Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
260 Chapter 260: Love Story
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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260 Chapter 260: Love Story

The training went smoothly. Yu Qi helped the new club members especially, Zhu Xiao Ling get used to things. She was, after all, the only other girl in the club. After the training was finished, the two girls left the club together. Since they lived in the same building, just on a different floor, they walked to their rooms together.

Remembering the two girls asking for her help, Zhu Xiao Ling turned to Yu Qi. Sensing something, Yu Qi also turned to Zhu Xiao Ling.

"What is it?" Yu Qi somehow knew that Zhu Xiao Ling wanted to ask her something.

"I was just wondering what your favorite food was?" Zhu Xiao Ling blurted out the question.

Yu Qi smiled. "I thought you want to ask me something difficult."

"Well, to think about it. I don't have specific food to name it, but I do have a sweet tooth." Yu Qi indeed had a particular fondness for sweets. Half of the Bing Tanghulu that she brought the other day ended up in her stomach.

"I see. I like sweets too. Especially hot chocolate." Zhu Xiao Ling said. "I can eat thousands of it. My mum even forbade me from eating sweets for a month."

Yu Qi chuckled when heard Zhu Xiao Ling's story. She also could eat a lot of it. However, she felt a little bit bitter when the topic of Zhu Xiao Ling's mother was mentioned. Her mother, yeah, she did not have a mother. That term felt foreign to her.

"Sister Yu Qi, Sister Yu Qi." Zhu Xiao Ling called Yu Qi several times since she saw Yu Qi stopped walking. She could see the expression on Yu Qi's face was not right. It was a cold, yet sad expression. She wondered what Yu Qi was thinking about that made her show that expression.

"Sorry. Just think about something." Yu Qi started to walk again.

"I want to stop by the cafe. Want to grab some dinner? Do you want to come with me?" Yu Qi said after a while of silence.

"Yeah. I'm a lazy person. I don't want to go outside after entering my room on the 5th floor." Zhu Xiao Ling agreed. She wanted to buy dinner right now so that she would not have to go up and down the stairs too many times.

After buying the dinner, they continued to walk to their room. Zhu Xiao Ling saw that the amount of dinner that Yu Qi brought was large. She also remembered that Yu Qi told that she did not share her room with anyone. So, the amount of the dinner definitely very large for Yu Qi to eat alone. Maybe Yu Qi was a big eater.

"Sister Yu Qi, are you going to eat all of that alone?" Zhu Xiao Ling asked in a careful tone, afraid that Yu Qi might feel hurt with the question while pointing to the food packages brought by Yu Qi.

"No, I'm a light eater. Most of it is for my dog." Yu Qi said.

"Huh? You have a dog, Sister Yu Qi?" Zhu Xiao Ling showed an excited expression when Yu Qi mentioned her having a dog.

"Yes. I have a dog. It's a Siberian Husky."

This look, this expression reminded Yu Qi of someone. 'Where? Where did I saw this kind of expression before?' Yu Qi kept thinking about it. Oh! She remembered it now. That person was Song Ha Ting. Song Ha Ting indeed wore this same kind of expression when she saw Aoi.

"Sister Yu Qi?"


"Can I go to see it now?"

"I don't know whether he is my room or not."

"I see. Well, I will go and see it later."



I'm bored." So Pang Lim grumbled.

It was the weekend and they were currently in the library. So Pang Lim requested, they were discussing the group assignment for a certain subject. They already discussed the assignment for about two hours.

For this group assignment, they could choose their own group. Each group must consist of five people. So, they formed a group. They were Mei Lilli, So Pang Lim, Song Ha Ting, Ding Na An, and Yu Qi. It was easy because they already knew each other.

It was fortunate that Mei Lilli made the move to invite Yu Qi and Ding Na An because they were the best students in their year, especially Yu Qi. The boys wanted to invite her to join their own group. Mei Lilli was smiling in victory while facing the defeated faces of the boys in the classroom.

"Then, let stop for now. We will continue it later." Mei Lilli said.

"I want a boyfriend." Suddenly a sentence came out from So Pang Lim's mouth.

"Huh?" The other four girls looked at So Pang Lim.

"What are you talking about, Pang Lim?" Mei Lilli asked.

"I just said that I want a boyfriend." So Pang Lim made another statement about not having a boyfriend.


"I see those girls who had a boyfriend look very happy together with their boyfriends. I want to feel the same Doki Doki feeling too." So Pang Lim said. Then she turned to Yu Qi. "Look at Yu Qi. She looks very happy because she got a boyfriend."

Now the topic turned to Yu Qi.

"Yu Qi, how long have you been with your sweetheart?" So Pang Lim asked with great interest.

The girls turned to wait for Yu Qi's answer. Even though they did not give many reactions, Yu Qi knew these girls were interested in her answer.

"To be exact, it has only been three months." Yu Qi did not want to lie, so she told them the truth.

"Huh, three months? Wait. You mean you're in a relationship with him, for only three months so far?" So Pang Lim asked again because she wanted to confirm it.


"It was before our semester break?" It was Mei Lilli's turn to confirm.


"Then before that, you were not in the relationship?"


"Shocking news." The girls opened their mouths in a sign of shock except for Ding Na An. She just was listening to Yu Qi's story in a calm look.

"I thought you were already in a relationship for a long time." Mei Lilli said.

Yu Qi smiled. "We knew each other for about two and a half years, but I only accepted him not long ago."

"Wow, a spicy love story." So Pang Lim was getting excited. "So, it means he was the one who started to like you first?"

"... Yes."

"How you know him?" Song Ha Ting asked with an excited smile.

"At the bank." Yu Qi began her story.

"And then?" Song Ha Ting interrupted.

"Hey, don't interrupt Yu Qi." So Pang Lim said.

"I met him at the bank for the first time. There was a robbery occurring in the bank at the time and he was one of the people that countered the robber."

"So, he saved you?" Mei Lilli smiled.

"Well, yeah." To think about it, Long Hui did save her back then. If it was not for his fast reaction, the robber that aimed his gun at her would have shot her.

"Hero saving the damsel story. Then they live happily ever after." So Pang Lim placed her hands together like she was praying.

"What a romantic encounter." Song Ha Ting added. 

"I really want to have a boyfriend too. Where can I find one like yours, Yu Qi?" So Pang Lim sighed.

"Don't worry. You will found someone in the future."

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