qi laughed when seeing the childish side of Zhu Xiao Ling. 

"You can come to me if you have problems with the university except for your course." Yu Qi wanted to help Zhu Xiao Ling.

"Thank Sister Yu Qi." Zhu Xiao Ling said.

The welcome party was concluded with some words from Captain Heng Ru Yen and Vice captain Jung Xi Wan. They advised, not to mention to others about the test. They did not the new students who came to join them. The shooting club only received the new members once.


Seeing the similar jacket that the short man wore that time, Yu Qi remembered about that matter. She turned to Song Ha Ting and asked the question that she wanted to ask.

"Ha Ting, that jacket belongs to which faculty?" Yu Qi suddenly asked the question making Song Ha ting and Ding Na An turned to Yu Qi.

"Huh? Which one?" Song Ha Ting asked looking around.

Ding Na An also looked around.

"That one. The brown jacket that the girl wears." Yu Qi pointed to one of three girls that walked in front of them.

"That one? I think it is..." Song Ha Ting was thinking.

"Technology Management Faculty." Ding Na An answered for Song Ha Ting.

"Yeah, right." Song Ha Ting remembered it.

"I see." Yu Qi frowned.

Where did the man use the white powder? That white powder was used for drugging the woman and treated them into sex. And from that day's conversation, that man was a regular customer of that white powder.

"Yu Qi, Yu Qi... What's wrong with you?" Song Ha Ting called Yu Qi. But Yu Qi did not reply to her. So, Son Ha Ting pulled Yu Qi's hand.

"Huh, what?" Yu Qi stepped out from her thoughts.

"You just daydreaming here." Ding Na An looked at Yu Qi. "Are you okay?"

"Owh, I'm okay. Just thinking about something else." Yu Qi smiled at her two friends.

She put the matter aside first. She had a meeting to go to. Her appointment was with Su Yu Hi. She decided to go to her office located at the corner of J Market. Yu Qi went by bus. Su Yu Hi already gave the location to her.

She was standing in front of the building. YQ Investment office was upstairs. She went in. Like her office at FINN City, there were three employees. One of them lifted her face when hearing someone entering their office.

"Yes, may I help you?" The girl asked.

"May I know where is Mr. Su Yu Hi?" Yu Qi inquires.

"Oh, Mr. Su is in his way here. You may wait for him there." The girl pointed to the sofa.

"Thank you." Yu Qi thanked the girl.

She went and sat on the sofa waiting for Su Yu Hi. Her eyes were looking around. It was a very good setting. Five minutes later, Su Yu Hi appeared. 

"Yu Qi, sorry for waiting." That was the first sentence from Su Yu Hi. He did not expect it would be a delay in his schedule today.

"It's okay. Well then, let's start." Yu Qi understood him.

"Okay, let's go to your room." Su Yu Hi led her to her room.

The other three employees looked at the room that Su Yu Hi and Yu Qi entered. 

"Hey, that is our boss's room. Is she is our rumored boss?"

"She looks very young."

"Is she a student?"

"Maybe. She has a lot of money since she can open a company like this."

"Yeah. I think so too."

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